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Планирование (Primary, Secondary schools)

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Subject: English

 Grade: 9 « »


The theme:

  «Primary, Secondary schools»


Educational: to receive topical vocabulary, to compare the facts on the theme to practice the usage of numbers and prepositions.
Developing: to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills;
to develop students’ interest in research works.
Brining up: to interest in learning English, in learning education system in Great Britain and in our country Kazakhstan.


Ayapova English,  9 grade  Published by “Mektep”.

The result of knowledge :

They  can  answer the questions. They are remember the  words of   new theme. Рupils  learn to work in groups and say their own opinions, free thinking,  to say their own opinions and to respect other opinions.

The main idea:

To compare educational system in Great Britain and Kazakhstan.

Visual aids:

Interactive board, computers, visuals, Internet, cards.

The procedure of the lesson:

       Teachers activity

          Pupils activity



Organization  moment:

5 min.

According to the music they are doing morning exercises.

Greeting; to ask about pupil’s mood.

Good morning, pupils! How are you today?

b) Conversation with on duty.


Pupils greet the pupils and share their minds about their mood.


Warm-up  5 min.





Checking up the home tasks  5 min.


Explanation of the new materials 10 min.



Prepare a poster

Work in groups

Say wishes each other with ball

Grouping Work

So Pupils I’ll divide into three groups with various sweets

To revise learnt material

Past Perfect Passive and Active Prepositions

Vocabulary to theme “Pleasure of life”

Today’s our new theme is called Primary, Secondary schools. We are continue to speak about Education In Kazakhstan and in Great Britain


Association work

Work with picture

Look at the picture and answer my questions

Do you study these subjects at school?

What are your favourite subjects?

Can you guess what subjects are being taught in each picture?

Work in group

First read the text and make a poster. How to understand this text.

Word formation

Make up dialogue about “My school” in group

Working in groups

Checked and revised learnt material


They looked at picture and answered

Yes I study these subjects at school.

My favorite subjects are English and Math.

They made a poster in each group

They prepared dialogue about “My school”

And pupils also had various opinion about school


Three claps


Two star one wish

Good question


And pictures


Postcard, glue, marker and stickers


Practice : 12 min.


Listening, Writing and reading

Work with Electronic book

  1. Listen to the text

  2. Answer the questions

  3. Complete the sentences

  4. True or False

Pupils listened the text

Task For the 1st group Answered

Task For the 2ndgroup Completed the sentences

Task For the 3rd group 1)T 4)T 2)F 5)F 3)T


Book and copy book

Reflection: 3 min.

Write down what you know about K schools in England, what you know W, and what you learned

Giving marks. Homework Ex 8p58 Ex 9p59

Retelling the text

Talk to your partner

Write about schools in Kazakhstan

Saying good – bye! Thank you.


Before reading

After reading




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