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План урока по английскому языку на тему "My clothes" (4 класс)

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The 4thform                                                                         

The theme: My clothes


  1. Educational: to review and to conclude pupil’s knowledge about clothes

  2. Developing: to develop pupil’s speaking, thinking and  reading skills and abilities

  3. Up-brining: to enlarge and to develop pupil’s interest to learning English, to teach to be active and attentive.

Form: conclusion lesson

Type: revision lesson

Method: question- answers, group work, game elements

Visual aids: Slides, placards, markers, a computer, an interactive board, pictures.

The procedure of the lesson.

  1. Org moment.

  2. Good day, students! Sit down, please! How are you?

  3. Duty’s report:- Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What date is it today? What day is it today? What is your home task?

  4. Checking up the home task: revision

  • Crossword

    1. A piece of clothing boys like wearing on the top of the body

    2. People put them on their hands, they can be right and left

    3. People put them on their feet, they can be right and left

    4. Only women can wear them

    5. Some kind of trousers people wear in hot weather

    6. These trousers are often of blue colour, they are very popular with young people

    7. You can put them on your feet when it’s cool and cold

  1. New lesson: Clothers

  2. Answer the questions:

    1. What clothes do you wear when it is cold? (a jumper, trousers, trainers, boots, a hat)

    2. What clothes do you wear when it is hot? (a skirt, T-shirt, shorts, dress)

    3. What clothes do you wear in winter? (socks, a coat, boots, trousers, a hat)

    4. What clothes do you wear when you are going to school? ( a uniform, shoes, tights)

  3. Game “Dress the doll”. Group work. Make a poster and describe it. Let’s applaud.

  • Game “Take your seat”. (I’ll say the words and when I say a word on the theme pupils must quickly take their seat, one who couldn’t take out of the game)

    1. Lion, tiger, family, father, eleven, crocodile, board, phone, star, boat, book, little, dog, hat

    2. Sister, pencil, blue, rabbit, cat, monkey, pen, green, hippo, whale, white, nine, three, t-shirt

    3. Big, run, swim, elephant, kitchen, hello, queen, five, salad, twenty, brother, bag, jeans

    4. Mother, climb, giraffe, bear, grandmother, big, long, river, slide, swing, house, horrible, rubber, dress

    5. Grandfather, ruler, desk, chair, yellow, red, four, mountain, tree, animal, snake, playground, camel, tiger, socks

    6. Copybook, brother, bedroom, bathroom, ten, pirate, star, apple, key, pear, goodbye, school, goat, coat

Three applauds.

  • Game with captains “Step by step” (You must quickly say in three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English) the names of the clothes on the pictures which lies on the floor).

    1. Socks-носки -наски

    2. Gloves-перчатки-

    3. Dress-платье-

    4. Jeans-джинсы-джинсы

    5. Trousers -брюки -шалбар

    6. T-shirt-футболка-футболка

    7. Boots- ботинка -етік

    8. Skirt- юбка-юбка

    9. Shorts-шортики -шорты

    10. Hat –шляпа-қалпақ

Three applauds.

  1. Role play

    1. Home task: revision

    2. Evaluation: I am satisfied with your answers. You are so active, attentive. Captains give marks to each pupil of their group.

    3. Thank you for lesson. The lesson is over.


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