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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / План урока по английскому языку на тему `Save the nature`
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  • Иностранные языки

План урока по английскому языку на тему `Save the nature`


Subject: English

Form: 9 «А»

Date: 13.03.2012

The theme of the lesson: Save the nature

The type of the lesson: new theme

Aim of the lesson: to introduce the new theme


  1. To enrich the pupils` knowledge giving them give more information about ecology;

  2. To develop the pupils speaking, discussing abilities, helping them freely express

their opinions;

  1. To teach pupils to protect the nature, to love their country and to make great efforts in the

ecological movement;

Aids: slides, nature`s pictures

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

  • Greeting

  • Duty`s report


Today we have unusual lesson and we have many guests here. And we must show them our abilities and knowledge. Are you ready?

Dear children! Today we are going to discuss the problem of environmental protection. The intensive development of science, industry and chemistry has made the pollution of the environment a global problem of our century. You know that people all over the world are worried about it. The issue of ecology is very important.


By the way, what does the word “ecology” mean? What is ecology? Let`s do association, what do you think when you hear the word Ecology?

Прямая соединительная линия 1animals

Прямая соединительная линия 2Прямая соединительная линия 4Прямая соединительная линия 5forest ECOLOGY nature


Very well ,I want to begin our new theme with the word of famous writer ,i.e.

Nature pardons no errors” (R.W .Emerson “Essays”)

Our country is beautiful .There are some ecological problems in our district too. What do you think What are they?

P1: Air pollution

P2: Water pollution

P3: Soil pollution

P4: Industrial pollution

P5: Litter is left

P6: Recycling

P7: Trees are cut down etc.

T: You are right. All these problems are very serious and acute.

III. Realization of meaning

  1. research work

As you know there is an ecological group in our school. They conduct environmental assessments of ecosystem of district. They have worked hard and want to show us the results of their research work with the help of slide show.

The 1st presentation – Industrial pollution (Abieva Malika)

The 2nd presentation – Water pollution (Shungul Ilan)

The 3rd presentation – Air pollution (Taimagambet Beknur)

b) Roleplay

T: Thanks for your presentation. Of course we leave litter near the rivers. Litter is not only ugly, it can be harmful to wildlife.

In fact the last years nature charges the mankind with careless treatment of it. May be, that’s why we have to be the witnesses of the disastrous effects of it.

Let’s comment on the problem of environmental degradation.

You are going to see “Nature’s Judge upon Society”

Secretary: Ladies and gentlemen, dear guests and schoolchildren! Today we are going to examine the relations of man with nature. Stand up, the Judge is coming !There is a case about the ecological problems of our planet, the environmental pollution. Nature charges Society, the Man with polluting the air, the Earth and the water.

Nature: Since ancient times Nature has served Man, being the source of his life. For thousands of years, people lived in harmony with the environment, and it seemed to them that natural riches are unlimited. Unfortunately, later our technological civilization, thinking only of material goods, succeeded in destroying Nature and creating the ecological crisis on our planet.

Secretary: Mankind is invited.

Mankind: About two hundred years ago Man lived in greater harmony with his environment because industry was still undeveloped. Today the situation is quite different.

Nature: Our district is really beautiful. There are different kinds of trees and flowers in the forests and meadows. But today they are disappearing. People cut down trees. Fires are started. If trees are destroyed and people pick flowers and grass, birds and animals may become extinct.

Mankind: A lot of trees and flowers are planted in our country every year. They make our town more beautiful. Moreover, they clean the air we breathe. Aktobe is our eyes. New astonishing technologies are used in designing of our town.

The Judge: Now we shall listen to the witnesses.

Secretary: The first witness is invited.

The first witness: Our life is impossible without cars. There are a lot of cars, Lorries and buses in country. However, they cause air and water pollution. Last year the members of the ecological group conducted the environmental research. They took snow samples, examined them and found out that transports contaminate air, soil and drinking water with dangerous chemicals like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

Mankind: There are many springs near our town. They ensure safe drinking water. In fact it’s wonderful to drink some spring water in a hot summer day. Some springs have been ennobled due to the best efforts of our oil-industry workers. People can have a good rest and relax there

The second witness: The seas are in danger. They are filled with poison: industrial and nuclear wastes. The Medetirranean is already nearly dead, the North Sea is following. Every year 50 mln. Tons of chemical and toxic wastes are released into the North Sea. Many seabirds and animals die because of it. If nothing is done about this, one day nothing will be able to live in the seas.

