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План урока по английскому языку по теме канада

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Конспект урока в 10-м классе по теме "Канада. Территория и провинции страны"

Цели урока:

Учебный аспект:

  • Развитие монологических умений по теме “Canada. Provinces and territories of the country”;

  • Совершенствование умений аудирования с извлечением специальной информации;

  • Совершенствование умений информативного чтения с извлечением специальной информации.

Развивающий аспект:

  • Развитие способности логически правильно и грамотно излагать свои мысли по теме;

  • Развитие у учащихся способности анализировать предъявленный материал, выражать свое мнение по предложенной теме;

  • Развитие творческих способностей учащихся и их эстетического вкуса.

Воспитательный аспект:

  • Воспитание уважения к культурному наследию Канады.

Оборудование: карта Канады, раздаточный материал для учащихся (тексты о Ниагарском водопаде), видеофильм “Канада”, компьютерные презентации по теме “Canada . Provinces and territories of the country” и “Niagara Falls Attractions”.

Ход урока

I. Начало урока. Приветствие.

- Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We are glad to see you at our lesson “Canada. Provinces and territories of the country”.

II. Постановкацели.

- Today we are going to make our trip to one of the most wonderful and unique countries in the world, the country with a rich history, the country of beautiful landscapes and lake districts, the country of ten provinces and three northern territories. The name of this country is CANADA! Исполняется гимн Канады.

III. Основная часть урока.

1. Let's see what do you know about Canada  (учитель работает фронтально с классом по вопросам).

  • Where is the country situated? (Canada is situated in North America)

  • What is the origin of the name “Canada”? (Canada is a name derived from Iroquois “Kanata” meaning a village or settlement)

  • What is Canada washed by? (Canada is washed by the Arctic Ocean in the North, by the Atlantic Ocean in the east, by the Pacific Ocean in the west)

  • What country does Canada border on in the south? (Canada borders on the United States of America)

  • What do you know about the climate of this country? (It is generally temperate but it varies from freezing winter cold to summer heat)

  • Geographically Canada can be divided into five regions. What is the largest region of Canada?(The Canadian Shield. It covers about half of the country)

  • What rivers in Canada do you know? (the St.Lawrence, the Mackenzie, the Columbia, the Yukon)

  • What are Canada’s national languages? (English and French)

  • What leaf is on the Canadian flag? (the maple leaf)

  • What is the Canadian national anthem called? (O Canada)

  • How many provinces and territories are there in Canada? (the federation is made up of ten provinces and three territories)

2.а) What association have you when we speak about Canada? (уч-ся рисуют на листах)

b) Look at the numbers .What is the situations?

1759 33 3 400 1931 10 1000

3. Make the Cinkwayn theme ‘Canada’

4. The political system of Canada.

a) (слайды 6-7)

b) диаграмма Венна

5) Educational system

6) Test

Thank you for your answers. And now I invite you to travel from west to east of the country. During your traveling I want you to make some notes about each province. Complete the table. (Учительраздаетзаготовкиучащимся

Let’ s begin with British Columbia. (Учащиеся рассказывают о провинциях у карты Канады.)

Выступления сопровождаются презентацией. 

7. Тренировка использования лексических знаний «Исторические факты Канады»

Read the text and decide which answer a, b, c, d best fits each space

 The early period of Canadian history 1)______ in the struggle between the two 2)_______: France and England. The French played the main role in the early 3) ______ of Canada. In 1605 Samuel de Champlain 4)____ the settlement of Port Royal, around which the French colony of Arcadia grew up, which later was 5) attacked by the English. In 1608 Champlain founded thetownship of Quebec which later became the centre of a large French colony 6)____ New France.

      The two largest 7)_____ of Canadian Indians, the Algonquins and the Iroquois, were 8)______ enemies and 9)_____ at war with each other. They too became 10)____ in the struggle, the Algonquins on the French side and the Iroquois on the British side.
























































Answers: 1d 2a 3c 4b 5a 6c 7d 8d 9b 10c

8 А. Reading. Приём ИнсёртNow we are going to make our trip to Quebec city, the oldest city of Canada. We’ll watch the film about Quebec. Before watching it I want you to get some information about this place. After watching the film answer the questions. (Работа с раздаточным материалом к фильму

Quebec city

French Quebec, eastern province of Canada. With a total area of 594,860 square miles (1,540,680 square kilometers), it is the largest Canadian province in size and is second only to Ontario in population. Its capital, Quebec city is the oldest city of Canada; and its metropolis, Montreal, is the second largest city in Canada.

The present Province of Quebec was created in 1867, after being the colony of New France for more than two centuries until it was ceded to Britain in 1763.

Watch the film and answer the questions

  1. Who was the first mariner who explored the North America coast and the St. Lawrence River in 1535? What did he look for? (Jacques Cartier. He looked for gold)

  2. How did the native people call their settlements? (“Kanata” – the Iroquois word for a settlement)

  3. What rodent played a very significant role in the history of trade relations between England and Canada in the late 1600s and early 1700s. Why was this animal so popular? (Beaver. Their skins were used for men’s hats)

  4. What was James Wolfe famous for? (He won the battle of Quebec in 1759 during the 7 years war between England and France. He brought a victory that led to British supremacy in Canada).

  5. How many parts is the city of Quebec divided into? What are they famous for? (The Chateau Frontenac overlooking Place Royale, Quebec city. Dating to the 17th century, Place Royale has been largely restored to its appearance during the time of the French regime).

  6. What is the official language of Quebec? (French)

8 В- The second place we are going to visit is sometimes called the eighth wonder of the world. This wonder is in Ontario. It is called the Niagara Falls. What do you about them? Work with the text and answer the questions. (Работа с текстом. 

Приём W - questions(Учащиеся работают с текстом, отвечают на вопросы по тексту).

There are a lot of attractions on the territory of the Niagara Falls. To get the best view of the falls you can enjoy different activities. Listen to Natalie and Elena and decide how you would spend your time on the territory of the falls. What attractions would you like to try?

(Учащиеся выступают с презентацией ).

- What attractions would you like to try? (Учитель обращается к классу)

(Ответы детей:

- I would like to try the Niagara Sky Wheel because …..
- I would choose a thrilling ride over the Niagara fall by helicopter because ….
- I would like to try a boat ride. I don’t want to miss a chance to see …..)

9. - Some of our guests have never been to Canada. Today you have an opportunity to invite them to visit this country. Make a welcoming presentation to this country, using your bright ideas, illustrations, useful words and phrases. Let’s split into two groups.

(Работа над рекламным проектом в группах. ). Let’s listen to your invitations. (Выступление учащихся. Представление мини-проектов рекламного характера).

10. - Canada is really worth visiting. The Canadians love their country and they say:

Together we are Canada
One nation strong and free
With sharing, friends and happiness
Forever we will be!

These words are illustrated in their national anthem “O CANADA” Let’s sing it. (Исполнение гимна Канады. . Текст и музыка гимна Канады).

IV. Подведение итоговурока.

Выберите курс повышения квалификации со скидкой 50%:

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