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Подборка дидактического материала на тему «Hobbies»

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Подборка дидактического материала на тему «Hobbies»

Hobbies are fun things, which you can do. 
They sure can wile away the time for you. 

A treasure hunt looking for that special find, 
Finish of a set or take you back in time. 

It's exciting to add to your collection, 
Praise you receive for beautiful confection. 

Collecting stamps, crosses and poetry I write. 
I find hobbies can really enrich your life, 

Build self-esteem and add to conversation. 
A hobby just may bring you elation. 

(c) Copyright by Jean E. Gorney  

My Favourite hobby is to ride a cycle
Every evening I go and ride it
Over the hills down to the road
It is blue in colour
I ride it at full speed
And ring the bells furiously
Oh how cold the air seems
At every weekend I wash my cycle
So that It looks clean and nice
My father gave me
On my twelfth birthday
It also has a cover
So that when it rains
The cycle doesn’t gets dirty
Whenever I fell bored
I go and ride it
And become happy.


Writing brings me so much fun,

I can make a journey that’s just begun.

I write,

I feel,

I write and feel, and won’t become a statue frozen still.



Упражнения на развитие фонетических навыков речи

1. Прослушайте и прочитайте скороговорку.

Betty Botter bought some butter, 
"But," she said, "this butter's bitter. 
If I bake this bitter butter, 
It will make my batter bitter. 
But a bit of better butter - 
That would make my batter better." 
So she bought a bit of butter, 
Better than her bitter butter, 
And she baked it in her batter, 
And the batter was not bitter. 
So 'twas better Betty Botter 
Bought a bit of better butter.

2. Прослушайте и повторите слова песни.



Задания на развитие лексики

1. Дополните предложения.


  1. skating

  2. riding a bike

  3. playing football

  4. animals

  5. sratebording

  6. sleeping

  7. reading

  8. playing the guitar

  9. watching TV

  10. playing on the computer

  11. skiing

Задания на развитие грамматики

1. Напишите пропущенные слова в нужной форме (doing/to do)

1. Dan enjoys  science fiction.

2. Cheryl suggested  a movie after work.

3. I miss  in the travel industry. Maybe I can get my old job back.

4. Where did you learn  Spanish? Was it in Spain or in Latin America?

5. Do you mind  me translate this letter?

6. He asked  to the store manager.

7. You've never mentioned  in Japan before. How long did you live there?

8. If he keeps  to work late, he's going to get fired!

9. Debbie plans  abroad next year.

10. I agreed  Jack wash his car


1. reading

2. seeing

3. working

4. to speak

5. helping

6. to talk

7. living

8. coming

9. to study

10. to help

Задания на развитие говорения

1. Ответьте на следующие вопросы.

How many sports do you know?

Which one(s) do you like best?

Which one(s) would you like to try?

Who do you usually play sports with?

Why do people play sports?

Do you like to watch professional sports on television?

What is your favorite sport to watch?

Which famous athlete (sportsman / sportswoman) would you like to meet?


1. Tell your partner about your favorite sport.

When and where did you learn the sport?

How often do you play it?

Why do you like it?

Who do you play/do the sport with?

Are you good at it?

2. Ask your partner about his/her favorite sport.

Role Play

3. Ask your partner to join you in a sports activity.

4. Invite your partner to attend a sporting event with you.

5. Pretend you are a famous athlete. Tell about your daily

Задания на развитие аудирования

1. I like to ____________ in the _________ with my ________.
A. hiking
B. running
C. driving

2. My dad _______________ twice a week. 
A. weight lifting
B. swimming
C. basketball

3. He ____________________________________ to get exercise. 
A. bicycling
B. soccer
C. volleyball

4. She usually uses ___________________________________.
A. pottery
B. knitting
C. painting

5. They went to the lake ______________________________.
A. sailing
B. bird watching
C. fishing

6. How about getting out the board _____________________? 
A. snowboarding
B. skating
C. chess

7. ____________________________________________.
A. baseball
B. racketball
C. golf

8. ____________________________________________.
A. gardening
B. art
C. cooking

9. ____________________________________________.
A. writing
B. music
C. reading

10. ____________________________________________.
A. drawing
B. photography
C. computer games


1. hiking

2. swimming

3. bicycling

4. painting

5. bird watching

6. chess

7. golf

8. gardening 9. Reading 10. photography

Задание на развитие письма

1. Describe a place you go for recreation or exercise.

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