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План урока по английскому языку на тему "Articles" для 6 класса.

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The plan of the demonstrative lesson

Class : 6

Theme: Articles


1) to facilitate pupils’ understanding of the functions and usage of articles.

2) to be able to use articles correctly.

3) to develop the pupils’ reading ,writing ,speaking and listening skills.

The type: new

The method: explanation

Materials: active board ( slides, schemes )

The procedure of the lesson

I . Organization moment

II. Warm up.

I’ll read out the first few sentences from the first main paragraph of the text on p 68 with some mistakes. Look at the paragraph and put your hands up when you hear mistakes.

The next time there’s shower of rain, look up. What’s that falling from a sky? The water? Are you sure it’s not the frogs .Or a fish? In the February 1861, after a earthquake, the fish fell from the sky in the Singapore and local people caught them in the baskets.

III. Grammar presentation


Indefinite Definite

( a, an) ( the )

We use a with singular nouns that begin with a consonant sound.

I have a mobile phone.

We use an with singular nouns that begin with a vowel sound.

There is an apple on the table.

We use the with singular and plural nouns when we are specific: the storm we had yesterday, the storms we had last year.

We use the when there is only one in something. The Earth, the sky, the sun, the moon, the world

We use the with some place names: the USA, the UK

We use the with the names of seas, river, oceans and deserts.

The Atlantic, the Nile, the Sahara.

We don’ t use articles with plural nouns when we are not being specific.

Strong winds, frogs, lakes


Read this extract and follow the instructions ( Ex 1 p 70 )

  1. A shower, an earthquake, during a storm

  2. Singapore, Louisiana, Lajamanu , Australia ,Odzaci, Siberia, Japan, Hungary

  3. The USA

  4. The sky, the sky

  5. The , the people, the same thing

Choose the correct answer. A dash means no article is necessary.

1 a, 2 -, 3 the, 4 an, 5 the, 6 the


Choose the correct word. A dash means no article is necessary.

1.Have you ever felt an earthquake?

2.Would you like to travel to the USA?

3.The River Nile is in Egypt.

4.I saw an amazing film about the Mount Everest.

5.The strong winds last night destroyed some small trees in our garden.

6.Have you ever been very close to a flash of lightning?

7.Italy is a country I would love to visit.

8.Wow, look at the sky? It’s red and orange!

IV. Consolidation

Play the game.

There are a lot of objects in the magic box( a pen, pencil, a ruler, a rubber, a dictionary, etc.

Make up sentences using articles with them.

V. The end of the lesson

Home task ( Ex 1-3 p 51 WB )


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