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Инфоурок Английский язык КонспектыПлан-конспект урока по английскому языку по теме «MY SUMMER HOLIDAYS»

План-конспект урока по английскому языку по теме «MY SUMMER HOLIDAYS»


ПЛАН- КОНСПЕКТ урока по английскому языку


Автор: Томашевич Ольга Васильевна, учитель английского языка ГУО «Средняя школа №14 г.Новополоцка»

Тема урока: «My Summer Holidays»

Цели урока: 

развитие коммуникативной компетенции учащихся посредством английского языка.

Задачи урока:

1. обеспечить отработку лексики по теме «Как я провел каникулы» в серии речевых упражнений;
развивать умение вести диалог-расспрос;

3. формировать умение трансформировать информацию в соответствии с заданием;
формировать умение делать сообщения по теме «Как я провел каникулы».

Формы организации познавательной деятельности: фронтальная, групповая, коллективная, парная, индивидуальная.

Дидактический раздаточный материал: карточки-задания.

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент

T.: Hello, everybody! I’m glad to see you again! How are you? Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What date is it today? What day is it today? What is the weather like today?

As for me I am not fine today. The weather is not warm enough. I wish it were summer now. I miss summer holidays, hot weather. And you? Do you miss summer holidays?

Holidays are always great. During holidays young people have free time to do what they want and just relax. Summer is the best season for it. So our topic today is “My Summer Holidays”. 

2. Фонетическая зарядка

1) the poem (ученики сначала читают стихотворение, затем заучивают его наизусть):

When summer comes

I want to be

Sunburnt, lazy, and really free

The sun shines brightly, and lovely sea

My friends, where are you ? 

Lets join me!

2) the words (обучающиеся читают слова сначала шепотом, потом вслух хором, индивидуально и составляют словосочетания):

a postcard, exciting, to take pictures, entertainment team, a fountain, a restaurant, suntan, a waiter, windsurfing, summer, country, mushroom, sunbathe, pick up, trip, seaside, hiking,
berry, spend

T.: Good job!

3. Речевая зарядка

T.: Учитель предлагает ответить на вопросы, используя в своей речи слова и словосочетания, которые ученики только что составили:

- Where did you spend your summer holidays?

- Did you take pictures with your camera?

- Did you visit the restaurant?

- What did the waiter bring you?

- Was the food in the restaurant disgusting?

- Was the holidays exciting?

- Did you visit the waterpark?

- What places of interests did you visit in Moscow? (St Petersburg)

- Did you learn windsurfing?

4. Совершенствование навыков говорения

T.: Учитель предлагает обучающимся ответить на вопросы, используя слова-подсказки:

Ex: I spend my summer holidays.


In abroad

In a summer camp

In a village

In the country

On the bank of the river

At the seaside…

What's the place like?







With who?

With my friends

With my parents

With my family


How did you get there?

By train

By plane

By car


Where did you stay?

At my granny's

At the hotel

At our friends'

At the campsite

What did you do there?



Help with the garden

Visit interesting places

Take pictures

Meet old friends

Read books

Go fishing…


In summer

In June ( July, August)

On Sundays…

Did you enjoy your summer?

Yes, it was great!

I had a good time..

It was fun!

No, it was boring

It’s nothing to boast of…

5. Совершенствование навыков диалогической речи

T.: Предлагает учащимся, работая в парах составить диалог о том, как провел летние каникулы, используя план (напоминает, не забыть поприветствовать друга и поблагодарить его за разговор; предлагает учащимся разыграть диалоги и выбрать лучший).

Ask your friend about:

The place

The weather


People he/she met

Interesting places

6. Совершенствование навыков работы с текстом «My summer holidays»

T.: Today we are going to read the text about different ways of holiday-making and discuss it.

«My summer holidays»

Summer is the most wonderful time for holidays. I always look forward to my summer vacations. There are different ways of holiday-spending and you can vary it. You can stay at home sleeping off, reading interesting books, watching TV or playing computer games all day long.

Some people spend their holidays at the seaside or in the mountains.You can also spend several weeks in the country walking through the green fields, watching the clouds and enjoy a nice smell of flowers sitting down on a soft meadow. It’s nice to go for walks to the forest picking mushrooms and berries. If you do not mind of listening to the barking of the dogs and the croaking of the frogs in the evening, go to the country.
Some people want to visit some exotic place like China or Vietnam going sightseeing and visiting the places of interest.

