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План уроки Sports and games 7 класс

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Class: 7 “А,Б

Theme:  Sports and games. Reflexive pronouns
The aims: 

a) educational: to explain the forming of the reflexive pronouns; to give some information about the popular sports and games in Britain. 

b) developing:  to develop pupils’ skills of reading, tidy writing, listening and speaking, their mental abilities.
c) cultural:   to bring up pupils to respect each other, to be tidy, polite, responsible, to lead a healthy life.
The type of the lesson: mixed lesson   

The kind of the lesson: mastering new material
Visual aid: an active board

  The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment. a) greeting

Good morning, pupils! b) warm-up activity

The activity “Find the odd out”

1. Scotland, Wales,  England, Canada, Northern Ireland.

2. football, , sailing basketball, hockey, golf.

3. jumping, boxing, rowing, tennis, boating.

c) asking the date

What date is it today?

d) checking up the attendance

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

e) distributing the evaluating papers

II. Checking up the homework

To learn the new words, write the translations of the words

boating – (қайық спорты)

(rowing) – ескеспен есу спорты

invent – ойлап табу

develop – (дамыту)

probably – (мүмкін)

spread – (таралу)

widespread – (кең тарған)

team – (топ, команда)

compete – (жарысу)

competition – (жарыс)

lawn – (көгал)

to hold a competition – (жарыс ұйымдастыру)

ІІІ. Presentation of the new lesson

a) the activity “What’s in my mind?”

Pupils, you must guess the new theme of the lesson. This activity is called “What’s in my mind?”.

1. It has 5 letters. Rowing, sailing, swimming, boxing are its kinds. What word is it? – sport

2. It has 3 letters. It is a conjunction. It is used to connect the words. What conjunction is it? – and

3. It has 4 letters. We play it and basketball, football, volleyball are its kinds. What word is in my mind? – game

The theme of our today’s lesson is “Sports and games”. The grammar theme of the lesson is “Reflexive pronouns”

b) explanation of the new grammar

Reflexive pronouns  (Өздік есімдіктер)

          Өздік есімдігіне әртүрлі тұлғадағы өз деген бір сөз ғана жатады. Ағылшын тілінде өздік есімдіктер тәуелдік есімдіктерге, батыс септігінде тұрған жіктік есімдіктеріне   жекеше түрде (my, your, him, her, it) -self, көпше түрде (our, your, them) –selves  элементтерінің жалғануы арқылы жасалады:

Жекеше түр                                                          Көпше түр

myself                                                                   ourselves

yourself                                                                 yourselves

himself                                                                  themselves



I saw it myself. Мен мұны өзім көрдім.                       Do it yourself! – Мұны өзің жаса!

Do it yourselves! –Мұны өздерің жасаңдар!

IV. Level tasks

The first level. Task 1. The activity is called “Segmented sentences”. You must find the right order of the words and make up correct sentences.

1. myself/ angry/ I/ with/am – I am angry with myself

2. in/ looked/ Sue/ herself/ at/ mirror/ the. – Sue looked at herself in the mirror.

3. did/ his/ Tom/ himself/ homework. – Tom did his homework himself

4. and/ Julian/ laughed/ themselves/ Kate/ at. – Julian and Kate laughed at themselves.

5. cut/ yourself/ don’t/ ! – Don’t cut yourselves

6. children/ wash up/ always /the – The children always wash up themselves

7. Sam/Bob/ but/ small/ are/ and/ always/ they/ to/ write/ their/ letters/ themselves/ grandparents – Sam and Bob are small but they always write  letters to their grandparents themselves.

The second level. Task 2. Complete the sentences using the reflexive pronouns.

1. Be careful. Don’t burn_________. (yourself)

2. Betty never thinks about other people, she only thinks about ________. (herself)

3. When we are alone we sometimes talk to __________. (ourselves)

4. He fell off his bike but didn’t hurt ____________. (himself)

5. Fred and Sam! When you ride your bikes, be careful and look after _________. (yourselves)

6. Liz always cooks__________. (herself)

7. Janet always cleans the carpet with the vacuum cleaner _____________. (herself)

The third level. Task 3. Make up sentences using the reflexive pronouns.

for example: I did it myself. Colin never turns on TV himself. etc.

V. Listening, reading  the text. Pupils will listen to the text, then they will read it in paragraphs.

The text “Popular sports and games in Britain.”

VI. Doing the tasks

Task 4. Answer the questions about the text

1. What game was invented and developed in Britain?–Football was invented and developed in Britain.

2. Where is Wembley Stadium? – Wembley Stadium is in London

3. What is the English national game? – The English national game is cricket.

4. When did people play cricket in England? – People played cricket in England as early as 1550.

5. When were many cricket clubs founded? – Many cricket clubs were founded in the 18th century.

6. What sport did exist even in Saxon times? – Boxing existed even in Saxon times.

7. When was the first championship at Wimbledon?–The 1st championship at Wimbledon was in 1877.

Task 5. Complete the sentences

1. ______was invented and developed in Britain. (football)

2. Wembley Stadium is in ________. (London)

3. _______ is sometimes called the English national game. (cricket)

4. People played cricket as early as _____. (1550)

5. _______existed even in Saxon times. (boxing)

6. The first championship on lawn tennis at _______ was in 1877. (Wimbledon)

7. _______was first developed in Scotland.  (golf)

Task 6. Write the names of sports and games under the pictures

Sports: swimming, boating, boxing, rowing, sailing.

Games: basketball, volleyball, cricket, golf, rugby, football, hockey, lawn tennis.

Task 7: Give it a name:

1. the sport of fighting with fists – boxing;

2. the sport of riding in a small boat with sails – sailing;

3.  the sport of one who swims – swimming;

4.  the sport of playing a type of football with an oval ball – rugby;

5. the sport of moving through the water in a boat without sails – boating;

6. a game for two people who use rackets, a small soft ball and a low net – tennis;

7.  the sport of going on horseback – horse riding.

VII. Consolidation of the lesson

write the names of sports and games







 VIII. Evaluation of the pupils.

Pupils estimate their neighbors and the teacher will put their final marks.

IX. Homework

a) to retell the text

b) to write an essay .

X. The end of the lesson

The lesson is over. Good bye.







Sports and games

Made by: Mukayeva M.B

Group 4 – F.L.-1

Checked by: Kusmanova N.E.

Ust – Kamenogorsk, 2014

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