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План-конспект урока по английскому языку

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Teachers’ name: Lenkova Tatyana


Number of class: 5 “a”, “b”

Level of class: beginners

Number of learners: 15, 17

Age of learners: 10-11

Material used: tape recorder, cards, pictures, course book pictures

Skills practiced: listening, speaking

Anticipated problem: adjectives (happy, sad, angry…), Present simple (questions and answers with do/does), verbs describing actions

Time of class: 40 minutes

Topic: Fairytale heroes

Aim of the lesson: By the end of my lesson my learners will be able to act out a dialogue using questions

(What is your name?, what are you..?, where do you live…?, what can you do…?)

Stage of the lesson


What Teacher does

What Ls do

Patterns of interaction

Greeting (to greet Ls)

Some seconds

Good morning, Ls! I’m very glad to see you that beautiful morning! Sit down, please!

Good morning, Teacher!


Warm-up (aim- to wake up Ls, to involve them in the lesson)

Ls, look at the blackboard! (there is a poem)

We are funny, we are strong!

We are short, we are long!

We are slim, we are fat!

We are merry, we are sad!

We can jump, we can read!

We can swim, we can eat!

We like to play a game

And all of us are not the same!

Are there adjectives? What are they?

Are there verbs describing what can we do? What are they? Are there a verb describing our interests? What is it?

Well, good!

Ls, are people different?

I agree with you, people have different characters, abilities and interests, and we express them throw these words.

Funny, strong, short, long, slim…

Can swim, read, jump…




(aim- to attract Ls, to help them to start speak English, realize the topic of the lesson)

Ls, look at the blackboard

Rhello_html_567a551.gifhello_html_446a5fcc.gifed hat Masha and three bears Three



What do you think are they?

Well, they are fairytales!

What other fairytales do you know?

Well, so today we will speak about fairytale heroes.




Study (aim – to focus on language)


(to predict questions)

While- listening

(aim – to listen to the dialogue and fill in the gaps)

Post- listening

Look at the blackboard. There are new guests of our lessons today! What are they?

Yes, it is a hippopotamus and a witch. Are they different?

So, in order to describe them we need to recollect adjectives.

I show pictures, stick them on the board.

What is this? And this?

(obj.- to recollect adjectives )

So, now, is hippopotamus sad? Is the witch angry?

(If yes, I stick the picture next to the hero)

Ребята, как вы будете отвечать?

(obj.-to practice questions and answers)

Think for 1 minute, and write down some verbs, what can they do?

So, what can the hippopotamus do?

So, what can the witch do?



Read jump swim fly….

So, can he fly?

(obj.-to practice the modal verb can)

Where do you think fairytale heroes live?

Well, now, I give you dialogues between them . Your task is to read the dialogue and write down one of these words of their place of living. You have 2 minutes.

So, where does a witch live?


What questions did they ask each other?

И как они отвечают?

So, we’ve learnt a bit about these heroes, but what questions do we usually ask when we meet a person.

(obj.-to recollect the meeting questions)

Well, Ls, do you remember Tiny?

Ok, now we will listen to the dialogues between Tiny and his new friends. I give you cards with this dialogue. Listen to the dialogue and write down here in the gaps with missing questions. (2 times)

So, what is the first question?

Very good!

Now, please, choose the role of hippopotamus or the witch and ask each other these questions.


A hippopotamus

An old lady


Kind, angry, sad, funny…

Yes, he is sad, no, he isn’t sad

He can jump

She can fly….

No, he can’t


n the forest in the sky

In the house…

She lives in the forest

He lives in the river

Where do you live?

I live in…

What is your name?

How old are you?


What is your name?

How old are you?

Where do you live?

What can you do?

What are you?

Activate (aim-to use language as freely and communicatively as my Ls have learnt)

Well, Ls! I have a bag with cards with different heroes of fairytales. Take one card for two, and imagine that one of you is this hero, another meet you. Your task is to act out the dialogue using these questions!

You have 3 minutes!

So, let’s listen to Masha and Nastya! And another, please, listen to them and guess what hero will they speak about.

What is your name? (the name)

How old are you?(an age)

Where do you live?(noun)

What can you do?(verbs)

What are you? (adjectives)

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