To my mind if your idea of a holiday is something relaxing have a camping holiday.
Our company annualy spends summer holidays on the coast of the Japan sea.We place a tent in a quiet picturesque place on the sea shore for several weeks.We are not afraid of mosquitoes, damp, typhoons and wind. We enjoy fresh sea air and sun all day long. I never get bored there. As a rule I make new friends when I am on a holiday. In the daytime we play volleyball, go fishing and boating, swim in the warm water of the sea, sunbathe, read magazines, newspapers.I like to walk along the beach collecting beautiful shells and interesting pebbles.
In the evening I like to sit on the beach watching the rise and the fall of the waves and enjoying the sunset. Our company finds great pleasure in making bonfires and cooking barbecues. We like to sit around the camp fire telling anecdotes, funny stories and singing to a guitar. At night everyone sleeps except me. I enjoy being alone and observing the sky. The night stars attract me so much that I don’t notice anything else. Later it’s nice to sleep in a tent in your sleeping-bag listening to the noise of the waves.

On this sort of holiday I get absolutely relaxed. There is nothing better for giving you energy to keep you going through the winter. We return home happy and full of impressions.


1) Find the equivalents:

1. ждать с нетерпением

2. отсыпаться

3. гулять по полю

4. смотреть на облака

5. собирать грибы и ягоды

6. осматривать достопримечательности

7. проводить отпуск на берегу моря

8. наслаждаться свежим морским воздухом

9. собирать ракушки и камешки

10. готовить шашлыки

11. петь под гитару

12. расслабляться

2)Translate into Russian:

1. time for holidays

2. a smell of flowers

3. the barking of the dogs and the croaking of the frogs

4. visiting the places of interest

5. a camping holiday

6. to be afraid of mosquitoes, damp, typhoons

7. to get bored

8. to go fishing and boating

9. to walk along the beach

10. to sit around the camp fire

11. to sleep in a tent

12. to return home happy and full of impressions

3) Answer the questions:

1. Do you always look forward to your summer holidays?

2. What do you usually do if you stay at home in summer?

3. Are you fond of travelling?

4. What countries would you like to visit?

5. Have you ever been in the country?

6. What did you do there?

7. Do you like camping holiday?

8. What do you usually do on the sea shore?

9. Are you fond of lying in the sun or swimming?

10. What do you enjoy doing in the evening?

11. What is your idea of an ideal holiday?

4) Make sentences out of the following words:

1. I, on, to, beach, like, the, rise, sit, the,watching.

2. Do, like,telling,to, sit, you, anecdotes, the, around, fire?

3. Gives, it, you, to, going, energy, you, through, the, keep, winter.

4. Enjoy, sky, the, observing, I, night.

5. Been, you, have, camping, ever ?

5) Translate into English:

1. Существуют различные способы проведения каникул.

2. Я люблю проводить летние каникулы дома, читая книги и играя в компьютерные игры.

3. Наши друзья обычно уезжают в деревню на все лето.

4. Каждое лето мы устанавливаем палатку на берегу моря в тихом живописном месте.

5. Тебе умеешь готовить шашлыки?

6. Они вернулись домой загорелыми и полными впечатлений.

7. Мне нравятся люди, которые умеют рассказывать анекдоты.

8. Ночные звезды привлекают меня так сильно, что я не замечаю ничего другого.

6) Complete the sentences:

1. I always look forward to my summer vacations______

2. Don’t spend your holidays at home______

3. You can go for several weeks to the country______

4. It’s nice to go for walks to the forest______

5. Isn’t always fun picking mushrooms and berries______

6. We are not afraid of mosquitoes and damp______

7. I never get bored on the coast of the sea______

8. Let’s go fishing and boating______

9. There is nothing better to travel______

7) Discuss in pairs the question and report your opinion in class.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of your favourite way of holiday-making? Make notes. Use the plan below:

The way of holiday-making;


Possible advantages;

Possible disadvantages;

7. Рефлексия. Домашнее задание

T.: Good work, children. I’m proud of you today. You did really very well. That’s my own opinion. So I want you to remember your work during the lesson.
What new did you know?  Tell me, what did we do during the lesson? Your marks…  
Thank you, students. Definitely you worked hard!

Your homework is to speak on the topic «My Summer Holidays»

The lesson is over!!! 


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