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План урока на тему "My name is Omar"

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Date _______ Grade 5 Lesson 1

Unit 1 Step 1

Theme: My name’s Omar.

Time: 45 min

The purpose: This topic is very interesting and as a teacher my purpose to involve all the pupils to the lesson and make it interesting and useful as can as possible, spare more time for additional reading during the lesson. To make each people to be able to ask and answer questions, to use new words in everyday life.

The aims:

1.Educational: Lesson revises about meeting and greeting. Ss learn say Hello! Also introduce themselves and learn to ask 5-6 questions to the theme.

2. Developing: To develop their speech by asking questions, writing skills by using grammar structures. To check their memory by finding the words from square that they have learnt during the lesson. Also drilling the new words in chorally by repeating each word twice or more.

New Vocabulary. greeting and introduction words.

Objectives: to practice using language used when meeting people

to practice using of grammar, Present of to “be”

to develop talking by using the new words.

to practice saying Hello! And try to make 5-6 interrogative sentences.

Methods of training: reading, writing, speaking and talking, listening and asking questions.

Type of a lesson: combine

Materials: Ss’ books and grammar table.

Procedure of the lesson:

Organization moment: Hello! How are you? Glad to see you!

Checking up the home task: Let’s review materials from the last year.

Warm up! Let’s greet each other. Say Hello! Hi! My name is Caukhar. What’s your name? My name is ….. My first Letter is G. I can spell my name G-A-U-K-H-A-R. Do it as me.


Introducing the new words: I will introduce it by paraphrasing giving definitions or just by translation, sometimes I will let them to use Dictionary.

Presentation: Hello! What’s your name? My name is …. When we want to know her or his name we ask What’s her/his name? When we want to greet somebody we say Hello! and Hi! Let’s do it in practice. Let’s greet each other and you must try to ask questions to each other. You must say Hello and ask What’s your name? There are three forms of to be am, is, are.

Singular: I’m, you’re, he’s, she’s

Plural: we’re, you’re, they’re. We use to be to tell about something or somebody. E.g. I’m a student. Etc. Remember: am, is, are haven’t Kazakh or Russian equivalents, because they are auxiliary verbs. I’m a student we say –Мен студентпін.

Practice ex1. Ss listen then try to act out it.


My name's Colin.

And my name's Carol.

What's your name?

Exercise 1. Listen and repeat.

Colin: Hello!

Omar: Hello!

Ex2. Ss listen then repeat after me.

Colin: Hello!

Omar: Hello!

Ex3. I ask Ss to talk with friends. Ss work in pair.

They say


- ….

And ask “What’s your name?”.

Ex4. Ss listen then repeat.

Colin: Hello, my name is Colin.

Omar: Hello, my name is Omar.

Ex 5. Ss listen then repeat after me. Then they try to name the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd.

Ex6. See p.16 and find the letters which I ask them to show Example: B, D, etc.

Ex7. Ss try to name the letters from A to E.

Ex 8. I ask Ss to talk with friends.

- Hello, my name is ….

- Hello, my name is ….

Ex9. Ss listen then repeat.

Carol: Hello, my name is Carol.

Olga: Hello, my name is Olga

Ex10. Ss talk with friends.

Ex11. Ss talk to other friends.

Ex12. Ss say “Hello” to their 5 friends.

Evaluation& Ss learn to ask questions and say Hello. They try to talk to each other and try to listen and to read dialogues and act out. They try to speak and say hello and ask What’s your name?

Feedback: I think my Ss will work with great pleasure and one of them may say it was great! Fantastic! or WOW!

Home assignment : making a dialogue.

Teacher: Sopieva K.D.

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