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Подборка заданий для мотивации УУД

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Рецептивные упражнения.

Exercise 1

Join the sentences to make a statement of purpose with in order to or so(that).

1. Come here. I want to see you properly.------ Come here so (that) I can see you properly.

2.I” ll give you my telephone number. You can phone me at work.

3.I” m going to the post office. I want to post a parcel.

4. Speak louder. Then Granny can hear you.

5. Turn the sound down. I don”t want you to disturb the neighbours.

6. We are installing solar heating. We want to save energy.

Exercise 2.

Choose the animal or bird which doesn’t match the group.

1.Wolf ; fox ; cow ; hyena ;

2. Eagle, hawk, chicken, owl.

3. Tiger, lion, horse, leopard.

4. Gorilla, sheep, chimpanzee, monkey.

5. Snake, lizard, crocodile, duck.

Exercise 3.

Complete the sentence with the best adjective

1. As I listened to her story, I became more and more…….

A) intelligent b) brave c) uneasy

2. You would have to be very …… to attempt to make the jump without a safety net.

a) daring b) anxious c) terrifying

3. Children don”t seem to appreciate the dangers. They”re totally…….

a)petrified b) nervous c) selfish

4. The cliff was so high. I was……. I would fall.

a) excited b) scared c) amased

5 You could tell by the way she gripped the table that she was very ……

a) shy b) anxious c) selfish

Репродуктивные упражнения.

Exercise 1

1. Поделитесь с товарищем, если у вас есть другие намерения:

Im going to write a letter to my penfriend tonight.

And I’ m going to help mother about the house tonight.

2 . Передайте товарищу слова:

I have many friends.

Olga Petrovna says she has many friends.

3. Спросите у своего товарища:

Ask your friend if he has seen this film.

Dima, have you seen this film?


1What are your opinions about the future of this things?

  1. toys and games

  2. cars and transport

  3. multi- media equipment

  4. clothes


Rewrite the sentences using the expressions with get to replace the underlined words.

1 My parents became husband and wife 30 years ago

My parents got married 30 years ago.

2. They had a big party when they agreed to get married

3 I have a friendly relationship with both my sisters.

4 She became sad and angry when she failed her exam.

5 We lived separately for two months but now we”ve become partners again .

Продуктивные упражнения.

1. Письменно опишите свой родной город, ответив на вопросы:

Where is it? Is it big or small? What buildings and industries does it have? Do you like it? Why?

2. Вы в номере гостиницы.

There are no towels.

  1. Hello. Reception. Can I help you?

  2. Yes, please. There no towels in my room. Could you send some up, please?

  1. Certainly. I’ll see to it straight away.

  2. Thanks. Bye.

    1. Обсудите свои детские привычки.

1 Write a sentence to describe a naughty or funny thing you used to do when you were younger. Give it to your teacher.

Example: I used to knock on people’ s doors then run away.

  1. You will receive information about another student. Ask questions to find out who it is.

Example: Did you use to…..?

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