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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План-конспект внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "В мире мультфильмов" 5 класс
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План-конспект внеклассного мероприятия по английскому языку "В мире мультфильмов" 5 класс


Заседание английского клуба «Лингва»

для учащихся 5 классов МБОУ гимназии №103.

I Like Cartoons”

Teacher: Good morning, pupils! Glad to see you. Today we are going to visit Magic World of Cartoons. We are going to speak about Russian and American cartoons, you will tell us about your favorite heroes, you will know the name of the 1st cartoon and will watch some short cartoons in English!!!! So, let’s start and have a good time!

I’m sure that all of you know the name of Walt Disney. And right now girls will tell some interesting facts about his life.

Pupil 1: I think you know the name of Walt Disney. To many people in our century his name means the world of cartoons. Disney has created a lot of short cartoons and many longer films. His name is very famous, and not only in America. СЛАЙД 1

Pupil 2: Walt Disney was born in Chicago on December 5, 1901. Later his family moved to the South of America. When Walt Disney grew up, he began to draw pictures and create cartoons, and one day he had an idea to make a mouse the main character of the cartoons. СЛАЙД 2

Pupil 3: He told his wife, Lillian, about this. He saw this mouse character as a funny friendly little thing, who could speak, dance and sing and who, in fact, could live like a man. "That's a good idea," Lillian said. "Call him Mickey". СЛАЙД 3

Pupil 1: So that is what Disney called him. In 1928 the audience saw Mickey Mouse on the screen for the first time. Mickey became very popular and soon Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse were famous stars. СЛАЙД 3

Pupil 2: Soon after Walt Disney created Mickey's girlfriend. She is very nice, kind and fun-loving. Minnie likes shopping, gardening, music and fashion. СЛАЙД 4

Pupil 3: Then came other characters: Donald Duck, Pluto, and many, many more. Some of them are bright, some are not, but all of them are usually kind and friendly. Let's look at some of Disney's characters. СЛАЙД 5

Pupil 1: Walt Disney created a lot of princesses. Try to remember their names: Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Rapunzel and others. All girls over the world like them and dream to be a princess. СЛАЙДЫ 6 – 12

Pupil 2: All Disney's main characters are always clever. In fact Disney has created a special animal world full of optimism and success. СЛАЙД 13

Pupil 3: Disney's stories end happily. All his films are easy and nice to watch. The audience always feels comfortable and enjoys his cartoons very much.

Teacher: Well, now I offer you to watch a short movie about Disney characters. (Смотрим клип на песню “In the Jungle”

Pupil 1: One day an idea came to Disney. He wanted to create a special place, a special land for children and parents to have fun together. So he built Disneyland. Disneyland - is in California near Los Angeles. СЛАЙД 14 - 15

Pupil 2: It is a place for children of all ages. It is also a place for their parents to return to the world of childhood because that is what happens when they spend a day at Disneyland.

Pupil 3: At Disneyland you can have a voyage on a boat, you can take a train, you can travel to the stars, take a trip to the mountains, meet all the Disney characters... or just sit in the sun and eat ice cream!

Teacher: Thank you, girls! It was very interesting. Well done! And now I want you to name you favourite cartoon, one by one.

Pupils: Winnie the Pooh, Mickie Mouse, Karlson, Tom and Jerry, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Ice Age, Shrek, The Golden fish, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Snow White and the seven Dwarfs, Leopold Cat, Moidodir, etc.

Teacher: Very good, thank you. There are a lot of them. And you know many. Some of you had task to prepare, and this task was to describe a famous cartoon character. Now let’s try to guess the cartoon character by the description:

1) He is old. He is very kind. He helps animals when they are ill. (Doctor Aibolit) СЛАЙД 16

2) He is fat. He is short. He likes jam. He lives on the roof and can fly. (Karlson) СЛАЙД 17

3) He is fat too. He is short. He likes to eat honey. He can sing songs and compose short poems. (Winnie the Pooh) СЛАЙД 18

4) She is a very nice girl. Her mother died and she lives with a strict stepmother and her stepsisters. She wears bad, dirty and old clothes and does everything at home: cleans the rooms, washes-up, washes the floor. She escaped from the ball and lost her shoe. (Cinderella) СЛАЙД 19

5) They are three brothers. They built three houses in the forest. But only one house, that was made from bricks, saved brothers from the wolf (Three Piglets) СЛАЙД 20

6) She walked through the field and found a coin. Then she went to the market and bought a samovar. She invited a lot of guests but a wicked spider came to her place and caught her. Brave mosquito was her savior. (Fly Tsokotukha) СЛАЙД 21

7) She is very beautiful tiny (very small) girl. She lives in a flower. Old mole wanted to marry her but kind swallow saved her and took her to the fairy country. She married the Prince of Elves. (Thumbelina) СЛАЙД 22

8) A small wooden boy with a long-long nose. He sold his ABC-book and bought a ticket to the Karabas-Barabas’ Theatre where his funny adventures began. He had a lot of friends: poodle Artemon, a girl with violet hair Malvina, a sad boy Pierro. (Buratino) СЛАЙД 23

9) He is not an animal and he is not a child. He came to our country in the box of tangerines. He is short, brown and has funny large ears. He found friends here. Crocodile Gena became his best friend. (Cheburashka) СЛАЙД 24

Teacher: Thank you very much! It was very interesting! And now, does anybody know the name of the first cartoon? No? It’s called “Humorous phases of funny faces”. It was made in 1906 in the USA by James Stuart Blackton. In the cartoon, you can see a hand of the cartoonist drawing funny faces on a chalkboard, sa clown playing with a hat and a dog jumping through a hoop. I offer you to watch an extract from this cartoon. (Watching cartoon “Humorous phases of funny faces”) СЛАЙД 25

Teacher: Did you like it? As you see, this cartoon is very primitive. What can you say about the colors? Is it funny? It is very unusual to watch such cartoons nowadays! All modern cartoons are very bright and colourful.

Do you know that our Russian cartoons are very popular in Britain and the USA? Of course, they are translated into English. What cartoons, do you think, are popular in England and America? Can you guess? (Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka, Prostokvashino, Karlson, Winnie the Pooh). The most popular Russian cartoon abroad is “Masha and the Bear”!! And now let’s watch extracts from them. I’m sure it will be a very unusual and interesting experience!!! (watching the cartoons in English “Cheburashka” and “Karlson”)

Teacher: As you see, cartoons are very nice, funny and colourful. As for me, I enjoy them very much. Did you like watching cartoons in English? What have you learned during today’s class? What was new for you? Did you like the class? Will you come again next time?

Well, cartoons teach us to be kind, to be attentive to our relatives, they teach us to be real friends. And if you watch cartoons in English, it is a very good way to learn new words and to improve your language. It is much more useful than playing computer games. So, let’s watch cartoons and study at the same time.

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