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Планирование по английскому языку на тему "I want to be a millionaire" (9 класс)

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Date: November, 19th

Grade: 9 “k”

School: after Saken Seifullin

Number present:

Number absent:

Teacher’s name:

Zauresh Shaimerdenova

The theme of the lesson

If I were a millionaire


You tube (video)


The aim of the lesson

Students will be able to use numerals and make sentences using First and Second Conditionals in expressing their thoughts on the topic of the lesson.

The tasks of the lesson

All learners will be able to make sentences in The First and Second Conditionals and name the numerals (according to the rule)

Most learners will be able to make sentences in the First and Second Conditionals with the help of gifted students. Name and write the Numerals.

Some learners will be able to differentiate the First and Second Conditionals in the text.(Try to make sentences with the help of his\her partner) Rewrite the numerals and name them.

The results of the lesson for the teacher

Managing the lesson by themselves

The main idea of the lesson

Studying with the help of one another

Expecting results

Students self-work.

Visual aids

 Cards, a song, books and blackboard, sheets A3




  1. Greeting


Division into groups

2 min

-Good morning! I’m glad to see you!

-How are you today?

-How did you spend your day yesterday?

- As for me, I was upset yesterday. Because I lost my purse. But it’s ok. There was not much money in it. If I had much money(a park of dollars) I would be a ____(guess the word) Yes, Millionaire.

As you guess our theme of the lesson is “If I were a millionaire” Let’s play a game. “Atom and Molecule”

When I say “Atom” you will walk alone, and when “molecules of two” of (2,3,4,5,2)

Gather together by amount of named number

The last one is “4”

So, we have two groups “Millionaires” and “billionaires”

  1. Ph drill

  1. Checking up the homework

  1. Grammar revision

  1. Writing

  1. Practice (speaking)


  1. Reading

  1. Reflection

5 min

5 min

5 min

5 min

2 min

5 min

5 min

5 min

  1. Listen to the song

  2. Listen it for the 2nd time, sing and write down the numbers that are difficult for you

  3. Come to the blackboard. Show and pronounce them to one another

Let’s check your homework

  1. I am going to read the numbers your task is to write down them in your copy-books

  2. Now check each other, please

My friends look at the names of our teams. We are very rich today. We are Millionaires and Billionaires. Is it so in our real life? () let’s revise Real and Unreal Conditionals.

  1. Read the rule individually

  2. Check the meaning of the unknown words in the dictionaries

  3. Explain to each other in pairs

  4. Make a cluster

  5. One of each group present the work to another group

  6. Then the members of the group explain to the person left

  1. Group “millionaires” make sentences with “Go abroad”

Group “Billionaires” make sentences with “Stay at home ”

  1. Are these sentences real or not?

  1. Read the text in a loud voice Ind.( Close your ears)

  2. Check the meaning of the new words

  3. Read to your partner

  4. Read one by one

  5. Read only sentences in First Conditional (millionaires)

  6. Read only sentences in Second Conditional (billionaires)

Finish and compare the sentences

If I were a millionaire I would …..

If I were a billionaire I would….

If I work hard I will…

If I do my homework I will…

-what are the differences between these sentences?

If you understood and liked the lesson put your hands on your hearts

If you didn’t understand and like the lesson put them down

  1. Homework

  2. Marking

3 min

Write an essay “If I were a millionaire”

Mark your partner


3 points

Without mistakes or with 2-3 Mistakes

2 points

3-5 mistakes











Three hundred pounds- 300 £

Five hundred dollars- $ 500

A quarter- 1\4

Fifteen point two five- 15.25

Two hundred percents- 200%

Nineteen ninety-three- 1993

The thirties of April two thousand and five- 13/04/05

First Conditional

Future Simple + If + Present Simple

I will go if I have time

The first Conditional expresses a possible situation and its result.

If it rains I’ll stay at home

| |

=The condition the result

=possible and real

Second Conditional


If +Past Simple +would

The second Conditional expresses an unreal situation and its result.

If I had much money I would (I’d) travel all over the world

| |

=the condition the result

=impossible and unreal

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