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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План-конспект урока "How to choose the right career"
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План-конспект урока "How to choose the right career"


Cценарий урока в 11-м классе ”How to Choose the Right career”
c использованием умеренно-контролируемой и свободной ролевых игр.

T: Good day, everybody! I’m glad to see you!

Pls: We are glad to see you too!

T: Sit down, please. I’d like to begin our lesson with a statement of a wise man. Listen to it and try to guess its author and the topic of the lesson.

If you choose a job according to your interests and skills you won’t work a single day in your life as you’ll get money for doing your hobby. Have you got any idea?

P1: I think it was said by Confucius.

T: Oh, exactly! And what is the topic of the lesson?

P2: I think we are going to speak about careers.

P3: In my opinion we are going to discuss steps of choosing a career.

T: Well done! Who can comment on the statement of Confucius?

P4:In my opinion, Confucius wanted to draw attention to choosing the right career that will help us to become happy and successful.

T:Do all of you agree with your group mate? (pupils agree)

Now look at the screen. Here you can see a list of actions. What are they for?

  1. List your personal preferences and needs

  2. Be ready to pursue your career

  3. List your passions and interests

  4. Take the career advice

  5. Research the job market

P6: I believe these are the steps of choosing the right career.

T: ok. Think if they are given in the logical order. Share your opinion in groups of 5. (pupils discuss the information on the screen for 3 min)

P1: Could you tell me what the verb “to pursue” means.

T: It means: to make your job a career. So who wants to be the first to discuss the ways of choosing the right career?

P4 of the 1st group: We think that 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b, 5-e.

P5 of the 2nd group: We disagree with our group mates. Our variant of finding the career for life is the following: 1-c, 2-e, 3– a, 4-d, 5-a.

T: Well both groups are right in some steps. Now watch the video and check your answers.

Pls of the 2nd group: We were right on 2 points.

Pls of the 1st group: We guessed the last step.

(key: c, a, b, d, e)

T: Now watch the video again and match the steps of choosing a career with the suitable actions. And answer the question: what professions did Van Gog have before becoming a painter?

Step 1

a think of the lowest income you will agree with and decide if you are ready to live in a different place

Step 2

b consult with a career counselor and do the assessment test to find out your talents and temper

Step 3

c think if you like working with your hands, teaching, helping others, managing money, selling or creating things

Step 4

d. look for jobs that will match your type of personality and skills

Step 5

e list things that you are good at and which you enjoy doing

Step 6

f be ready to retrain and keep up with the demand for change if you want to make a successful career

Pupils check each other’s answers. (key: c, e, d, a, b, f)

T: So do you agree with all these steps of choosing the right career?

Pupils agree.

T: And have you already chosen your career?

P2: I have chosen two professions. They are doctor and computer programmer.

T: Ok. But don’t you think these ones are too different?

P2: Well, yes. I’m going to think it over. I’ll follow all above mentioned steps to make the right choice.

T: Well, now let’s play the game “find someone who”. I need 5 pupils who will be career advisers and ask questions to find the best pupil for a certain profession written on the cards. You are not to show them to the pupils answering questions. Make up questions according to the steps of choosing the right career. The rest of the group are school leavers that answer the questions. At the end of the game school leavers are to guess the profession that suits them perfectly. Exchange your seats while playing.

Cards for career advisers:

  1. A teacher of English

  2. A financial adviser

  3. A mental health counselor

  4. A system analyst

  5. A veterinary technician

Questions are to be made up by career advisers

  1. What are your passions and interests?

  2. What are your strengths, skills and talents? What are you good at?

  3. How much money do you want to get for your future job?

  4. Have you ever taken an assessment test to find out your temper?

  5. What kind of person are you?

Следующая ролевая игра – свободная имитационная игра. Тема“ Job trends in the modern world”. Данная игра может быть использована на завершающем этапе изучения темы “Careers”. Для подготовки к уроку учащиеся прочитали текст “Job Trends”(учебник Opportunities, Intermediate level, by Michael Harris, David Mower and Anna Sikorzynska), выполнили ряд лексико-грамматических упражнений, а так же сделали обзор информации по теме в интернете.


  1. a career adviser

  2. a representative of the U.S. labor department

  3. a representative of the Social studies Faculty

  4. a representative of the Computer Technologies faculty

  5. a representative of the financial management faculty

  6. все остальные ученики (6) –представители СМИ

Исходная ситуация

The above mentioned representatives answer the questions of the journalists. The journalists take notes and give their comments.

At the end on of the discussion journalists sum up the information.

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