Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План урока по английскому языку на тему " The ABC Party ."

План урока по английскому языку на тему " The ABC Party ."

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The ABC Party .

Aims : to review the ABC : to improve speaking writing reading skills : to keep interest in English language .

Organization moment .

a.Greeting .

b.Speaking about the weather.

Teacher:Today we shall telling you funny stories all in English .But at first let’s do one important thing: go over the English alphabet”

Let’s begin our party ‘’ABC’’song.

I .A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, G, K, L, M ,N ,O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z.

N ow I know my A B C .

Next time can you sing with me .

II .Teacher: Now our children will recite the poems about the letter A a and her friends.

P1: A is for Apples And for Apple trees . You can see apples . In the apple trees.

P2 B is for Books ,And for Bookcase .I have many books .In my bookcase.

P3Cis for Cat .My cat is grey .And with me .It likes to play

P4 Letter D is for Dog and for Doggy .I have a dog ,not a doggy .


P5 E is for Eight and for Eleven .How much is eight and eleven.

P6 F is for Flowers . red and blue .White and yellow rosy too.

P7 G is for Girl and also for Garden . I see a girl going to the garden.

P8 H is for a Hand I have two hands This is the way .I clap my hands .

P9 I is for I .I’m a boy and I’m ten . I like to play With my friends .

P10 J is for Jam This is an apple jam .Jimmy likes it so does Sam .

P11 K is for Kate .Kate has a kite It is little and is white .

P12 L is for Letter. This letter is for me .It is from my sister as you can see.

P13 M is for May and for May Day . For March and Mother’s Day .

P14 N is for nine, ninety and ninety –nine . Children , how much is ninety and nine.

P15 O is for One . One and two is three .Three little cats are in a tree .

P16 P is far Pencil . With them we can draw: A red pen ,a white puppy or a blue door .

P17 Q is for questions; How are you ? How old are you ? and How do you do ?

P18 R is for Red . Many things are red .What can be red? Do you know Fred? Radish is red .

P19 S is for Street . This is my street . There are a lot of trees in my street.

P20 T is for Tick and for Tock .”Tick –Tock,” says the clock .

P21 U is for Under but not for At .” I’m under the tree,” says Ted .

P22 V is in Five and also in Seven ,It is in Twelve and in Eleven .

P23 W is for Winter , When it is cold . But I like winter and I like cold

P24 X One. two ,three, four ,five ,six! X is in Six. Let’s count up to six.

P25 Y is for Yard where children play .They play in the yard every day.

P26 Z is for the Zoo. Let’s go to the Zoo. I like to go to the Zoo. And you?

.III Let’s begin “Proverbs” .

1.East or West home is best. –Туғилган жойинг кузинга утдек куринади,

2 Better later than never. Хечдан кура кеч яхши.

3. Practice makes perfect-Кумушдек тер туксанг гавхдек дур оласан.

4.There is no place like home.-Уз уиим улан тушагим .

5 .A friend in need, is a friend indeed Дуст бошга кулфат тушганда синалади.

7 Books are our best friend .- Китоб бизнинг дустимиз .

8.All things are difficult before they are easy .-Хамма нарса аввалига қиин туюлади .

9 A good beginning makes a good ending Яхшилик билан бошланган иш яхшилик билан тугайди.

Fery tally “The Turnip”


1.I have a mother ,I have a father

I have a sister, I have a brother.

I love my mother I love my father.

I love my sister,I love my brother

2 Good morning, good morning

Good morning to you.

Good morning my teachers.

I’m glad to see you.

3 Together, together.

Together every day .

Together, together .

We like to play .

4.Good bye , good bye ,see you again.

Good bye ,good bye see you my friends .

Good bye , good bye ,see you again,

Good bye ,good bye see you my friends.

5.Winter hat.

Up on my head.

My head is warm.

But my nose is red.

6.My dear, dear Mummy.

I love you very much

I want you to be happy.

On the 8the of March


7May is before June.

July is after that .

July is before August .

But what comes after that. ?

8. September is before O October,

November is after that .

November is before December,

But what comes after that .?

9January is before February ,

March is after that .

March is before April ,

But what comes after that ?

10. There are birds in the sky ,

They all know how to fly .

. But where do they go?

Where do they go?

There are lots of things to know ,

About the animals around us .

There are lots of things to know ,

Oh, yes . Oh , yes.

V.Sing a song “My There Always be Sunshine”

Bright blue the sky. Sun up on high.

That was the little boy’s picture ,

He drew for you, wrote for you, too .

Just to make clear what he drew.

May there always be sun shine,

May there always be blue skies

May there always be Mummy.

May there always be Me .

Teacher: Dear boy’s and girl’s : Our lesson is over .You were active at the lesson and you get good marks .You showed us how well you know English. Good buy . See you again.

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