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Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыПланирование открытого урока "В больнице"

Планирование открытого урока "В больнице"


The South Kazakhstan

Observation lesson

Theme: «At the doctor’s».

Teacher: Usmanova Sh.

Class: 7Д

Date: The 4th of February.

Day: Thursday.

Theme: Unit Four.

Step Two.

Aims of the lesson: a) The main aim: Speaking on the theme.

b) The practical aim: Developing of speaking, reading, writing, listening skills.

c) The educational aim: Teaching to be kind.

Type: New lesson. 'At the doctor's'.

Visual aids: pictures, cards, book, work-book.

The plan of the lesson.

1. Organization moment

Good afternoon, children!

How are you?

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent today?

What date is it today?

2. Checking home task.

OK, children, what was your home task? Г11 take quiz.

3. Setting of the lesson

Today, we know some new words, do more ex/s , read and translate the text.

4. Phonetic drills.

Write the new words, then repeat it after me.

Hurt [ hә:t] ауырту, жыгып алу, жаралану

Giddy [gidi] басы айналу

Mixture [ mikst э] микстура (сұйык дәрі)

Pill [pil] дәрі

Prescription [pris'krip эп] рецепт

Runny nose ['г ni nouz] тұмау

Recover [ri'k vә] айығу, сауығу

Sick [sik] журек айну

Strip [strip] шешу, шешіну

Treatment [tri:tmәnt] ем

4. The grammar material.

Present Simple (осы так)

Болымды және болымсыз тулері





don't live


near here.




doesn't live


Сұраулы түpi


Where do






Where does



Қысқа жауаптар

- Do you like Peter?

- Yes I do.

- Does she know English?

- No she doesn't.

The Present Simple is used:

a) To talk about a general truth, such as a fact or a state. On Sunday afternoons, a million Italians go to watch football.

b) To talk about something that is regular, such as routines, customs and habits. Every Saturday we go to the stadium to watch the foot ball match.

c) To criticise behavior with just. He just watches movies all day.

5. Doing exercises 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Exercise 1. Write when people do the following:

a) go to the dentist;

b) drink warm milk with honey;

c) call a doctor;

d) go to bed early and rest;

e) take some aspirin;

f) don't drink coffee or tea.

Example: People take medicines when they are ill.

*Exercise 2. Complete the chart with an illness a symptom.

Sore throat flu

It hurts when I walk.

I cough and sneeze. My nose is runny.



I've got a cold.

I've got ______ .

I've twisted ankle.

I've got a_______ .

I've got a temperature. My whole body aches. I feel


It hurts when I swallow.

Exercise 3. A consultation at the doctor's usually consists of the following stages:

1) The doctor asks what's wrong.

2) The patient describes the symptoms.

3) The doctor asks questions; the patient answers.

4) The doctor examines the patient.

5) The doctor makes a diagnosis.

6) The doctor offers advice, suggests treatment.

Exercise 4. Read the text.

Treating a Patient

Last week Tom was taken ill. He was running a high temperature. He felt sick and giddy. He had a head ache and a sore throat. It was clear that he needed the services of a doctor. His mother phoned the policlinics. The doctor arrived at 11 o'clock.

She asked Tom to strip to the waist, examined his throat, felt his pulse, listened to his lungs and chest, tested his blood pressure. She also took his temperature. It was 38.8 (thirty eight point eight). She said that it was flu.

The doctor wrote a prescription for some pills and mixture and some tablets for his headache. She asked him to take a tablespoonful of it three times a day.

His mother got the medicine from the chemist's. Tom followed the doctor's advice and soon he recovered.

Exercise 5. Read the text 'Treating a patient' and complete the chart.


Diagnosis ___________________________________


Exercise 6. Find in the text the sentences how the doctor examined Tom. Example: She asked him to strip to the waist.

6. Conclusion and giving home task.

Write down your home task. At home you must learn by heart the new words, then do exercise 7 and 8 on page 103.

- The lesson is over!

- Good bye, children!

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