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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План урока по английскому языку
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  • Иностранные языки

План урока по английскому языку

  1. Lesson Plan

Course-book: “Spotlight” by Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Nadezhda Bykova, Moscow, Express Publishing "Просвещение”, 2014, 4th form / Module 8 (Units 15-16) “Places to go!” / Lesson16 a “Hello, sunshine!” (p.126-127, ex. 1-5)

Aim: By the end of the lesson the children will be able to use new words and write a letter to their friends independently using the text as a frame.

Skills: Developing listening, learning new words, speaking and reading skills

New Language: new words

Revision: grammar structures “to be going to, will be/won’t be

Activity / Time



Teacher Does / Says:

Pupils Say / Do

Greeting stage

Warm-up (about the weather in different cities, ex 3, p.126, SB).

5 min

Good morning, children! I am glad to see you!”

What will the weather be like in London tomorrow? You may look at ex. 3 on p.126.

After all cities I ask about our native town Protvino.

Good morning, teacher! We are glad to see you too!”

It will be cloudy.”

Pupils greet the teacher and open their SB and find the exercise 3, page 126.

New language:



swimming trunks





sleeping bag

(word cards and picture cards).

Game “Echo”

Game “What is missing” or “Disappearing cards.”

Game “Clever parrots”.

Game “Read my lips”

15 min

Look at the picture cards, listen and repeat after me!


I ask the pupils to repeat the word after me like an echo. I say the word first loudly, then quieter and quieter, gradually reducing the volume to whisper. After that I say the words happily, then sadly and in a tired voice.

I take away one word card and ask the pupils to find a missing card. (The words disappear one by one. I can do the same with picture cards.)

I show one of the picture cards and begin saying all the new words and tell the pupils to repeat only the word they can see in the picture. Then I change the picture card.

I say the words at a time but without using my voice. I move my lips clearly and ask my pupils to read my lips.



The pupils close their eyes with the hand and then open their eyes and try to find the missing word or picture, then pronounce it.

Oh, I am lucky! It is “sunglasses!”

Say only the word that they see on the card.

Say the words and point to the corresponding word card.

Pupils look at the cards and repeat the words.

Pupils are interested in the game and very active. We continue it until all picture cards disappear.

The teacher praises the children with the words “Well done! Very good of you! A good boy/a good girl!” and sometimes shows smiles (happy faces drawn beforehand).

Pupils will remember the words better. The games help teach children to read, provide them with opportunities to learn the meaning of the words quickly as they go together with pictures, practice the sight memory, remember graphic symbols of words and enable children to be able to recognize them later easily in texts to read.

Developing speaking skills (exchange of information, practice using the new words).

5 min

I say “I am going on an island holiday and I am going to take sunglasses. And you?

P1: I am going to take flippers. And you?

P2: I am going to take sleeping bag. And you?

P3: …

All pupils participate in communication. The teacher’s task is to involve the children into communicative activities.

Developing reading skills.

Text “A letter from Mum and Dad.”

Pre-reading task.

While-reading (for detail) task.

Post-reading (checking understanding; “yes” and “no” questions)

Post-reading (to develop speaking).

(to personalize)

15 min

Now we are going to read a letter. P. 127, ex.4. Whose letter is this?

What are the parents going to do?”

Please, read the text for yourselves and try to understand the meaning of each sentence.”

Read the sentences under the letter and agree or disagree.”

Tell the class where the parents are and what they are going to do.”

Did you like the letter?”

Mum and Dad wrote the letter to Larry and Lulu.

P1: They are going for a swim.

P2: they are going to have lunch in a nice restaurant…

Read the letter silently.

Read the sentences and answer “yes” or “no”.

Retell the text in a very short way.

Give the opinions.

Pupils find the exercise and give all the possible answers.

The teacher listens to the pupils and asks them to correct each other’s mistakes.


3 min

Write a letter to your friend about your holiday.’

Put down the task in their diaries and ask questions if they don’t understand.

Saying “Good bye”

2 min

Good bye, boys and girls!”

Good bye, teacher!”

  1. Post-lesson reflection note

The children of the 4 th form have mastered the mechanics of writing and have all opportunities to write independently and creatively using the vocabulary and structures they know. Although there are significant differences between spoken and written language, most children who can express themselves in words and sentences, are ready to begin writing letters and stories. The text of the letter will help them. Primary school children like playing games and I try to use them in my work. I think that the attitude to English language learning is very positive. We do a lot of exercises in Workbooks, Portfolio, listen to English songs and learn poems. All the skills should be developed because all of them are important. Thanks a lot for the course!

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