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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План урока по английскому языку "The bounty of nature"

План урока по английскому языку "The bounty of nature"

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Lesson plan

Theme: The bounty of nature

Level: 9 th

Teacher: Vostrencova I.M

Competences: Communication, linguistic, social, digital, pragmatic

Sub competence: 1) Identifying some details/specific information from written and oral messages

2) Expressing agreement/disagreement regarding the views expressed in an exchange of ideas on topic of interest

3) Reducing the messages to its essential idea of it

4) Receiving an oral and a written message

Resources: pictures, cards, TV –set and computer, books, black-board, song and sounds of nature

Time: 45 min.

Pupils will be able:

to know and use 9 words in their speech

to express their own opinion about nature

to answer the questions what does nature gives us and what do we give to nature

to realize the importance of nature’ protecting

Lesson stage


Teacher’s activity

Pupils’ activity




Warm up


Introducing the new vocabulary


Project work

Relax pause



Home task


To give the emotional tune of the lesson

Introduction to the topic

To enlarge pupils’ vocabulary

To practice conversations

To develop creative activities

To develop speaking

To develop imagination

To practice developing listen skills

To come to conclusion

To develop writing skills

To sum up results

The teacher turns on the music, cites the quotation

The Earth is a garden

It’s a beautiful place

For all living creatures

For all human race

Then The teacher asks how the pictures, the music and the words are linked

The teacher says the theme and the objectives of the lesson

Then the teacher suggests to write and explain pupils’ association with the word

The teacher gives cards with new words and words combinations

The teacher suggests to watch the video and then asks the questions

The teacher listens to the pupils’ presentations

The teacher suggests to relax and listen to the music

The teacher suggests to listen the dialogue

The teacher asks the pupils

What new information have you got?

The teacher suggests to write an essay on the topic “

The teacher evaluates the pupils’ answers, activity at the lesson and comments the marks of the pupils

The pupils answer that the music, the pictures and the words are about nature

The pupils write words

What is nature?


The pupils read the new words and their definitions

The pupils watch the video and answer the questions

The pupils present different materials about What do we give to nature and what does nature give to us

The pupils listen to the music and describe their emotions and feelings

The pupils listen to the dialogue and answer the questions

The pupils describe what they have learnt at the lesson

The pupils write the home task


Pair work

Chain work

Group work

Individual work



Words and explanations






Listening comprehension

Answers and arguments

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