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Подборка стихотворений и рифмовок на английском языке для начальной школы

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The world is full of animals

Some are big and tall

Some are strong and dangerous

Some are cute and small

All creatures are amazing

Just like me and you

Help protect the animals

This is their world too

Animals are wonderfull

They’re beautiful to see

Help them live a happy life

Help them to be free

My dog

A dog can’t talk

But he can bark

When I take my dog

To the park,

I throw him a stick

And he run a race.

Then he comes back and licks my face.

Harry’s dog

Harry has a little dog

Such a funny fellow.

But his dog is made of wood

Painted white and yellow.

The Cow

The friendly cow all red and white,

I love with all my heart;

She gives me cream with all her might,

To eat with apple tart.

My Teddy bear

My teddy’s fur is soft and brown,

his legs are short and fat;

He walks with me around the town

And never wears a hat.

My Teddy keeps me warm in bed,

I like his furry toes;

I like his darling little head,

His pretty little nose.


Lion, lion, lazy-bones

Lion had two telephones.

Lion rings the lioness up

And invites her to hunt.

My Pretty Doll

My Pretty Doll

Is very small

I love my pretty

Little doll.

My Ball

It is blue

And green and red,

It bounced higher

Than my head

It does not want

To stop at all

What is it?

It is my … ball.

The Week

We dance on Sunday,

We work on Monday,

We read on Tuesday,

We write on Wednesday,

We count on Thursday,

We speak on Friday,

We play on Saturday.


Rain, rain, go away

Come again another day

Tom and Mary want to play

On a sunny lovely day.


Spring is green,

Summer is bright,

Autumn is yellow,

Winter is white.


Yellow, red, green and brown

See the little leaves come down

Dancing, dancing in the breeze

Falling, falling from the trees.


The snow is falling,

The wind is blowing,

The ground is white

All day and all night.


Spring is coming

Spring is coming,

Birdies, build you nest;

Weave together straw and feather

Doing each your best.

Spring is coming,

Spring is coming

Flowers are coming too.

Pansies, lilies, daffodillies

Now are coming through.

Spring is coming,

Spring is coming,

All around is fair;

Shimmer and quiver on the river,

Joy is everywhere.


In summer children swim,

Play, jump and run.

They have sun bath,

And a lot of fun.

Подборка стихотворений и рифмовок для начальной школы на английском языке

(подготовила Подольская Л.А., учитель английского языка 1 кв. категории)

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