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Подборка текстов для работы в группах по специальности "Защита в Чрезвычайных Ситуациях"

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1. Truck RTC.

In St. Petersburg there was a road accident with casualties at 12.30 p.m. on April 16, 2016 . According to preliminary information, it was determined the truck driver hit a road worker, pinning him to the concrete block.

The victim is under the bumper. His feet are pinned, there is a suspicion of hip fracture. (He is suspected to hip fracture). Rescuers immobilized the victim and remove him.

The victim in the truck cab is the driver. He's badly bleeding wound.

The passenger is shocked. (The passenger has shock).

The arrived rescuers used jack-screw to shift the vehicle, withdrew victims, put the neck retainer, provided the First aid and transferred them on stretchers to the ambulance.

№ 2. Bus and passenger vehicle collision.

There was a "GolAZ" Bus and “Ford Mondeo” passenger vehicle collision on April 17, 2016, five people in the bus and one person in the car.

Rescuers arrived at the emergency place. They set the Rescue equipment , Extracted the vehicle from under the bus and set free the injured driver.

The victims were given the first aid – applied bandage and neck retainer. On stretchers the victims were taken from the bus to the ambulance.

3. RTC with victims on Mojka-river.

On March 18, 2016 at 22. 30 the passenger vehicle "Zhiguli" moving along the bridge on a slippery road, to run into an obstacle. As a result it damaged the fence. The car went off the bridge and fell from a four meter height on the river ice. The victim got out of the car. The witnesses called the ambulance.

A passer-by became the witness of automobile emergency. As a result, he lost consciousness.

Rescuers arrived to the emergency place. They evaluated the persons’ state, provided the first aid.

Using rescue equipment and tether rescuers they tied a rope to the car and removed (extracted, pulled) it from the river.

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