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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / План-конспект занятия на тему: "Мир медицинских специальностей".
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План-конспект занятия на тему: "Мир медицинских специальностей".



Краевое государственное бюджетное профессиональное

образовательное учреждение

«Норильский медицинский техникум»

Методическая разработка

Практического занятия по дисциплине «Иностранный язык»

Тема: «The world of medical specialties».

Разработала преподаватель: Рахмясова И. И.

г. Норильск

План занятия.

Тема занятия:

«The world of medical specialties».

Цели занятия.


  1. тренировать обучающихся в употреблении лексического материала.

  2. обобщить знания обучающихся по грамматическому материалу The Present Subjunctive Mood.

  3. совершенствовать навыки восприятия речи на слух.


  1. отработать фонетические навыки.

  2. совершенствовать навыки монологической речи.

  3. совершенствовать навыки чтения.

Оснащение занятия.

  1. наглядный материал (плакаты с лексическим материалом, картинки).

  2. раздаточный материал (карточки с упражнениями).

  3. доска.

  4. учебник.

Структура занятия.

I.Начало занятия:

  1. Приветствие.

  2. Сообщение задач и целей занятия.

  3. Фонетическая зарядка.

  4. Речевая зарядка.

II. Центральная часть занятия:

  1. Этап работы над лексическим материалом.

  2. Этап работы над грамматическим материалом.

  3. Этап аудирования.

  4. Этап обучения чтению.

  5. Этап работы над монологической речью.

III. Завершающая часть занятия:

  1. Объяснение домашнего задания.

  2. Выставление оценок.

  3. Подведение итогов. Рефлексия.

Ход занятия.

I. Начало занятия:

  1. Приветствие:

Good morning, students! I am very glad to see you. How are you today? Take your seats. What date is it today? Who is absent today?

2.Сообщение целей занятия:

So, students today we have a very interesting lesson as today we are going to speak about different medical specialties. Today we have a lot of work to do, we are to do exercises, to revise our grammar material that is why be active and attentive, please!

3.Фонетическая зарядка:

First of all, let’s train some words. Look at the black board. Now listen to me, but do not repeat.














And now let’s read and translate these words. Lera, begin please. All right, thank you. Egor, continue. Very well. So, repeat after me! All right, thank you! And now let’s read all these words one by one. Thank you, guys!

4.Речевая зарядка:

Today we will discuss different medical specialties. You see that we have a lot of medical specialties. They may be responsible, useful, well-paid, badly-paid etc. So, answer my questions please.

  1. What medical specialty is the most responsible for you? Why is it useful?

  2. What medical specialty is the most nervous you? Why is it nervous?

  3. What medical specialty n is the most well-paid for you? Why is it well-paid?

  4. What medical specialty n is the most necessary for you? Why is it necessary?

  5. What medical specialty is the most useful and interesting for you? Why is it useful and interesting for you?

II.Центральная часть занятия:

1.Этап работы над лексическим материалом:

Ok, students! Let’s train some words. Look at the smartboard, please. You are to name the specialties.

Next task for you will be to complete the sentences using the professions from the previous task with pictures.

  1. A ….is a person who is specially trained to perform surgery.

  2. This person likes to take care of the sick. And he would be a good….!

  3. This specialist treats children. He is a…

  4. is qualified to examine and treat people's teeth.

  5. This person is fond of cosmetics and beauty treatments. He will become a…

  6. He is a……and his work is to treat people suffering from mental illness.

  7. This person prepares and sells medicines. He is a…

  8. An…is a doctor who deals with pregnant women and with women who are giving birth.

  9. He studies the human mind and tries to explain why people behave in the way that they do. He is a…

  10. A person who does medical work, especially emergency first aid, but is not a fully qualified doctor, he is a…

  11. A… is a person who specializes in diagnosis and medical treatment.

  12. If I specialized in the medical treatment of diseases the eye I would become an….

2.Этап работы над грамматическим материалом:

Who can tell me what mood is used in the last sentence?

