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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План-конспект урока по английскому языку в 5 классе по теме "Моя будущая профессия"
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План-конспект урока по английскому языку в 5 классе по теме "Моя будущая профессия"


Lesson plan 2

Form: _________- School: ____________ Date: ________________

Teacher: __________________

Topic: At work!


1) to start speaking about professions, so students can express their thoughts on this topic.

2) to present pupils with new words on the topic.

3) to develop pupils’ listening and speaking skills on the material covered.

4) to give pupils spontaneous talks on the topic developing their imagination and creativity.

5) to present a Present Simple Continuous Tense so that students could recognize this structure and use it in their speech.

Visuals: a computer presentation about jobs and professions, a projector, a student’s book “Spotlight”, a guessing poem.

Language: answering questions, grammar exercises on adverbs of frequency and prepositions of time, tape recorder with a dialogue between Mike and James.


At work

Lesson plan:

  1. Prepositions (at, in on) homework:

  2. Professions 1. Learn a proverb and a tongue twister

  3. Present continuous 2. Word list (6a, 6b)

3. ex 3,4 p49 (work book)

Brief notes.

I Entry

  1. Greeting 2 min

  2. Lead up activities

  1. Checking homework 3 min

  2. Discussing the lesson plan, setting goals 2 min

  3. Oral practice, guessing game 3 min

II Follow up activities

  1. Word work 2 min

  2. Presentation of a new topic

  1. Answering teacher’s questions 3 min

  2. Guessing profession 4 min

  1. Text-based activities

  1. Listening for the dialogue 3 min

  2. Answering teacher’s questions 3 min

  1. Presenting Grammar

a) Phonetic drill 2 min

b) Presenting the Present Continuous Tense 4 min

c) Doing Grammar exercises 4 min

d) Learning the spelling rules of the ending -ing 3 min

III Closure

  1. Commenting on student’s marks 1 min

  2. Saying good bye 1 min


I Entry

  1. Greeting TT 8:00

T: Good morning, children. The bell has rung so let’s start our lesson, we have a lot to do today. It is nice to see you, you may take your seats now.

  1. Lead up activities

  1. Checking homework P1P2P3… 8:02

T: Be quiet, it’s time to check the homework and see what you ended up with at home.

  1. Discussing the lesson plan, setting goals TT 8:05

T: Now let’s take a look on the blackboard and get to know the plan we are going to stick today. First we are going to revise the prepositions of time, then we are going to talk about jobs and professions and last but not least, we are getting acquainted with a new grammar tense.

  1. Oral practice, guessing game T→Cl 8:07

T: since you know the topic of our lesson, let’s do the following. I prepared a poem for you, it’s in Russian mainly, but you are to guess the English words, it’s going to be easy because they are rhymed.

Кем стать?
Говорила сыну мама: 
Дедушка твой фермер — farmer,
А тебе, сын, стать важнее 
Инженером, engineer
Возражал ей папа:
Много есть профессий разных. 
Может больше будет прока
Если стать рабочим, worker
Бабушка, услышав, села: 
"Моряком он будет, sailor.
Ну, а моряком не станет, 
Значит будет летчик, pilot.
Дед вмешался: "Вы не правы! 
( Будет внук водитель, driver. 
Ничего, что он недавно, 
Стать хотел пожарным, fireman. 
А захочет, так учтите, 
Будет он учитель, “teacher".

II Follow up activities

  1. Word work T→Cl 8:10

T: right, today we are speaking about professions. And today we are going to come across lots of new words. So let’s open book and read the word list all together, you are going to repeat after me. (The teacher is reading the words from module 6a and 6b, and students repeat in chorus).

  1. Presentation of a new topic

  1. Answering teacher’s questions TPs 8:12

T: What do you know about professions? Do you know how to ask somebody for their profession? Right! We use “what”. And the question would be What are you? Have you already thought of what you are going to be?

  1. Guessing profession T→Cl 8: 15

T: let’s do the following. Open your books on page 78. You see the picture with different people on it, so you are to match them with their professions. Let’s read the professions first, you repeat after me. (painter, doctor, baker, teacher, waiter, mechanic, taxi driver, postman).

  1. Text-based activities

  1. Listening for the dialogue P 8:19

T: good! Thank you. Now we are going to do some listening. You are going to listen to the dialogue between James and Mike, twice. Listen to eat attentively because I will ask you questions about it!

  1. Answering teacher’s questions T→P1P2P3 8:22

T: so what is the dialogue about? What is Mike’s father? What does he do? What is James’s father? What does he do?

  1. Presenting Grammar

a) Phonetic drill T→Cl 8:25

T: good! Thank you! Now you can describe and talk about different professions. Do you know what tongue twisters are? Do you know any? I prepared one for you, repeat after me. (Sing a song all day long, it can’t be wrong to sing a song).

b) Presenting the Present Continuous Tense T→Cl 8:27

T: you all know the tense we use when we speak about things that happen regularly, every day, always, usually etc. but how to describe things that happen right now? For example: it is snowing now. I am walking around the class. I am reading a book. I am talking to you. Now look at the examples and try to translate.

  • I am reading now.

  • He is playing the guitar now.

  • They are working now.

  • We are listening to the music right now.

  • My brother is helping me.

What did you notice? What did you see about the structure of the sentences? Right, so now tell me how we form the Present Continuous Tense. Right you are! The verb to be, let’s revise all the form of this verb. I say the pronoun, you say the verb to be for this pronoun. (I am, you are, he ,she, it is, we are, they are).



He am

She + is (not) + V ing now

It are



  1. Doing Grammar exercises T→P1P2p3 8:31

T: let’s do some exercises to practice a little with using PC Tense. Let’s read in chain.

  • John  (read) a book now.

  • Jack and Peter  (work) late today.

  • Silvia  (not listen) to music.

  • Maria  (sit) next to Paul.

  • The phone  (not ring).

  • She(play the guitar and sing).

  • They(play football).

  • He(make coffee).

d) Learning the spelling rules of the ending -ing T→Cl 8:35

T: look at these examples.

come – coming

take – taking

work – working

Teach – teaching

Stop – stopping

Run - running

T: Do you see how the words change when we add the ending –ing? In what cases and how do the words change? Can you make a rule? Let’s do the exercises where you are to explain the spelling rule.

  • Start

  • Put

  • Lose

  • Read

  • Sit

  • Play

  • Talk

  • Mistake

III Closure

  1. Commenting on student’s marks TT 8:38

T: thank you for your work today, we learned a lot today about professions and different jobs. We learned a new Tense which is called Present Continuous and now we know how to describe things that are happening right now, at this very moment. Masha and Misha got 5s, because they worked really well and had more correct answers.

  1. Saying good bye TT 8:39

T: it is time for the bell, write down the homework and you may be free.

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