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План урока по теме «Friends for Life»

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План урока по теме «Friends for Life»

УМК «Happy English.ru»

К. И.Кауфман и М.Ю.Кауфман

Цель урока. Формирование универсальных учебных действий, способствующих саморазвитию и самосовершенствованию обучающихся путём сознательного и активного усвоения нового социального опыта в предметной области «иностранный язык» на базе темы «Friends for Life» - «Друзья навсегда».

Цели урока:

1. Формировать коммуникативную компетентность обучающихся в области устной и письменной речи, чтения и аудирования.

2. Активизировать в речи обучающихся употребление лексического и грамматического материала по теме «Friends for Life» для решения конкретных коммуникативных задач.

3. Формировать и развивать компетенции обучающихся в области использования информационно-коммуникационных технологий на уровне общего пользования.

Оснащение урока:

1. УМК «Happy English.ru» для 10 класса общеобразовательных учреждений авторов К.И.Кауфман и М.Ю.Кауфман

2. Ишмухаметова А.Х., Game and other linguistic activities to be incorporated into the English language class

3. Англо-русские и англо-английские словари

4. Презентация к уроку, выполненная в программе Power Point

5. Индивидуальные листы самооценки учащихся

Оборудование урока: 1. компьютер; проектор; экран; 2. интерактивная доска; 3. раздаточный материал; 4. доска; 5. магниты

Использованные Интернет-ресурсы:

Ход урока

I. Подготовка учащихся к учебной деятельности на английском языке

1. Оргмомент.

A) Приветствие. Режим работы T ↔ Cl

T: Stand up. Good morning, boys and girls. I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please. Let’s start our lesson. Sit comfortably. How are you? You look great/brilliant/nice/happy…Who is on duty today?

B) Рапорт дежурных. Режим P1 ↔ P2

P1. Let’s speak. P2. All right.

P1. What season is it now? P2. It’s winter now.

P1. What month is it today? P2. It’s December today.

P1.What day is it today? P2. It’s Tuesday today.

P1.What date is it today? P2. Today is the … of December.

P1.Is the class ready for the lesson? P2. Yes, it is.

P1. Are you ready for the lesson? P2. Yes, I am. And are you ready for the lesson?

P1.Yes, I am. You look great. P2. Thank you. You look brilliant.

P1. Thanks a lot. Let’s go to our places. P2. OK. / All right.

2. Введение в ситуацию урока.

A) Самоопределение деятельности. Режим работы TCl

T. Look at the two groups of words on the board. Let’s repeat them after me. What do these groups of words have in common? - Read the first letters in these adjectives and try to find out two very famous names. What are they?









T. Can you tell us the names of these to people? Of course, they are Robinson Crusoe and Friday. What country are they from? What do they have in common? What unites them? They are friends! And what do you think we are going to speak about at our lesson today?

B) Сообщение темы и цели урока

1.Формулирование темы.

P1. We are going to speak about Friends and Friendship.

2. Формулирование цели урока

- Составление кластера на основе ассоциаций со словами FRIENFSHIP и FRIEND. Ключевые слова в виде кластера учитель записывает на доске сам или ученик, имеющий хорошие навыки письма (с целью экономии времени).

T. The theme of our lesson is «FRIENDS for LIFE». What associations do you have with the words FRIENFSHIP and FRIEND? Режим работы TP1, P2, P3 ….

P1. I think about the appearance of my friend.

P2. The place where we can make friends is very important.

P3. I don’t pay much attention to my friend’s appearance but I believe the personal qualities or what my friend is like are the greatest thing in friendship.

P4. I am sure, a real friend can help you in any situation and you, of course, will always give a hand to your friend, too.

P5. And friends can be true or not…

P6. The proverb says that “Actions speak louder than words”, so what my friend does or how he or she acts in everyday life are important for me.

T. Sure, today we are going to practise English doing some grammar exercises, review the vocabulary about friends according to our cluster, work with some proverbs about friendship and try to understand what friendship means in our life.

II. Активизация ранее изученного языкового материала через различные виды речевой деятельности.

1. Активизация изученного лексического материала по теме.

1. Defining the meaning with the words.

T. OK, of course, the main question is if we need a friend in our life and the next one is what kind of person he or she should be… And we are going to analyze some more very important points according to our cluster at the lesson. You see, there are different kinds of people one can make friends with. Take your exercise books, write down the date and match the definition with the word given on the cards. And P1, will you go to the board and work with the words on it? Режим работы: Cl; P1 выполняет задание на интерактивной доске.

