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План урока на тему "Mass Media in our lifel"

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Date: The 19th of April

Grade: 8 “b”

Book: “English for 8th form” Kuznetsova T.D., Kozlov

Theme: “ Mass Media in our life”


  • Educational: To teach new vocabulary according to theme

  • Developing: Critical thinking, speaking, to improve group working

  • Upbringing: To raise students’ interest in knowing more about Mass Media


  • To practice pupils’ communicative skills by learning new vocabulary.

  • To acquire a new theme and learn words.

  • To practice grammar with interesting exercises.

Aids: books, laptop, tables, cards, pictures

The procedure of the lesson

T: Good morning, students! How are you?

S: Good morning teacher. We are fine and you?

T: I’m great! Who is on duty today?

S: I’m on duty today.

T: Who is absent?

S: …

T: What day and what date is it today?

S: Today is Saturday, the 19th of April.

T: Thank you. Take your seat.

1-2 min


Game “What is there?”

Teacher puts inside of pencil-case sheet of papers with words and gives it to the students. They must find that word’s definition; students must to sit in a round; when teacher switches on the music the pencil-case goes on in hands of students and until stopping of the music students must transfer with each other , when music is stopped student who holds the pencil-case should take one paper with word and say its definition.

2-3 min

Checking-up the home task

What was your home task? Your home task was to do exercises on paper which I distributed. Also, learn by heart new words and repeat grammar. Are you ready?

3-4 min

Introduction of the new material

The theme of our lesson is « Mass-Media».

What is “mass media”, tell me please?

 Today we are going to speak about some means of communicating. They are traditionally called the media.  The mass media actually rule the world and play a very important part in our lives. And now tell me what types of mass-media do you know? Which sources of information mass media includes?

P:  I know TV, the Internet, newspapers, magazines and radio.

T: What types of mass-media do you use in your everyday life?

P: In my everyday life I usually use TV, the Internet, radio and newspapers.

20 min

Consolidation of the new material

So students, I see you know the main media. But what are their definitions?

  1. Television

  2. Newspaper

  3. Tabloid

  4. The Internet

  5. Radio

Your task is to match the words with their definitions:

  1. a paper printed and sold usually daily or weekly with news, advertisements etc.;

  2. the process of sending and receiving messages through the air; broadcasting programmes for people to listen to;

  3. broadcasting programmes (the news, plays, advertisements, shows, etc.) for people to watch on their television sets;

  4. a newspaper with rather small pages, many pictures and little serious news;

  5. a way to communicate with your partner who might be a thousand miles away using the computer (e-mails).

10 min


What have we learned today? Students have an ability to take more information about Mass Media and to enrich their vocabulary.

2 min


I’m very glad for your work today. All of you have participated very active. I hope you will be active later too. Your marks are…

5 – Excellent, 4 – Good, 3 – Satisfactory, 2 - Unsatisfactory

1-2 min

Giving home task

T: Your home task for the next lesson will be to learn by heart new words and read the text in the Ex:3 on page 136. The lesson is over. Thank you and see you next lesson! Good bye!!!

1-2 min

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