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Планирование по английскому языку "Cinema""9 класс

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Оқу ісінің орынбасары: Б.Сағынғалиева


Form IX A,B,V English

Teacher: Z.Shamanaeva

Theme of the lesson


Learning objectives

To develop the pupils’ knowledge about Cinema

To involve the pupils’ skills in critical thinking

Express their opinions

Learning outcomes

Learners will speak about Cinema

Learners will increase skills on reading, translating and speaking, writing

Main idea

The skills involved in critical thinking include the ability to recognize,

To teach to work creatively, to pay attention to their pronunciation

To develop learners’ skills on reading, listening, translating, asking questions each others, speaking, writing.

New methods of teaching

Work in pairs , Circle time, String clothes


English book, stick notes, Internet materials, assessment sheets


Critical thinking, Identifying gifted and talented learners, Age-related differences, Learning how to learn , Assessment for and of learning, Using new technology in teaching, Dialogic teaching

Teacher’s notes

Stages of the lesson


Teacher’s activity

Pupils’ activity




a) Greeting

b)Warm up

Students wish each other greetings.

Checking up the

home task

10 min

Retelling the text “Time circle”


Students will speak about Australia.

Presentation of

new material


I.Read and translate it.

II. Answer the questions

III.True or False

IV String clothes

V. Retelling

Students will do tasks.

Practice and production


I.Read and translate it.

Task II Answer the questions

1.Do you want to go to the cinema?

2.What films do you like? Horror Films or comedy?

3.What are your favorite films?

Task IIITrue or False

1. I love to spend a weekend with my friends at the cinema.

2. My favorite type of movie is a comedy.

3. I don’t like these movies because while watching them I can relax and laugh heartily.

Task IV String clothes

Cinema, movie, shop, comedy, school, tragedy, professor, melodrama, teacher, ticket, drama, doctor, film, Monday, weekend, flower

V. Retelling

Students work in pairs .



All the tasks evaluated in formative and summative assessment.

Self Assessment

Home task

2 min

Retelling the text


3 min

Students’ impressions /What do you like from this lesson? Why do you like?/

Summary evaluation

What two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)

What have I learned from this lesson about the class or individuals that will inform my next lesson?

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