1. Someone you have known for a long time - school friends

2. Someone you work with - an old friend

3. a man you are seeing romantically - a flat mate

4. People you knew at school - a boyfriend

5. Someone you share a flat with - a colleague

6. a friend from work - a workmate


  1. Someone you have known for a long time - an old friend

2. Someone you work with - a colleague

3. a man you are seeing romantically - a boyfriend

4. People you knew at school - school friends

5. Someone you share a flat with - a flat mate

6. a friend from work – a workmate

T. Now check your answers. Read your sentences one by one, will you? P1, will you begin reading? Режим работы P1, P2, P3 …. (начинает ученик, выполнивший задание на доске). If you have six correct answers, your mark for this kind of work is “5”. If there are five correct sentences, you will have “4” and finally if there are four or three correct answers, your mark will be “3”.

2. Work with notions. - Работа со значением слов friend" и "acquaintance".

T. A person can know a lot of people but he or she can have only some true friends. Let’s read the information from the Typical Dictionary written on the board. First read, than translate the definitions, please.

Typical Dictionary Definition of "friend" 
1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
Typical Dictionary Definition of "acquaintance"
1. Knowledge of a person acquired by a relationship less intimate than friendship.
2. A person whom one knows.

3. Word building.

T. You see the word “Friend”, meaning a person whom you know, like and trust, is very important in our life. And what about its family? Have a look at the board and fill in the suitable word. You can use dictionaries both on the desks or dictionaries in your mobile phones. Write down only the necessary words, don’t write the whole sentences in your exercise-books. P1, will you match the given below words with the sentences on the board, please? Режим работы: Cl; P1 выполняет задание на интерактивной доске.

1. Complete the sentences using the words below.

1. Totally friendly, he wasn’t sure who he could turn to for help.

2. The group always attracts lots of members because it is well known for its friendliness.

3. Our friendship is very important to me. I don’t want to lose it.

4. I found that when I became a supervisor of the team, I was also friendless.

5. I was shocked by how unfriendly people were when I first arrived.

6. The people in the village were very distant. I was surprised by their unfriendliness.

T. Now let’s check your answers. Exchange your exercise-books, please! If you have six correct answers, your mark for this kind of work is “5”. If there are five correct sentences, you will have “4” and finally if there are four or three correct answers, your mark will be “3”. Read the sentences using your classmates’ answers one by one, will you? Режим работы P1, P2, P3 … (начинает ученик, выполнивший задание на доске).

4. Work with the proverb on the blackboard. TaskKill the text”. – Работа с пословицей, записанной на классной доске. Режим работы P1, P2, P3 ….

There are plenty of acquaintances in the world, but very few real friends. (Chinese Proverb)

T. Children, let’s read the Chinese Proverb written on the blackboard. Explain the meaning of the proverb with your own words. Now choose one or two words in the proverb and make up your own sentences with them about friends and friendship. If your sentence is correct, I will erase the chosen word.

5. Group work.

T. Do you think every person you know can be your friend?

P1. Of course, not everybody can be my friend because my friend’s personal qualities are very important for me.

T. You are right. People are different. Their qualities are different, too. Let’s review some of them. Take your books, open them at page 78. We are going to do Ex.8, p.78.

1) Pronunciation. First, let’s read the words after me. Режим работы T ↔ Cl

2) Group work. Now let’s work in groups of four in a round. Make up sentences using the model. Режим работы P1, P2, P3

Model. Someone who wants what other people have is … jealous.

A jealous person is someone who wants what other people have.

3) Writing. Write the qualities and actions of a real friend and a “fair–weather friend” on these sheets of paper, please! What are they like? Choose five or more words and expressions describing these types of friends. The time is limited! Go on working in the same groups, please!

T. Will you express your group opinion now? Name the qualities of a real friend and a “fair–weather friend”, please! – Высказывания представителей групп в режиме: P1, P2, P3

6. Role game “Guess a classmate”- describing a classmate using only adjectives.

T. In your class all the classmates have only real friends. Children, your task is to guess your classmate. One of you should describe the girl or the boy of your class without telling her or his name. Use no more than five adjectives, please. The task is to guess who this person is. The student who will guess his or her classmate’s name will go on describing the next classmate. - Высказывания учащихся об одноклассниках по цепочке в режиме: P1, P2

2. Активизация изученного грамматического материала по теме

1. Grammar. Match some phrasal verbs and expressions with their meanings. Ex. 3, p. 52.

T. It is very important how friends act or behave in real life. In fact, people act in a different way in various situations. Match the words and expressions with their meanings. Say what these or those words and expressions mean. And think of your friend’s behavior in this or that situation. Work in pairs, please! Режим работы P1↔ P2, P3↔P4, ….