At home you were to revise the subjunctive mood. What does the subjunctive mood mean? Say it in Russian. At home you were to learn it. Explain please, why the verbs have the form of were and would be in this sentence?

Ok, you know everything about the subjective mood! Now students I will give you the pictures with kids and they also want to have medical professions. Let’s help them! Your task will be to open the brackets using subjunctive mood and the words from our vocabulary.

  1. If I (to be) a_________I would (to take) care of the patients.

  2. If I (to be) a_________I would (to treat) eyes.

  3. If I (to be) a_______I would (to help) sick children.

  4. If I (to be) a_______I would (to treat) people's teeth.

  5. If I(to be)a _______I would (to help) with pregnant women

  6. If I( to be)a_______I would (to perform) surgery.

  7. If I(to be) a______I would (to prepare and to sell) medicines

  8. If I(to be)a _____I would (to help) people with mental illness.

  9. If I(to be)a_____I would (to diagnose) and (to treat) sick people.

  10. If I(to be) a_____I would (to treat) diseases of the nervous system.

Well done, students! Good job!

  1. Этап аудирования:

So, students there are a lot of professions, specialties in the world. And there are so many young people in the world who are fond of medicine, sport, music etc. But they don’t know which profession to choose. So let’s listen to Ann who has a lot of interests and don’t know what profession to choose.

Cнятие трудностей и установка на первое прослушивание:

But first of all I’ll give you the questions. Let’s read them and translate.

  1. How old is Ann?

  2. She is fond of mathematics, isn’t she?

  3. She speaks English very well, doesn’t she?

  4. What does she do twice a week?

  5. What features of character does she have?

Первое прослушивание

Ann’s story.

Hello! My name is Ann. I’m 16. I am very friendly, polite and hardworking. I don’t like such school subjects as mathematics and physics. I can say that to work with numbers is not for me. But I am fond of literature, history and biology very much. I read a lot and write the articles about historical facts and biological processes. I speak Russian, German, my English is not bad but I want to improve it. Everybody tells me that I’m very careful and attentive. I’m always ready to help my family and friends with their problems. Besides I help old people as a volunteer twice a week. I know there are many interesting professions but I don’t know which one should I choose. Can you give a piece of advice?

Контроль понимания исходя из установки

Now let’s answer the questions.

Установка на второе прослушивание

So, now students I give you the cards, your task will be to listen to the text once again and then to fill in the gaps.

Второе прослушивание

Hello! My name is Ann. I’m 16. I am very ______, _______and _______. I don’t like such school subjects as _______and _______. I can say that to work with _______ is not for me. But I am fond of _______, _______and _______ very much. I _______ a lot and _______the articles about _______facts and _______processes. I speak only _______, my _______is not bad but I want to improve it very much. Everybody tells me that I’m very _______ and _______. I’m always ready to _______ my family and friends with their _______. Besides I help _____ ______in my local area as a _______ twice a week. I know there are many interesting professions but I don’t know which one should I choose. Can you give a piece of advice?

Контроль понимания исходя из установки

All right, let’s read only the sentences with the gaps and translate them.

  1. Этап работы над монологической речью:

Now students, you are to tell me some words about Ann.

I like Ann/I don’t like Ann because….

Ii is difficult/easy for Ann to choose a profession because …

I advise Ann to be a…..because….

III.Завершающая часть занятия:

Подведение итогов занятия. Рефлексия.

Teacher: Well, students you worked really hard today. Thank you! Now, tell me, what have you done today and what have you learnt today? What was interesting? What was difficult?

I have___

I have learnt___

It was interesting for me to___

It was difficult for me to____

So students! Open your record books and put down your home work:

  1. revise the grammatical material The Subjunctive mood.

  2. do the ex 10, p 48 in writing.

Your marks for today are…Now stand up, please. Thank you for your work! The lesson is over. Good-bye!


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