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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План-конспект урока по Английскому языку по теме "Как принять или отклонить предложение (suggestion)" 5 класс
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План-конспект урока по Английскому языку по теме "Как принять или отклонить предложение (suggestion)" 5 класс


Lesson Plan

Form: _____School:______ Date: ______________

Teacher: ________________

Topic: Making suggestions.

Objectives: 1) to let students practice the skills of extracting essential information from the text.

2) to develop students’ listening and speaking skills on the material covered.

3) to practice vocabulary and grammar learned before.

Visuals: Spotlight student’s book, a computer presentation, a projector, a recorder with the dialogue about making suggestions, a recorder with the phrases (suggestions and responses), pictures to match the phrase with.

Language: a dialogue on p82, answering questions.


February 16

Lesson Plan:

  1. Vocabulary H/T:

  2. Grammar 1. Word list 6 a-d

  3. Making suggestions 2. Make up a dialogue inviting friend to a

cinema, zoo…

Brief notes.

I Entry

  1. Greeting and giving a lesson plan 1 min

II Follow up activities

  1. Vocabulary work

  1. Matching picture with a phrase 3min

  2. Making a phrase 3 min

  3. Translating 2 min

  4. Finding translation 2 min

  1. Grammar work

  1. Revising present cont. and present simple 3 min

  2. Grammar test 6 min

  1. Presentation of a new topic

  1. Presentation of new vocabulary items 4 min

  2. Listening and matching 2 min

  3. Reading, repeating and translating 2 min

  4. Memory check 1 min

  1. Dialogue based work

  1. Listening 2 min

  2. Answering questions 2 min

  3. Reading 1 min

  4. Reading in pairs 3 min

III Closure

  1. Giving homework for the next lesson 2 min

  2. Rounding off and saying good bye 1 min


I Entry

    1. Greeting and giving a lesson plan 8:00

T: good morning, children. I’m glad to see you. You may sit down now. Today we are going to work with the vocabulary, then do some grammar exercises and start a new topic and learn how to make suggestions.

II Follow up activities

  1. Vocabulary work

  1. Matching picture with a phrase T→P1, P2, P3 8:01

T: let’s start with easy part. Look at the slide and guess what are we going to do? Right we are to match the phrase with a pasture. (To go to school, To watch TV/DVD, To go jogging, To work on computer, To go shopping, To drink tea, To have dinner/lunch , To get up, To do homework). Now look at the pictures and translate (она сейчас пьет чай, она сейчас делает уроки, она каждое утро встает в семь часов…..).

  1. Making a phrase T→P1, P2, P3 8:04

  1. T: good, thank you. Now look at the next slide and tell me what you are to do? (match words from 2 columns to complete the phrases). We are going to do it in chain, so you are to match and translate.

  1. To do a) a car

  2. To read b) a phone call

  3. To eat c) flowers

  4. To deliver d) homework

  5. To repair e) lunch

  6. To plant f) a book

  7. To make g) a letter

  1. Translating T→P1, P2, P3 8:07

T: good! Now you are to read correctly minding the transcription and give a translation. M… will you start, please?

  • Ambulance – [æmbjuləns]

  • Bakery – [beikəri]

  • Job – [ʤɔb]

  • Painter – [peintə]

  • Postman – [pəustmən]

  • To repair – [rip]

  • Belfry – [belfri]

  • Landmark – [lændma:k]

  • Huge – [hju:ʤ]

  1. Finding translation T→P1, P2, P3 8:09

T: good, thank you. So now look at the next slide. Here you are to match the phrase in English with the phrase in Russian.

1. Tourist attraction a) напиши мне строчку

2. Hour hand b) экскурсовод

3. Write back soon с) место, привлекающее туристов

4. Great to hear from you d) часовая стрелка

5. Drop me a line е) отвечай поскорее

6. Minute hand f) рад, что ответил(а)

7. Tour guide g) минутная стрелка

  1. Grammar work

  1. Revising present cont. and present simple T →Cl 8:11

T: before we start our test, let’s revise some grammar rules. What tense do we use when we talk about things that happen regularly, every day, every morning, often, sometime…? (present simple). Tell me how we form present simple. What goes first, what next? What happens when we have to make a negative sentence? Let’s look and check if we were right.


You always

He never

She + V(s) + every day

We often

They sometimes

Do + not

Does (he, she)

T: What tense do we use when we talk about things that are happening right now, at the moment? (present continuous). And how do we form this tense? … let’s look and check.



He am

She + is (not) + V ing now

It are



  1. Grammar test T→P1, P2, P3 8:14

T: look at the blackboard and tell me what we are to do here? (chose the correct answer).

1.  I usually   to work by car. 

a) am going b) go c) goes

2. I a suit now.

a)wear b) am wearing c) am to wear

3. He now?

a) sleeps b) is he sleeping c) does he sleep

4. Where John ?

a) lives b) do John lives c) does John live

5. He after dinner.

a) don’t sleeps b) doesn’t sleep c) doesn’t sleeps

6. Where he every morning?

a) does he go b) do he go c) is he going

7. I milk now.

a) don’t drink b) not do drinking c) am not drinking

8) What she about right now?

a) does she talking b) is she talking c) is she talks

T: you are not only to chose the right variant, but to explain why, and why can’t you chose the other variants.

  1. Presentation of a new topic

  1. Presentation of new vocabulary items TPs 8:20

T: let’s talk about a new topic, we will learn how to make suggestions. Do you know what suggestion is? You never heard the word before? So look at the blackboard and try to guess.

make a respond to a

suggestion → suggestion

/ \

(Let’s go to / \

the cinema) agree deny a

(except a suggestion


(Sure, let’s go) (I can’t go)

T: listen to me carefully and try to guess. I’m going to make a suggestion. “Let’s go to the cinema”. I made a suggestion. What did I do? I asked her to go to the cinema. So what did I do? (предложила). So suggestion means? (предложение). When somebody makes a suggestion, you have to respond. You can agree for example “Sure, let’s go”. So what agree means? You agree when you except a suggestion. So agree means?... (согласиться). Or if you say “I can not go, sorry” you deny a suggestion. So deny means?... (отказаться).

  1. Listening and matching Ps 8:24

T: now look at ex1 on p82, you see the phrases, we are going to listen to them and you are to guess which sentences can we use to make a suggestion and which to respond.

T: now let’s check. Read the phrase and say if we use the phrase to make a suggestion or to respond. T→P1, P2, P3

  1. Reading, repeating and translating T →Cl 8:26

T: now, I read the sentence and you repeat after me and translate.

  1. Memory check T →Cl 8:28

T: now close your books and say how many of these sentences you remembered.

  1. Dialogue based work

  1. Listening Ps 8:29

T: now look at ex2 p82. You see the dialogue. You are going to listen to the dialogue and find out Matt and David want to do and if jenny and Sally agree.

  1. Answering questions T →Cl 8:31

T: so what does Matt want to do? What does David want to do? Does Jenny agree? Does Sally agree?

  1. Reading Ps 8:33

T: now everybody, read the dialogue in half voice.

  1. Reading in pairs P1↔P2 8:34

T: now let’s read the dialogue in pairs. First pair reads the first dialogue, second pair reads the second dialogue.

III Closure

    1. Giving homework for the next lesson TT 8:37

T: for the next lesson you are to make up a dialogue asking your friend to go to a zoo or cinema…

    1. Rounding off and saying good bye TT 8:39

T: now the lesson is over. Good bye.

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