Model. to feel unhappy because somebody is far away is / means to miss smb

1.to show that you are better than other people - to show off

2. to continue to help each other in any situation – to stick together

3. to like each other from the very beginning – to click straight away

4. to quarrel – to fall out

5. not to help smb in a difficult situation – to let sbm down

6. to be friends again – to make up with sbm

T. Now check your answers. ”. One member of the pair will read the sentences in a chain, will you? Режим работы P1, P2, P3 …. If your pair has six correct answers, your mark for your pair work is “5”. If there are five correct sentences, you will have “4” and finally if there are four or three correct answers, your mark will be “3”.

2. Describing friends’ actions using the above given phrasal verbs.

T. Make up sentences describing your friend’s actions or your relations with friends using these words and expressions. But now another partner of the pair will speak, don’t you mind? Режим работы P1, P2, P3 ….

Model. My friend has never shown off.

3. Развитие навыков речевой компетенции в области устной речи

1. Speaking on the topic “My Friend” using the outline «Sentence Star».

T. Let’s speak about your friend - a person who is really reliable, trustworthy and cheerful. Look at the board and try to describe your friend using the model. This is a five pointed star with the beginning of a sentence which you can change if you want. So your task is to speak about your friend beginning each sentence with the words I have, I can, I like, I used to, I am going… Режим работы P1, P2 …

Model. My friend is … My friend has … My friend likes …

My friend used to … My friend is going…

2. Discussing the topic “My Friend” in pairs.

T. And now we are going to work in pairs again. One of you will speak about his or her friend. The task for another partner is to ask questions about this boyfriend or girlfriend. For example, if the first student says “My friend can dance”, you should ask “Where did he learn to dance? Do you dance with him every day? Does he usually dance at home or at school?”

T. Stand up, please! Form a circle, you can choose any partner you like. Let’s make up short dialogues about your friends, please. Let’s start speaking with my command! Thank you! Now let’s change your partners and go on speaking with a new student! – Changing speech partners takes place three or four times. Режим работы P1↔P2, P3↔P4, ….

T. OK. Go to your places, please! Now answer my questions, please! Режим работы T ↔P1, P2, P3 ….

Who is the most interesting partner for you? Why?

Who do you like to speak to? Why?

What interesting facts about your classmates’ friends have you learnt?

Do your classmatesfriends have any problems in their life?

4. Развитие навыков речевой компетенции в области чтения

1. Giving some advice to friends.

T. Our friends sometimes have some problems or difficulties in life. The famous proverb says “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. So a real friend can always help with advice. What can you do with the advice? Look at the board and cross the odd words out, please!. Ex. 5, p. 77 Режим работы P1, P2, P3 …

Model. We can … some advice. Thus, the odd words are …

Make, receive, get, give, lend, borrow, follow, speak, ignore, present, find, listen to

2. Reading and giving some advice and recommendation how to act or what to do in this or that difficult situation.

T. There are some problems in the relations of friends. Teenagers write about their problems to the youth magazine asking for help. The task is to give some advice to friends in their difficult life situation. Let’s read the parts of their letters one by one, comment on them and try to help friends with our advice. Any ideas, children? Режим работы P1, P2, P3 …

T. Thanks. Your advice is really helpful but you will go on working with this information at home.

III. Подведение итогов.

1. Giving commentary on the results of class work and students’ self-evaluation.

T. To sum it up, I’d like you to be honest and to value your own work at the lesson according to these criteria. Don’t forget your marks for written exercises. Stick your small stars to the line that corresponds to your self-assessment.

F - I have something to work at. / Еще нужно потрудиться.

R - I am satisfied with my work. / Я доволен своей работой на уроке.

I - There are some difficulties for me. / У меня есть определенные трудности...

E - It has been the best lesson of mine! / Это был мой лучший урок!

N - Everything was interesting and understandable! / Было интересно и все понятно!

D - I have done all the tasks! / Я выполнил все задания.

2. Giving marks and writing homework down.

T. So now open your diaries. We are going to write down your marks and your home work.

You can choose the task of your homework.

1. Make up a story about your best friend using the vocabulary we have practised today.

2. Read the rest of the information about the friends’ problems and write down some recommendations how to solve them.

3. Search Proverbs and Quotes about Friends and the Art of Friendship from All Over the World in the Internet, make up a list of them and be ready to comment on five or six of them. This is the list of recommended sites.

T. Children, have we answered the questions mentioned at the beginning of the lesson?

What things are the most important for you in friendship? As a wise person said:

The way to have a friend is to be one. / Чтобы иметь друга, надо быть им.

So, let each of you be a real friend and have a true friend in the life!


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