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  • Иностранные языки

План-конспект урока английского языка для 11 класса "Известные художники мира"


План-конспект урока

английского языка

для 11 класса

На тему: «Известные художники мира»

(В рамках темы «Искусство»)


Учитель английского языка

Балак Яна Олеговна

Специалист II категории

Донецк, 2015

Form 11 Lesson_______ Date___________

The topic of the lesson: Famous artists of the world


to facilitate free speaking by eliciting personal experience and knowledge;

to stimulate students’ thinking;

to practice in expressing opinions on the subject;

to practice in using Past Simple, Past Continuous;

to develop students’ skills in listening, reading , speaking

to teach to watch, to hear, to feel beautiful things around us

Type of the lesson: combined lesson

Equipment: the textbook “English” 11th form, Power Point Presentation “Arts”, computers, cards “Artists and their masterpieces”, “Moonlight Sonata” by L. Beethoven




1.2Warming - up

“Moonlight Sonata” by L. Beethoven is sounded during the lesson.

Teacher: It is autumn now. If you look out of the window you see the colourful playing of light. But even without it we can imagine this wonderful season only listening to “Autumn” (allegro) by Vivaldi .

Teacher: What emotions did you feel listening to this music?

Great Aristotle noticed the relationship between a sound and a colour. There are seven musical notes and seven rainbow colours. The note has its own colour. Everyone can understand and should learn to understand the language of colours and sounds.

A word can unite a sound and a colour in itself.

Today we are going to speak about beauty of our world expressed in music, poems and paintings.


So the topic of our lesson is “Famous artists of the world”.

The aim of the lesson is to know much more information about famous artists of the world, their paintings, their feeling and dive into great world of Art

II. The Main part of the lesson

  • listening, speaking

Teacher: It is not a secret that the calm flouring moonlight over the dark night of one winter evening inspired Beethoven to write his “Moonlight sonata”. Listening to it we can first hear the dance of spirits upon the lawn, then breathless movement, descriptive of flight and uncertainly and then vague impulsive terror, which carried us away on its rustling wings and left us in emotion and wonder.

All of you know a canvas “Vesuvius at night” by Aivazovsky. A sudden eruption of Vesuvius happened early in the morning in 79 AD and the town was covered with 7 meters of ashes for 18 centuries.

A popular Italian composer Puccini wrote his opera “The Last Day of Pompeii”. The opera inspired a great Russian painter Briullov to create his famous painting under the same title.

Here we can see how a sound and colour can unite.

  • How can arts help us to understand the world?

  • What makes good arts?

  • How do you consider arts, music, painting?

Listen to the discussion(Aquarium)

    • Introducing the presentation

Teacher: All of you have your favourite actors, singers, composers, painters.

In our gallery there are many reproductions of the paintings of all the times. Let’s go there.

    • matching

Teacher: So you have seen the masterpieces of the greatest artists. Let’s match the author and his masterpiece:

Wild Poppies”

Mona Lisa”

Last Supper”

The Red Roofs”

The Blue Dancers”

The Room”



Leonardo da Vinci


Edgar Degas

Vincent Van Gogh

Pablo Picasso

Leonardo da Vinci

    • speaking

Teacher : Could you describe your favourite painting? Don’t forget about the author, his manner and peculiar features. Give a short description of your favourite painting. Don’t forget about an author, genre, subject, composition and colouring.

The pupils tell about Repin, Monet, Cezanne, Degas, Renoir, and Leonardo da Vinci.

    • writing

Teacher: A great Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci was not only the great painter but also a sculpture, made a great contribution in mechanics and optics. Read some interesting information about him. Put down the verbs in the brackets in the right tense forms.

    • speaking

Teacher : There are some paintings which have their own history.

His Mona Lisa has a strange and fantastic one.

Some children tell about the most famous paintings (Mona Lisa, Guernica).

    • Introducing the presentation, speaking

Teacher : Today we shall pay attention to the great British painters of the 18th century. They are William Hogarth, Thomas Gainsborough with his lyrical landscapes and portraits, the intellectual Sir Joshua Reynolds who painted charming society portraits and became the first president of the Royal Academy.

So we go to the second hall and have a good chance to watch “The Golden Age of the British Painting”.

Some students tell about the artists and their masterpieces.

III. Summing up


Teacher : Did you enjoy the excursion?

Did it help you to understand arts better?

Arts play an important part in our life. If you want to enjoy it you must know and understand it. What should we do to understand and enjoy it?

I think we should read books about arts. We should learn songs, folk dances, handicrafts. We should visit museums, art galleries, concert halls, because it is impossible to understand classical music (sonatas symphonies, operas) or masterpieces of great painters without previous preparation.

3.2. Home assignment

Teacher : Write an essay about the role of arts in your self – education, what works of arts have impressed you greatly.


Краткое описание документа:

План-конспект урока английского языка "Известные художники мира" поможет погрузить учеников 11 класса в мир искусства. Использование аудио-визуальных методов поспособствует этому. Дети с интересом усваивают предложенный материал, не испытывают особых трудностей т.к. он предложен в доступной и необычной форме.

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