The Judge: Thanks for your evidences. My question is to the Nature’s Barrister. Are there any things that have negative influence on man’s health?

Nature’s Barrister: Yes, the ozone holes…You see in the atmosphere there is the ozone layer. It protects the Earth from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The Judge: Like a kind of roof?

Nature’s Barrister: Exactly. But the ozone layer is destroyed by a stuff that aerosol sprays and refrigerators contain. People will have to take measures because the dangerous rays get through the atmosphere, causing skin cancer and other diseases. Secondly, farmers often spray chemicals on crops to protect them against pests. These chemicals are called pesticides. Scientists have found that these pesticides often end up in our food.They can cause health problems, especially for kids

Secretary: The next witness is invited.

The third witness: It may seem funny to you, but man needs protection and care as much as animals do. People’s habitats- their homes, towns and cities must be kept ecologically clean. In the places where people drink poisoned water, eat bad food and breathe polluted air, they suffer from serious diseases, their children are born weak. No medicines prescribed by doctors can help them. This problem becomes more and more serious with every passing day. The modern way of life when people have little physical activity, use cars instead of walking, watch television for many hours and work on computers is turning them into legless creatures. We have to change the situation for the better.

Secretary: The floor is given to the Mankind’s Barrister

Mankind’s Barrister: As you know, I must solve a rather difficult problem – to justify mankind’s activity on our planet. I shall begin from different discoveries, which made brighter the labour and life of man. It’s difficult to imagine our life without electricity. We wouldn’t be able to use underground, trams and trolleybuses. We also know that it’s very necessary to use X-rays in medicine.

Secretary: The High Court leaves for deliberation.

The Judge: The High Court has admitted that there are global problems between the relations of Man with Nature. In order to solve these problems, Society must promote education about environment by creating programs for students of all ages. We must try to make people more aware of environmental issues.We are all part of the natural environment and need to be responsible for our interactions with our environment.We must recognize the importance of our planet’s systems and variety of life. We need to think about our part in the environment and how our actions, such as use of water, production of rubbish and energy consumption, can directly destroy our wildlife and natural habitats.If we don’t begin to change our behavior, we will have no world to live in. You can cycle, walk or ride a bike, plant a tree and appreciate the beauty of the nature around you.So inspite of everything, we believe that the Earth is our common Home, a big green house. All the inhabitants – people, animals, birds - need to live in peace and harmony.Our district is our home. We must take care of it for ourselves and for future generations.

P1: Many people today dump their garbage into the streets, rivers, lakes, oceans. Some examples of this garbage are cans, paper, bottles and other household things. They are endangering the inhabitants. They can cut the animals and fish. So what had people better do with litter?

Pupils: Sure! They must recycle it.

P2:Haven’t you heard that in Singapore there are rather strict laws about it. Dropping litter in public is forbidden. You can be fined up to 500$. It’s reasonable, isn’t it?

III. Reflection

What must people do to protect nature from pollution, to keep the Earth clean and people healthy?

Give me your ideas about it, please!

P1:Take care of nature.

P2: Feed birds and help them.

P3: Put litter away.

P4:Don’t frighten animals.

P5:Don’t pick wild flowers, plants.

P6: Recycle used materials.

P7: Clean rivers and springs.

P8: Keep our school, schoolyard clean.

P9: Make the environmental programs in our school.

P10: Remember the wise advice of a great English writer John Galsworthy who said: “If you don’t think about the Future, you will not have it”.

. T: Dear children! Our short discussion is over. I’m sure you are real friends of our planet. And I hope our lesson helps us to be more active in the ecological movement. In fact we live only once and not a very long life. We have one Earth for all those who love it and who do not.

Now we want to sing `Earth Song” by Michel Jackson which sounds as a call to all the people of the world to be united and save the Earth.

The school 6 by G. Aktaeva


The theme of the lesson: Save the nature

Written by: Anesova R.N.


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