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План урока "Information technology"

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Тема: Information technology.

Цель урока:

Учить употреблять в речи ЛЕ, формировать умения говорить об информационных технологиях; продолжить формирование диалогической речи, интерактивно-коммуникативных способностей

Оснащение и оборудование: эпиграф, раздаточный материал, запись текста, электронная презентация темы, ноутбуки, интерактивная доска

На доске: цитата “Man is still the most extraordinary thing of all” (John Kennedy); English and Russian equivalents of the terms: screen, экран, CD Rom,диск, mouse, мышь, keyboard,клавиатура, disk drive, дисковод, multitasking, гибкий диск, mouse pad/mat, коврик для мыши, modem, модем, laptop, переносной компьютер, key, клавиша, desktop, рабочий стол.

Тип урока: комбинированный урок.

Методы: объяснительно-демонстрационный с элементами практикума


1. Организационный момент.

Good morning, boys and girls! I am glad to see you.

2. Вводное слово учителя.

T: Dear children, I hope that you are in a good mood today, but you can evaluate your mood yourself. hello_html_m68869ebb.png

You also have pictures with 4 faces.

They are "OK", "Bad", "Good", "So-So". Take the card according to you mood.

(Дети рисуют в Microsoft Word, используя панель «Рисование»)

3. Объявление темы и цели урока.

T: Dear friends!

Welcome to the English courses for young console operators. As far as I know, you have been discussing the problems of computer science for about five years, and today you'll have an opportunity to use your knowledge in new situations.

First of all determine the purpose of the lesson according to the given plan (прил. №1)

Checking home task (cinquain – взаимооценивание групп)

4. Работа в группах.

T: Man is the most extraordinary thing. Just imagine the amount of inventions of the 20th century. Some people think that technology will save the world and make it better, some others think that technology will ruin the society because we are too dependent on electric and electronic gadgets and machines.

What gadgets and machines do people use?

Why do people use them?

1. a camera

2. a microwave oven

3. a mobile telephone

4. an electronic game

5. a video recorder\player

6. a TV set

7. a vacuum cleaner

8. a videophone

9. a cordless phone

10. a talking alarm clock

11. a sewing machine

12. a computer

13. a solar powered calculator

14. a TV remote-control unit

15. a mower

16. a body building machine

17. a fax machine

18. roller blades

19. a dishwasher

to cut and collect the grass

to build up one’s strength

to wash the dishes

to take photographs

to cook, defrost, reheat pre-prepared food

to receive or make calls around the home, etc.

to perform everyday cleaning tasks from vacuuming to cleaning up liquids, dust and waste and shampooing carpets

to not only sew but do embroidery and appliqué and sew on buttons

to wake up people and to tell the time

to watch pre-recorded videos

to record a programme even when watching another on a different channel

to have fun and to entertain

to send and receive urgent messages

to operate the TV set from a distance

to write programs, play games, find and use information, etc.

to do calculations in sunlight or day-light

(Прил. №2 – таблица ЗХУ).

Work in a group of about 3-4 persons. Choose a group leader.

The first group will write and name three things that you couldn’t live without.

The second group will write and name three things that you consider useless.

(Работа в группах: обсуждают, записывают)

T: There are some things we couldn’t live without. They are … (по списку учащихся).

Some other things we consider useless. They are … (по списку учащихся).

T: What thing most of you couldn‘t live without?

T: 50 years ago people hadn't even heard of computers, and today we cannot imagine life without them.

Computer technology is the fastest-growing industry in the world.

Computer revolution is changing our life and our language, too. We are constantly making up new words or giving new meanings to old ones.

5. Активизация лексических единиц.

