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Подборка текстов с заданиями для работы с учащимися на уроках английского языка

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Подборка текстов с заданиями для работы с учащимися на уроках английского языка.

I. Прочитайте рассказ. Выберите из предложений AG то предложение, которое подходит каждому пропуску 1 – 6. Одно предложение будет лишним. Занесите ответы в таблицу.

A. But it was no good, it was too heavy.

B. They were smooth and wet.

C. If there is air getting into the cave perhaps there is another way in.

D. The door is closing!

E. I pulled at the ring with all my might.

F. We stood with our mouths hanging open in surprise.

G. Inch by inch we ran our hands over the rock.

In the Cave

In the corner we saw three huge stone boxes full of lumps of gold and crudely made coins. (1). There must have been thousands of them, more! We all went over and picked up the metal letting it fall through our fingers, and back into the box.

Suddenly John jumped back. We all looked round to see him struggling with Gagool. “Look out! (2)” John shouted. We ran over, but before we could help, Gagool made a last effort and freed herself and dived for the door. But she was too late, the heavy stone slab came down on her.

We all tried to lift the stone up. (3). We must have tried for an hour, but in the end the torches went out, and we were still no closer to moving the heavy stone. “Why is the air in the cave still fresh after all these hours?” asked Sir Henry, after several more hours had passed. “(4)”.

There was nothing to lose, so we started feeling the walls and floor to see if there were any cracks. (5). After an hour and a half John cried out, “Hold on, I think I have found something. Come here!” With one of our last matches we were able to see a metal ring set into a stone. The air was blowing through the cracks around the edge of the block.(6). When it opened we could see a narrow staircase leading down into the mountain. Before we went down the stairway we filled our pockets and a couple of sacks with gold. In the darkness we groped our way down the stairs and along a passage.







II. Прочитайте тексты. В соответствии с содержанием высказывания занесите в таблицу номер текста, где об этом говорится:

  1. At 2 o’clock lessons start again. In this school pupils study a lot of different subjects. In addition, girls learn to type, sew and cook, while boys have metalwork and woodwork.

  2. Come and spend a day in English school. The lessons begin at 9 o’clock. The children come on foot, on their bicycles, or by bus.

  3. The break for lunch lasts about an hour. There is time to go out and play. When the weather is bad, the children stay in their classrooms and read, play table games or just talk.

  4. The lessons are over at 4. Children go home and soon after 4 the school is empty. But some pupils stay for a club or other meetings. The teachers are busy, too.

  5. At 3 o’ clock it is time for playing different games. Girls prefer field hockey and tennis. Boys enjoy playing football and cricket.

The main idea of the text

The number of the text

The beginning of the school day

Time for games

The longest break

Lessons in the afternoon

The end of the school day

III. Прочитайте рассказ и выберите подходящий ответ для каждого пропуска.

Martin Luther King.

Martin Luther King was a black clergyman from Atlanta, Georgia. When King was a child, he (1) … that black people and white people did not mix in public places. Black people sat in different (2) … of restaurants and movie theatres. Black people sat at the back of the bus. Black and white children (3) … to different schools. This kind of separation is called segregation. King loved to study. He was a good student and went to college at a (4) … age. He was only fifteen years old. When he finished college, he began to fight segregation. He did not believe in (5) … . He believed in peace. He helped black people to protest in peace. They went on marches in peace. King also wanted equality for (6) … . He wanted black and white men and women to have an equal chance in the United States. This is called the civil rights movement. In 1963 King was the leader of the civil rights march on Washington, D.C. Thousands of people (7) … to his famous speech. It begins, “I have a dream”. In 1964 Martin Luther King was the youngest (8) … to get the Nobel Peace Prize. This award is for people who try to make peace in the (9) … In 1968 an assassin killed King. He was only thirty-nine years old. His birthday, January 15, is a (10) … holiday in the United States.


A learned

B found out

C read

D saw


A places

B tables

C parts

D rows


A studied

B left

C finished

D went


A retiring

B young

C little

D early


A friendship

B love

C loyalty

D violence


A nobody

B all

C everybody

D anybody


A listened

B watched

C heard

D discussed


A winner

B person

C student

D participant


A earth

B planet

C country

D world


A traditional

B favourite

C national

D popular

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