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План урока по теме "Crime and punishment" (11 класс)

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Lesson plan

Date: 27.02.2014

Topic: Crime and Punishment

Time: 45 minutes

Information about students: 10 students

Materials and equipment: video, presentation, cards.

Aims: by the end of the lesson the students will be able to define the new vocabulary, to make up sentences, express their opinion by answering on questions and make up advices.


Stage / objective

Activities / instructions

Pattern of interaction



To configure students to work.


T: Good morning students.

Sts: Good morning teacher.

T: I’m very glad to see you here. Sit down, please.

Are you ready for work? What is your mood Natasha? Dasha?




To define the topic of the lesson

Activity 1. Video

T: Well, now look at the video and try to guess what is going on? (Slide 1)

(Students watch the video for about ten seconds and then the teacher stops it. Sts say their predictions).

T: Ok, what do you think might happen then? What was with this man?

T: Great, now you will read on the screen what really happened to the man in the end.

It brings us to the conclusion that our topic today is ………… (Crime and punishment). (Slide 2)

Let’s define the aims of our lessons for today. (Slide 3)





To define the vocabulary

Activity 2. Vocabulary

T: Let’s remember all words which you have learnt at the previous lessons.

What kinds of crime do you know? (Sts name different kinds of crime one by one)

  • Arson

  • Shoplifting

  • Blackmail

  • Forgery

  • ……..

T: very good




To define the vocabulary and the correct pronunciation

Activity 3. New vocabulary

T: now open your ex. books, write down the date and the topic of our lesson.

Look at the next slide. Here you can see different kinds of punishments. Write them and find their translations.

  • Arrest

  • Fine

  • Capital punishment

  • Suspended sentence

  • Community service

  • Life sentence

  • Imprison (slide 4)

T: - now repeat these words after me.

  • read one by one

Individual work




To define the correct structure of the sentences. To define the vocabulary. To express opinion correctly.

Activity 4. Sentences

T: now work in 2 groups. Remember the two most common crimes which you heard somewhere and write a punishments for them. On the next slide there is an example.

«For kidnapping people should get 4 years imprison, because it is a major offence. »

T: you have 5 minutes.

T: let’s check. One group read their sentence and another group try to understand and express their agreements or disagreements. And vise a versa.

Group work


To improve the physical condition of students

the physical minute

T: Stand up. Repeat after me.

Hands up, hands down

Hands on the hips, sit down

Hands up, to the sides

Bend left, bend right

One, two, three, hop

One, two, three, stop

(All students repeat what teacher says and show.)

T: repeat once again




To define the answers on the questions

Activity 5. Questions

T: Now, answer on my questions.

  1. Do you think each person can be a criminal? Explain why or why not?

  2. Why do people become criminals? Name the reasons.

  3. Does it easy to be a police officer? Explain why or why not?

T: Good of you.




To make up advices.

Activity 6. Advices

T: Now, work in 2 groups again.

Think of 3 pieces of advices how not to become a victim of crime. What should we do? (Slide 5)

You have 5 minutes.

T: Let’s check. Tell another group.

Group work


the results of the lesson

T: Let’s remember what did we do today? What was new for you? What was interesting?

Open your diaries and write down your home work. (h/w on cards)



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