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Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыПлан-конспект урока по английскому языку с использованием фразеологических единиц, репрезентирующих "Характер человека"

План-конспект урока по английскому языку с использованием фразеологических единиц, репрезентирующих "Характер человека"

IV Международный дистанционный конкурс «Старт» Идёт приём заявок Для дошкольников и учеников 1-11 классов 16 предметов ОРГВЗНОС 25 Р. ПОДАТЬ ЗАЯВКУ

План-конспект урока английского языка с использованием фразеологического материала английского языка, репрезентирующем «Характер человека»

Тема: National English Character

Класс: 9

Цель: формирование лексических навыков использования в речи фразеологических единиц, описывающих «Характер человека».


  1. научить учить правильно употреблять фразеологизмы в речи;

  2. формировать умение сопоставлять предложения на английском языке;

  3. научить делать более выразительной письменную и более эмоциональной, красноречивой устную речь и избегать ошибок в переводе;

  4. повысить интерес учащихся  к  изучению английского  языка, способствовать   повышению  культуры  речи.

Оснащение: раздаточный материал (новые фразеологические единицы).

Ход урока:

  1. Организационный момент

- Good morning. Sit down, please. I`m glad to see you. Today we are going to speak about national English character. We will learn some new English idioms. They will help us to describe different traits of character.

  1. Фонетическая зарядка.

  1. Let`s start from the phonetic exercises.

  2. Repeat after me:

So many men, so many minds

To make a mountain out of a molehill

One man's meat is another man's poison.

  1. Речевая разминка.

  • What can be defined as a character?

  • What are you like?

  • How can you describe yourself in one word?

  • What traits of character does a good friend have? Why?

  1. Введение нового лексического материала.

  • On the blackboard you can see a list of English idioms. Now, try to give the Russian equivalents to them.

a cool head - спокойный человек

(as) cool as a cucumber - совершенно невозмутимый

(as) busy as a bee - трудолюбивый

(as) straight as a die - очень честный

a heart of oak - мужественный человек

a walking dictionary – ходячая энциклопедия

(as) cheerful (gay) as a lark - очень жизнерадостный

old bird - стреляный воробей

- Write these idioms in your workbooks.

  1. Этап проверки первичного усвоения.

  • Let`s translate the following sentences.

Find phraseological units in the following sentences.

  1. There were quite content to give a leg up to a man who would never climb so high as to be an obstacle to themselves. (W.S. Maugham)

  2. Several more recruits came forward and mounted the platform, including none other than Hash Alec himself, looking somewhat shabby but keeping up appearances. (F. Hardy)

  3. We’ve got to take this thing right on the chin. Sit down, Harris, and tell me about it. (E.S. Gardener)

  4. Alex was silent. What could you say, what could anyone say confronted with the naked truth? (A. Hailey)

  5. You’ve been brooding, Margo. You haven’t been eating, and I can see you haven’t been sleeping, either. Why not have a good heart-to-heart talk about the whole business? (F. Hardy)

  6. I say,“ said the man, “ you’re coming it strong!“ “You give the message,“ said the girl firmly, “and let me hear the answer”. (Ch. Dickens)

- On the your tables you can see the cards. Try to translate the sentences from English into Russian.

Translate into Russian.

  1. It’s not so hard to get out of a skid if you keep a cool head.

  2. He was extremely insulting – and very silly too. I don’t know how I managed to keep my temper.

  3. There’s no point in keeping up appearances when everyone knows we’re nearly bankrupt.

  4. Mr. Heath has told friends that he plans to keep a low profile and that he wants to avoid putting himself in the position of stealing the show from Mrs. Thatcher.

  5. The others don’t do so much to help, do they?“ “Well, that’s partly my own fault – the willing horse, you know.“

  6. My wife never has time to get bored. She’s as busy as a bee from morning to night.

  1. Этап закрепления и систематизации знаний.

  • Match the definitions with the phraseological units they describe.

not express one’s anger, irritation, impatience etc.

not to mince matters

speak plainly and directly

on one’s own

honest intentions

help a lame dog over a stile

without being helped or supervised

be as good as one’s world

give help to sb. who is in a difficulty or trouble

good faith

do what one has promised to do

from one’s heart

with sincerity, with genuinely emotion

control one’s temper

  • Explain the meaning of the sentences by paraphrasing.

  1. The staff have sweated blood to compete the work on hard.

  2. You’ll find that she’s as good as her word.

  3. My boss regularly checks on what we’re all doing, just to keep us on our toes.

  4. She’s been married five times, so she could know a thing or two about men.

  5. He can be left to work on his own.

  6. Now that you are growing up you must learn to stand on your own two feet.

7. Make up your own dialogues, using the pictures.

Example: - Is Alice going to the pictures?

- No, she is busy as a bee

8. Can you describe your friend`s character using the new phraseological units.

9. Рефлексия.

  • What interesting idioms do you remember?

  • Do you like our lesson?

10. Подведение итогов урока. Домашнее задание.

  • It`s enough for today. You have worked well. Your homework is to learn the phraseological units we`ve learned today.

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