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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План урока по английскому языку "Мир животных" 6 класс

План урока по английскому языку "Мир животных" 6 класс

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Әдісі: музыкалық қойылым

Көрнекілігі: аңдар суреттері, аңдар қуыршақтары,үйшік

Teacher: Good afternoon, dear guests, teachers and pupils! Today we will show you our knowledge. Now we will sing songs, show plays and read poems about animals. Let’s begin with a song “Animals in the Zoo”. /Оқушылар әнді хормен айтады және әр аңның аты аталғанда қолдарындағы аңдардың суретін көрсетіп отырады./

I. A song

Thello_html_m7ab11016.pnghello_html_36f45efe.gifhello_html_36f45efe.gifhello_html_m7ab11016.pnghere are monkeys and bears

And a big kangaroo


Lions and zebras and elephants too

Hhello_html_m632c66c4.gifhello_html_m632c66c4.gifippos hello_html_5fbe28cc.pnghello_html_5fbe28cc.pngand camels


And a talking cockatoo

And lots more animals live in the Zoo.

ІІ. -And now let’s listen poems about animals in the Zoo.

The Monkeys

Visitors of all ages But you must remember too,

Like to laugh near these cages. That the monkeys laugh at you.

The Bear

The day is hot, the sun is bright, He likes icebergs, we have none.

I see the bear, he is white, I like the bear, he is nice,

He does not like the hot sun, Shall I buy for him an ice?

The Kangaroo

All the babies in the Zoo You can only see his head,

Envy little Kangaroo, Mother’s bag is baby’s bed.

The Lions

This little lion went to market, This little lion had none,

This little lion stayed at home And this little lion cried,

This little lion had roast beef, I can’t find my way home

The Elephant

The elephant has got a son, But I am simply at a loss,

A little boy, a small one, This child is bigger than a horse.

The Hippos

There is little hippo He catches the mosquito

He swims in the pond, But he cannot catch me!

The Camel

The camel’s looking so sad, And you again have brought some ice,

A week has passed since last he ate. Though you already had it twice!

The Cockatoo

I wonder, have you ever heard, Ha sleeps and eats and talks again.

A cockatoo? He is talking bird, But he is dreaming of warm seas,

He says “a fool” to any man, Of palm and some up known trees.

At the Zoo /барлығы бірге/

I saw, I saw, I saw I saw, I saw, I saw

A lion at the Zoo. A grey big kangaroo.

I saw, I saw, I saw I saw, I saw, I saw

A baby lion too. I saw them in the Zoo.


IІI. A play “The Cat and the Mouse

Қhello_html_m5034a636.pnghello_html_m5034a636.pngуыршақтар қойылымы

Little mouse, little mouse! Little mouse, little mouse!

Where is your house? Come into my house!

hello_html_b785c05.pngLittle cat, little cat! Little cat, little cat!

I haven’t got a flat. I cannot do that!

I am a poor mouse I am a poor mouse

I haven’t got a house. You want to eat me!

IV. A play “The little house in the wood”.

«Ормандағы кішкентай үй» қуыршақтар қойылымы. Әр бір аңның жеке музыкалық сүйемелдеуімен орындалады.

     Narrator: It’s a little fairy-home. A cat runs to the home. The Cat has no father, no mother, no house and no friends. He is very unhappy. One day he went for a walk and came to a beautiful little house in the forest

Cat: Who lives in this fairy-home? Tock, tock, tock.

Narrator: Who's that ringing at doorbell?
A little pussy-cat that is very well.
Rub its little nose with a little fat.
That's the best cure fore a pussy-cat.

Cat: Nobody! Now I can live in it. I’m happy! /sing a song/

Narrator: Now, see, the grey mouse is coming.

Mouse: I’m a brave mouse, brave mouse

I go marching round the house

And I’m not afraid of anything.

For danger I’m prepared,

And I’m never scared.

No, I’m not afraid of anything.

What a nice house! It is very nice! It is very small! It is not big. Tock, tock, tock. Who lives in the house?

Cat: I’m a cat.

Little mouse, little mouse!

Where is your house?

Mouse: Little cat, little cat!

I haven’t got a flat.

I am a poor mouse

I haven’t got a house.

Cat: Little mouse, little mouse!

Come into my house!

-What can you do?

