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Подростки и высокие технологии. Структура письма-рассуждения

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9 класс 15.12.2015

Writing skills Opinion essays Подростки и высокие технологии. Структура письма-рассуждения


  • Научиться выражать своё мнение (положительное/отрицательное), сомнение, предлагать решения и оценивать решения других; писать эссе, выражая различные точки зрения;

  • Развивать умения во всех видах речевой деятельности;

  • Формировать ценностные ориентации

Ход урока

1 Организационный момент

2 Введение в иноязычную среду Warm Up:

3-4. Новый материал-Закрепление

Упр. 1, с. 66 Задачи: освоение структуры эссе с изложением разных позиций (opinion essay); раз- витие умений поискового и изучающего чтения. Предполагаемый ответ: An opinion essay consists of a personal opinion with reasons and examples to support it. We also present the opposing viewpoint(s). An opinion essay should be written in a formal style.

Упр. 2, с. 66 a) Задача: освоение особенностей структуры и стиля эссе с изложением различных точек зрения. Предполагаемый ответ: We are required to write an opinion essay about whether it is good or bad for teenagers to use so much technology. Students all over the world will read the essay. b) Задача: развитие умений смыслового чтения. Ключи: Positive opinion – Gadgets make life more enjoyable for teens. Technology has taught young people new skills. Negative opinion – Teens can get distracted by gadgets. Teens can waste a lot of time using technology.

Упр. 3, с. 66 Задача: развитие умений поискового чтения. Ключи: The writer’s opinion is that being hooked on technology has a positive effect on teenagers’ lives. The writer states his/her opinion in the first and fifth paragraphs.

Упр. 4, с. 66 a) Задача: развитие умений использования средств логической и языковой связи в тексте и их классификация. Ключи: introduce an opinion: In my opinion; opinion: I think; list points: To start with, Secondly; add more points: In addition; introduce a contrasting viewpoint: On the other hand; introduce examples: For example, such as; introduce a consequence: As a result; summarise: In conclusion b) Задачи: освоение значений и развитие умений использования синонимичных средств связи в тексте. Ключи: In my opinion – In my view; To start with – First of all; For example – For instance; In addition – What is more; such as – like; Secondly – Furthermore; On the other hand – Alternatively; As a result – Consequently; In conclusion – All in all; I think – It seems to me that.

Упр. 5, с. 67 a) Задача: освоение структуры основной части эссе. Ключи: A 2 B 4 C 1 D 3; Sentence C is the topic sentence. Sentences A, D and B support it. b) Задача: развитие умений письменной речи – написание абзаца с опорой на ключевое (основное) предложение. Предполагаемый ответ: 1 We can shop without leaving the comfort of our own home. Also, we don’t have to worry about long queues or carrying heavy shopping bags. 2 For example, mobile phones can distract young people from their school work. Furthermore, it may make teenagers a target for thieves who try to steal mobile phones.

Упр. 6, с. 67 Задачи: развитие умений изучающего чте- ния (работа с пониманием задания к сочи- нению); развитие умений продуктивного письма. Предполагаемый ответ: technology, modern society, opinion, modern world, relies on, devices; 1 I am a student writing an essay for my teacher. 2 I have to write an essay giving my opinion on how the modern world relies too much upon technology and devices. 3 I will write five paragraphs. The first one will be an introduction with my opinion. The second and third paragraph will present my viewpoint with reasons. The fourth paragraph will present an opposing viewpoint and the fifth paragraph will present my opinion again in different words.

Упр. 7, с. 67 Задачи: развитие умений изучающего чте- ния; освоение структуры эссе с изложением разных позиций (opinion essay); развитиеинтеллектуальных умений (логическое мыш- ление). Ключи: 1 c 2 d 3 a 4 b Предполагаемый ответ: viewpoint: Technology is good for staying in touch with friends. reasons: It is easy to stay in touch via email and instant messaging. You can use webcams to see your friends if you are in different places.

Упр. 8, с. 67 Задача: развитие умений продуктивного письма (написание эссе с изложением раз- личных точек зрения с опорой на план). Предполагаемый ответ: Technology and technological devices have become very popular over the last ten years. In my opinion, having too many devices complicates people’s lives rather than makes them easier. To start with, the increased use of technological devices has brought about many security issues. For example, there has been a major increase in thefts of mobile phones, iPods and other devices. Furthermore using bank cards online isn’t safe as hackers have the ability to access bank details. Secondly, technology can be unreliable. Machines and computers regularly break down and can be time-consuming to fix. This can cause a lot of problems for those who rely on technology, such as businesses or schools. On the other hand, it is said that learning how to use technological devices prepares you for the future. Regular use of a computer will mean good keyboard skills which can be beneficial in a person’s working life. In conclusion, I think it is important not to rely too heavily on technological devices as that could negatively affect our lives, but occasional use of modern technology can sometimes help.

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6. Домашнее задание SB, упр. 8*

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