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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План урока по английскому языку на тему "Going to Britain" 7 класс (Аяпова)
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План урока по английскому языку на тему "Going to Britain" 7 класс (Аяпова)


Жаңаөзен мектеп-гимназиясы

Тілшілер олимпиадасы-2016 ”байқауы

Ағылшын тілі пәні


Тақырыбы: Going to Britain

Пән мүңалімі: Р.Нүрберегнова

2015-2016 оқу жылы

Date: 17.02. 2016

Form: 7 “B”

The theme: Going to Britain

The main objectives:

Educational: to develop speaking and reading skills, grammar, lexical habits, to enrich pupil’s vocabulary.

Developing: to develop critical thinking, logical speech, to improve the habits.

Bringing-up: to bring up interest in learning English, to broaden pupil’s minds.

The methods of the lesson: question-answer, brainstorming, report, pair -work.

Visual aids: an interactive board, pictures, slides, a diagram.

Used technologies: group work, IT and communicative technology, critical thinking

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Org. moment.

- Good morning, pupils! - Good morning, teacher!

- Sit down, please!

- Who is on duty today? - I am on duty today.

- What day is it today? - Today is Thursday

- What date is et today? - The 22 of February.

- Who is absent today? - All are present.

- What season is it now? - It's winter

- All right, sit down, please.

  • Before beginning our lesson, come to the board. Make a circle. I’ll begin. We must give an advice for each other to spend this lesson perfectly!

  • Zhanar! You should listen to the teacher.

  • Alibek! You should speak clearly!


  • Very well. And now let’s divide our form into 2 groups. I hang on the papers on the walls. Try to find them. If you find “10000 tenge”, you’ll be the member of the team “Britain”. And if you find “50 euro”, you will be the second team’s member.

  • Take your seats, please!

  1. Checking up the home task.

  • We must revise all the words and kinds of modal verbs.

  • In order to check your task in general position I’ll give you a chance to compete. On the board you can see two envelopes: red and blue. In the envelope you can find task. You must do it together.

  • Reorder the letters to make a name of a transport.

(In a red envelope: bus plane train taxi car )

(In a blue envelope: helicopter ship boat motorbike )

  • And the next task. I’ll ask questions about the modal verb.

  1. What kind of modal verb do we use when we give an advice?

  2. What kind of modal verb describes ability?

  • Very well.

  1. New lesson.


-Look at the board please! Let’s see a video.

(After seeing the video teacher says)

  • If you wanted to go to the UK which city do you go to?

(Students tell their opinion)

2. Introduction:

  • Well, today we are going to tell about Britain. That’s why I divide you into 2 groups.

  1. Pre-reading task.

  • Look at your books on page 129. There you can find the text “Going to Britain.”

  • Group 1- Britain must read the paragraphs Money and Where to stay.

  • Group 2- London must read the paragraphs Getting around and Eating out.

(Each group gets both texts)

3. Presentation of key words.

  • Pay attention to underlined words. They are key words of the text. Let’s learn them.




Youth hostel


(Pupils read and learn the key words with translations.)

4. Reading.

(2 or 3 students read the text aloud from each group. After reading they don’t translate the text.

5.Background information.

The content of the text is understood and is discussed by asking the following questions of teacher

  1. What money can you use in Britain?

  2. Where can you stay when you are in Britain?

  3. How can you get around in Britain?

  4. Where can you get a cheap meal in Britain?

  1. Writing. Grammar.

  • Look at the board. Let’s watch a video.

  • If you understand let’s do the task on page 130. Exercise 13. We must match the sentences.


  1. Conclusion.

(Pupils will be given cards with a task.)

  • Complete the sentences.

  1. Marks.

(At the end of the lesson pupils will be given a picture of a hand. They must mark themselves. )

  1. Home task.

Your home task is to write a short paragraph about Kazakhstan. And to learn by heart the key words.

(Pupils write down the home task.)

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