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План урока на тему "Subjunctive Mood (I wish, If only)" 11 класс

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Plan of the lesson

Date: 17.04.2014

Form: 11 «Ә»

Theme: Subjunctive Mood (I wish, If only)

Aims: To check pupils’ knowledge.

To improve their thinking abilities.

To develop their oral speech.

Type of the lesson: Revision lesson

Equipment: interactive board, activote

Course of the lesson

1. Organization moment

T. Good morning, dear pupils.

How is your mood today?

Today we will show fragment of our preparation to the Unique National Testing.

Dear children pay attention at the blackboard. Today we will repeat the theme Subjunctive Mood (I wish, if only).

2. Brainstorming.

Attentively look to the pictures and read what about these people think. Can you say your opinion about these phrases? (I wish I were child. If only I were adult) Why do they think so?

Children will tell about their opinions.

Thank you. You may sit.

3. Following up activities:

And now tell me please what you know about Subjunctive Mood (I wish, if only). Today we will fix your knowledge about Subjunctive Mood (I wish, if only) with using different tasks.

Task 1. Read and translate. (Slideshow)

You should choose one number from ten. Who will be the first? Come up to the blackboard. Click on the figure. Well done, sit down please.

Task 2. Next task is the test. (Activote)

After reading the question on the interactive board you can answer the question on your sits.

At the end of your test results will be released on the interactive board.

Let’s begin pupils.

  1. If only it … summer now! Если только сейчас было лето!

  1. Are

  2. Were

  3. Was

  4. Would

  5. Wish

  6. Is

  1. If only I … studied better at school! Если бы только я лучше учился в школе!

  1. Have

  2. Were

  3. Has

  4. Had

  5. Was

  6. Wish

  1. I wish you … keep hitting me.

  1. Could

  2. Hadn’t

  3. Were

  4. Wasn’t

  5. Would

  6. Wouldn’t

  1. If only I … dance like that!     

  1. Could

  2. Wish

  3. Were

  4. Is

  5. Do

  6. Had

  1. I wish I … lying on the beach right now!           

  1. Were

  2. Could

  3. Had

  4. Was

  5. Have

  6. Can

  1. If only I … see my grandmother more often, but I can’t.

  1. Can

  2. Have

  3. Were

  4. Is

  5. Could

  6. Was

  1. I wish I … studied for my exam!      

  1. Has

  2. Were

  3. Was

  4. Did

  5. Had

  6. Could        

  1. I wish I … her address.

  1. Did

  2. Were

  3. Could

  4. Knew

  5. Is

  6. Had

  1. If only I … come to Australia too!

  1. Could

  2. Had

  3. Were

  4. Is

  5. Be

  6. Knew

  1. I wish he … stop shouting.

  1. Will

  2. Would

  3. Could

  4. Have

  5. Were

  6. Was

4. Round off activities: Thank you for your attention!

Our lesson is over. Good bye!

Results of test

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