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План урока по английскому языку на тему "Date"

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Bezhenova Raigul

Grade: 11

Theme: Date


A. To enable the students to develop their skills to understand unknown texts

B. To expand students’ academic and spoken vocabulary.

C. To familiarize students with some aspects of American culture.


A. Students will be able to answer literal level questions about a reading selection.

B. Students will be able to formulate questions to obtain specific information located in a story

Good morning, pupils! Take your seats please!

How are you? Good! Let’s start our lesson!

Today we are going to read a story about a date. I hope it will be interesting for you. Let’s start!


Pre-reading engage

At the beginning all of you take a sheet of paper and write down your name, the name of your country, and some

of the ways that couples meet and get to know each other. What are some places they might go? What activities might they do together? Thank you, I see you know all the answers. Very good!


A sheet of paper


From the last lesson you found out what is mean “the date” and now at these words on the blackboard and tell me: do you know them? Ok, if you don’t know I give you a sheet of paper where you can find their explanation.



And now when you know the meaning of unknown words, please look at the picture which I gave you. Tell me what do think about this picture? This story is about two people who go out on a date. And you have to generate a list of questions that might be answered in the story with this main idea. Write down your questions and after reading we will check them.


A sheet of paper


Are you ready to read this story? Let’s start! Be attentive in reading.


The story

Post-listening act.

And now let’s start to answer to the questions. Discover the answers to these questions as you read in the story. Compare the questions!


And I give you the task, it is a word puzzle. Your aim is find the words concerning this story. You have only 1 minute! Quickly! Good job!


A puzzle

The next task! Complete the exercise with synonyms.




And home task. Please, Go to the library or use the Internet to find out about folk dancing from your country or another country that interests you. Write a paragraph about the music, costumes, and traditions.


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