Mouse: I can tell you a tongue-twister.

Pussy-cat, Pussy-cat,

Can you catch

That big, fat rat?

If you catch that big, fat rat

You will have some milk for that.

Cat: Let’s live together in the house.

Narrator: So the mouse and the Cat live together. They like to sing a song.

Every frog must croak

That is no joke

Agile is the lowly frog

Eating insects, mosquitoes agog

A Frog runs the home.

Frog: How it is fine to walk.

Yes to walk , yes to walk
I am a little, little frog
I am a frog. I am a frog

It is a nice little house. Who lives in the house?

Mouse: Good morning. Who are you?

Green Frog: I am a Green Frog! And who are you?

Cat: I’m a cat.

Mouse: I am a little mouse! What can you do?

Green Frog: I can jump and sing. May I live with you?

Cat and Mouse: Sing a song, please!

Green Frog:

I am singing

I am drawing

I am doing what I like

I like walking in the forest

And I like to play with Mike

Cat and Mouse: Glad to see you. Come in. Let’s live together in the house.

Narrator: This little rabbit has two pink eyes.

This little rabbit is very wise.

This little rabbit is soft as silk.
This little rabbit is white as milk

Rabbit: It is a nice house. Who lives in the house?

Cat: I am a cat.

Mouse: I live in the house. I am a grey mouse.

Frog: I am a frog and who are you?

Rabbit: I am a rabbit. I am clever. I am not ugly. I am pretty. I am small. Let me live with you!

Animals: What can you do?

Rabbit: I’ve got a magic mirror. Look!

Mouse: I’ve got blue eyes. I’ve got a long tail. I’m beautiful.

Frog: I’ve got a little nose. I’ve got a red mouth. I’m beautiful.

Cat: I’ve got a tail. I’ve got little ears. I’m beautiful.

Narrator: The frog and the mouse, a cat like to play together. And here is the hen coming.

Hen: Cock-a-doodle-doo! What a nice house!

Cock-a-doodle-doo! How do you do?

Who are you? Who lives in the house?

Frog, Mouse, Cat:

I am a little mouse I live in the house

I am a rabbit.
I am a frog, who likes to walk
I am a cat who likes a rat. And who are you?

Hen: I am a hen.

I have little chickens.

The prettiest ever seen.

They washed up the dishes,

And kept the house clean
Let us live in your house.

Frog, Mouse, Cat: What can you do?

Hen: I can sing.

Little chickens”

You will grow very quickly,

As a white beautiful hen,

Oh, my little chickens2

Shak, shak little chickens2

Fine wool of little chickens

Low sounds of little chickens. Shak, shak.

Narrator: So the mouse and the Green Frog, and The Rabbit, The Cat live together. They eat much, work much and then they sing a song.

Now see Snake is coming.

Snake: What can I see? What a nice house! It is very nice! Tock, tock, tock. Who lives in the house?

Cat: I am a cat.

Mouse: I am a little mouse.
Frog: I am a frog, who likes to walk.

Rabbit: I am a rabbit.
Hen: I am a hen with my chickens and who are you?

Snake: I am a snake. May I come in?

Mouse: What can you do?

Snake: I can count.

How will you count to two? Count to nine

Count to three just like me: That is fine!

One, two, three! And we then

Count to eight, Count to ten.

Don’ be late!

And a cat, a mouse, a hen, a rabbit, a hen:

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello
I am a frog, I am a hen, I am a rabbit, I am a cat. I am a mouse
We like to live in our house.

Narrator: Look! Red fox is coming up!

Fox: /Singing a song “Alouette”/ Such a fine little house. How do you do, my dear friends? Who are you?

Mouse and frog, hen, rabbit, snake,: And who are you?

Fox: I am a fox I like to play. Let me in your house stay.

Cat, Mouse, Frog, Hen, Rabbit, Snake: Oh, no, no! You are a bad fox! You want to eat us? Go away? (The fox runs away)

Narrator: And Cat, Mouse, Frog, Hen, Rabbit, Snake live together happily.

A song

There are rabbits and foxes

And green frog.

Snakes and mice and funny cat.

And lots more animals live in the wood.

Teacher: In conclusion of our lesson I would like to say animals our friends.

We should take care of them

Now our party is over. Good bye!


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