T: And now let’s repeat all the necessary computer science terms. First of all let’s match English and Russian equivalents of the terms.

screen экран

CD Rom диск

mouse мышь

keyboard клавиатура

disk drive дисковод

floppy disk гибкий диск

mouse pad/mat коврик для мыши

modem модем

laptop переносной компьютер

key клавиша

desktop рабочий стол

6. Выполнение теста

T: Open your laptops and do the test. Match the definitions with the expressions in the list. (интерактивная доска)

screen CD Rom mouse keyboard

disk drive multitasking floppy disk mouse pad/mat

modem laptop key desktop

1 the small object that you move with your hand to operate a computer


2 the flat part in front of a computer which you look at


3 the part of a computer with rows of letters and symbols


4 the part of a computer you use to pass information to or from a disk

disk drive

5 a flat piece of plastic for storing information from a computer

floppy disk

6 the flat piece of rubber or plastic which you use under a mouse

mouse pad/mat

7 a round disk for using in a computer to store large amounts of information

CD Rom

8 a type of small computer you can carry with you


9 one of the parts with a letter or symbol which you press when you use a computer


10 the equipment inside a computer which allows information to be sent to another computer using a telephone line


11 the screen you see after you’ve switched your computer


(Компьютер оценивает работу учащихся: 12 правильных ответов – «5», 10-11 ответов – «4», 7-9 – «3»)

7. Gymnastics. Skeleton.

8. Аудирование.

T: Listen to the text. It is called “I couldn’t live without my computer at home”. Say, why computer is important for Kate.

What arguments are given for and against the computer?

Organize information in the table. (интерактивная доска)

(Слушают текст, отвечают на вопрос.)

9.. Работа с текстом (чтение с пометами).

T: Open Microsoft Word, read the text «Anthony’s relations with computer», do the tasks.

«Anthony’s relations with computer»

As soon as I get home from school I start up my computer. First of all I log on to the Internet and go to “Odnoklassniki” to see if anyone has sent me any messages. Then I go to chat rooms and I can spend there the whole day.

Ok, I admit it; I am a computer-addict. Personally I don’t think it is a problem. I am too busy to go to any stupid seminars. I’ve got web-sites to check and e-mail to send. The Internet is a strange and wonderful place. You can find here huge amounts of information for school, work and just for fun.

Besides, I don’t want to waste time: while chatting online with my friends I search for some useful information for my school projects or read books online.

I don’t go anywhere except school, because I don’t have enough time. I never spend my free time out-of-doors, because all my friends live far from me and we spend our weekends together in the virtual world. It’s fun, you know.

I log on literally until I am physically unplugged by someone else. I can’t work or live without it.

Oh, sorry, I can’t go on talking to you: my friend from New York asks for help…

Task 1

Read the text and tick the symptoms which Anthony mentions.

Task 2




10. Staging «Who is right? (mom and child- две пары разыгрывают сценку, для остальных задание - Выполнение кроссворда.

T: It’s time for a word puzzle. Do this puzzle and you'll read the name of one of the most successful computer companies.

(прил. №4)

12. Подведение итогов (суммативное оценивание), рефлексия.

T: Dear children, what can you say about our lesson? What is the thing you need?

I want you to comment the following words: “Man is still the most extraordinary thing of all” (John Kennedy)

T: Draw a face according to your mood yourself. Choose the card with your mood.

13. Домашнее задание:

A newspaper has organized a competition to win a computer. You have to write 200 words about why you need the computer and what you would do with it.

Краткое описание документа:

Данный урок является обобщающим в изучении темы «Informationtechnology». Предусмотрено неоднократное обращение к материалу предыдущих уроков в течение занятия, что позволяет обобщить и систематизировать знания и умения по данной теме. Содержание данного урока работает на дальнейшее использование освоенного лексического материала не только в учебных ситуациях, но и в реальных жизненных. 


При организации урока использованы следующие методы: 
- по источнику знаний: словесные, практические; 
- по степени взаимодействия учителя и учащихся: беседа, работа в группах, парах; 
- по характеру познавательной деятельности: репродуктивные, частично-поисковые, творческие методы; 
- по принципу расчленения или единения знаний: аналитические, обобщающие методы. 
     При планировании занятия я постаралась учесть возрастные, поведенческие, учебные, индивидуальные особенности учащихся. Таким образом, осуществлялся дифференцированный подход в обучении.
На уроке красной нитью проходит модуль Программы «Использование ИКТ технологий для воспроизводства информации, и ее систематизации». Современные технические средства обучения помогают поддерживать мотивацию к изучению английского языка. 

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