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Планирование по английскому языку на тему "Unemployment"

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10 «ә»


The 27th of April


English by Ayapova


Unit 7.Work. Unemployment


To develop students’ abilities in speaking, in reading and their logical thinking.


1.They learnt more information about job .

2.They developed their logical thinking

3.They knew a lot of new words about job and to use in practice


They know the means of the word ‘redundancy’.


Brainstorming Critical thinking

Dialogical learning Complete the chart

Venn diagram Discuss the poster


Teacher’s action

Children’s action


-Good morning ( afternoon) pupils !

-How are you?

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

-What day is it today?

-What date is it today?

-What season is it now?

--After that she divides the pupils into two groups.

Оқушыларды түстер арқылы екі топқа біріктіреміз

-- Checking the homework.

Let's check up your homework

--New theme :

Our theme is about “Unemployment”.

-Good morning (afternoon) teacher

-Very well

-I’m on duty today

-All are present

-Today is …

-Today is …..

-It is …

Оқушылар алған түстері бойынша топтасады.

Exercise 10 p.204

Rewrite the sentences.

Ex. 1




She shows slides on the active board:


-She puts the following questions in each group.

1. What kind of types of unemployment?

2. What are definitions of unemployment?

3. Why are people lose their job?

4. What’s the mean of the word “redundancy”?

New words:

Redundant - қысқартылған


Job centre -жұмысқа тұру бюросы

Retirement- қызметтен кету

Unemployment- жұмыссыздық

Fill in the blanks in each sentence with the words.

Reading the text.

Discuss the word ‘redundancy’

--She gives them the next task.

Pupils will be show slides

They will be ready for the lesson.

They will use the information which they see on the slide.

Each group write the answers on the paper.

They will be copy the words with means.

Each group read the text then write their sentences.

They’ll be read the text, then use Venn diagram

Visual aids;

Poster, active board, slide, pictures, textbook and etc.

Home task;

Your home work for the next lesson: Exercise 4 p.206


She puts them mark.


I have known

It’s very interesting

I want to learn

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