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План урока по английскому языку "Adverts" (8 класс)

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Теректі аудандық лингвистикалық гимназиясының ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Сагинова Гулсезимнің сабақ жоспары.

Grade: 8 б

Teacher: Saginova G.Zh

Theme of the lesson:


Learning objectives:

Could+perfect infinitive

Learning outcomes:

Students can talk about advertisement, they can use new vocabulary in their speech

Main idea:

The student will become familiar with different types of advertising.

Students will choose a way to advertise their product or service.

To bring up the students to be tolerant, merciful and just.


Circle game, false-true,


Ball, smiles, internet, video, cards


Critical thinking, dialogue, formative, leader’s assessement

Stages of the lesson


Teacher’s activity

Students’ activity

Organization moment

5 min


To hand out smiles and to be informed about pupils’ mood. hello_html_m75ad9a25.jpg

Checking-up the hometask:

In a circle students repeat previous grammar rule by throwing a ball:

Eg: If I am a student…

Students’ greeting

They choose smile which they prefer showing their mood.

Student who throws say beginning of the sentence, student who catches complete the sentence.

I will study at the university

Introduce the topic

5 min

Targeting a new theme:

To show a video advertisement “Kit kat”.after watching adv they can find out today’s new theme.


Students’ answers as:

Today’s theme is about producing chocolate.

About advertisement

Presentation of new material

10 min

Explanation of grammar rule:

Using of presentation of prezi.com to explain “modal verb of deduction”

True/false game:

There are some sentences on the active board. There are true and false sentence.


  1. He  could have bought this expensive car, but he prefered that cheaper one. 

  2. If they had asked me, I can helped them. 

  3. The children could have finish their

homework. They didn't have enough time.

  1. I could have gone to Oxford University

but I preferred Harvard.

  1. He could have been Prime Minister now but he got involved in a big financial scandal.

Students can copy examples and ask questions about new grammar rule.

Students can use their thumb showing true or false sentences.

  1. True

  2. False: could have helped

  3. False: could have finished

  4. True

  5. True

Practice and production

15 min

Dividing in groups:

To divide the students by their days of birthday.

After dividing they can call their group themselves according to new theme. To choose leaders of groups and give them leaders’ assessment sheet.


Ex 1 p 139to read and translate.

Extended activity:

To give a task to advert something.

Individual work:

To work cards which prepared specially for every student.

They stand in a line and tell their dates of birth.

They choose leaders of groups.

Students design and try to advert something.

They must translate the sentences using new grammar rule.


5 min

 You have  worked very well.  


2 min

Ex 3 p 40


3 min

Feedback: “Traffic lights”


Students green-light (using a green highlighter on the ">I don’t get it. I need help.

I think I understand but I need a little help.

I understand and I can try it on my own.

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