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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / План урока по английскому языку в 5 классе

План урока по английскому языку в 5 классе

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Vladimirov secondary school

The plan of the lesson of English

in the 5th form

according to the theme “London”

Teacher: Julie Tikhova

The plan of the lesson of English

in the 5th form

according to the theme “London”.

Teacher: Julie Tikhova

Aims of the lesson:

Training aspect– to form the lexical abilities for reading and speaking;

Developmental aspect – to develop the communicative skills;

Educational aspect – to bring up the respectful attitude to foreign culture.

Type of the lesson: synthesis of knowledge

Equipment: the computer, the interactive board, descriptive material, etc.

Technologies used: Shatalov technology, engineering, technology critical thinking.

The accompanying media content:

- Presentation Power point,

- video «Hello»,

- video «Top 10 attractions of London»

The plan:



Tasks are carried out



Introductory speech of the teacher

Introduction to the lesson, to draw attention to the lesson


Phonetic drill

Signal cards in two colors

Developing the ability to recognize and distinguish between the British and Russian sounds


Speech training

Work with the video «Hello»

Repetition of lexical items from the known art


Working with text. Development of reading skills.

View the video and perform various kinds of jobs

Work on improving reading skills for example text «Top 10 attractions of London»


Game "What in

the picture?"

Several stylistically similar slides

with a choice of the correct answer by pressing the button (use the animation effect with triggers)

Expand knowledge of

geography on "London"


Teamwork, perform mini-project

Work on the mini-project "London in collage"

Control of mastering vocabulary skills relating to




  1. Greeting, goal-setting.

Hello teacher, an invitation to "stay in one of the most famous cities in Europe." Explanation of the purpose of the lesson (familiarity with the sights of London).

Hello, boys and girls. I'm glad to see you. Today I invite you to visit one of the most famous cities of Europe - 1 min

  1. Phonetic drill.

Students are offered signaling cards in two colors: purple color means sounds typical English language, yellow - and the sounds of English and Russian language. Offered sounds:

[ou], [b \ б], [d \ д], [w], [r], [i \ u] - 2 min

  1. Speech training.

Skill development work with the vocabulary on different topics. Students are encouraged to view the video «Hello», during which their job is to find and write different words - 5 min

  1. Working with text. Development of reading skills.

On the screen a video of London.

Work on the text presented by various types of work:

A) pre-listening task: how do you think about what this video?

B) while-listening task: watching videos

C) post-listening task: reading and analysis of dialogue - 7 min

5. Game "What in the picture?"

Continue to "travel". Examines how well students visually know the sights of London (regional studies aspect).

Pressing the button with the correct answer appears cheerful animated smiley - 2 min

  1. Collaborate on a mini-project

Control of mastering vocabulary passed on topic. On the blackboard, students make pictures using a mini-project "London in collage" - 3 min

  1. Summarizing lesson.

Reflection (that liked to travel).

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