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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Показательный урок по английскому языку по теме: "Что ты знаешь о Великобритании?"

Показательный урок по английскому языку по теме: "Что ты знаешь о Великобритании?"

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Дата: 25 февраля 2006 года Время: 10:00 местного времени Форма проведения: урок - шоу Место проведения: кабинет № 9 - лингафонный (языковая лаборатория).

Оформление: шары, эмблемы, плакаты, карта Великобритании, символы, буклеты.

Цель: 1. Углубить знания о Великобритании, географии, индустрии, полезных ископаемых, климате, культуре, кулинарии, поэзии.

  1. Развить умение работать по карте, умение составлять предложения.

  2. Воспитывать художественные

интеллектуальные способности

каждого ученика.

  1. Good morning dear teachers and pupils. During the week of English language. We are glad to greet you at our intellectual show. At theme what do you know about Great Britain! The object of our party to develop the oral peech of pupils in English, to educate the abilities for speaking, writing reading to enrich the knowleuge of the pupils about Great Britain. Доброе утро дорогие учителя и ученики. Сейчас у нас

в школе проходит неделя английского языка. Мы очень рады Вас приветствовать на нашем интеллектуальном шоу по теме: «Что вы знаете о Великобритании?»

Цель нашего мероприятия развитие речевых, письменных, разговорных навыков, умение учащихся читать, писать на английском языке, обогащений знании о Великобритании. Воспитание интереса к истории, культуре страны.

  1. Learning English is becoming important for everyone because we live in real life and we should know what is going on around us in the world. The world ness, science, education, arts and medicine. These changes will influence us sooner or later. Today the Republic of Kazakhstan is integrating into the world community and the problem of learning English for the purpose of communication is especially important for us. Now we are learning English and if you want to know it well you should always work hard.

  2. First of all let me introduse our teams and jury. There are two teams here today. The first one is called “Double Decker” and its capital is Савкина Анастасия.

  3. The second team is called “Big Ben” and it’s capital is Машкова Наталья.

The members of our jury are the pupils 11 form: Ахметов Расул, Эбель Денис, Егай Наталья.

  1. We begin our show. The slogan is - “The poetry of the Earth not did” — John Kennedy.

Listen, please, the first task for the team Double Decker. Talk please about: 1. geographical position;

  1. population and area;

  2. environmental problem;

  3. climate.

  1. The second team lesten please you tasks:

  1. parts of the UK;

  2. natural recouses;

  3. rivers;

  4. weather.

Jury, please, the score of the first tasks.

  1. Historical minute. From the history of London.


London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic and cultural centre. Its population is about 8 million people.

London is situated on the both banks of the River Thames. Today in its full extent Greater London covers 625 square miles. Traditionally London is divided into several parts: the City, Westminster, the West End and the East End.

They are rather different from one another. The City is the heart of London. Numerous banks, offices and firms are situated there. It is the financial centre of the UK, with many banks, offices and the Stock Exchange. But the City is also a market for goods from all parts of the world.

The City extends over an area of about 2,6 square

kilometres. About half a million people work there, but less than 6 thousand live there.

Westminster is the historic centre of government. The West End is the richest and most beautiful part of London. The best hotels, shops, restaurants and theatres are situated there. There are beautiful houses and gardens belonging to the wealthy people. Oxford street in the West End is the endless shopping area which attracts visitors from all over the world.

The East End is the poorest part of London. There are a lot of factories and docks here. The port of London is also in the East End. The streets in the East End are narrow, the buildings are not attractive. The East End is populated by working class families.

8. Task 2. Listen and answer the questions about Great Britain:

  1. What the official name of Great Britain?

  2. Where is the UK of Great Britain and Northern Island situated?

  3. How many parts does? The UK consist of.

  4. Where does the UK lie?

  5. What are the main islands?

  6. How are they separated from the continent?

  7. What washes the west coast of the country?

  8. The East coast is washed by the North Sea, isn’t it?

  9. What can you say about the size of UK?

The jury please the score of teams of this task.

9. The minute of poetry.

Many Wonderful Things.

Many wonderful things to hear, to see

Belong to you, belong to me!

The sun, the trees, the grass, the sky The yellow moon that’s passing by.

The blowing winds, the birds that sing Bright autumn woods, gay flowers of spring,

The cold long winter with snow so white,

The running rivers, the stars of night.

  1. Put the correct numbers:

  1. There are some islands on which the UK is


  1. The area of the UK is some square


  1. The population of Great Britain is over .

  1. From the British food.

Traditional home cooked food is as Europeen cooking. A good example is the traditional British Sunday lunch which consists of roast-beef, roast potatoes and yourshire pudding.

  1. The fourth task. Agree and disagree with the following statements.

  1. The population of Great Britain doesn’t live mostly in towns and cities and their suburbs.

  2. Great Britain is rich natural resources.

  3. Coal and oil are the most natural resources of Great Britain.

  4. The UK is one of the most industrialized countries in the world.

  5. Agriculture doesn’t take an important sector in the economy of the country.

  6. The British people grow wheat, fruit, vegetables, oats.

7) The people of Great Britain don’t care about the flora and fauna of the British Isles.

The jury, please, score.

13. The jury, please, score.

  1. The name of the state on the British Isles?

  2. The river in England?

  3. Festival in October 31?

  4. The name of the corn, which is grown in Great Britain?

  5. Holiday the birth of Christ?

  6. Ocean, which is washed the Great Britain on the north-west?

  7. The part of the UK of Great Britain?

  1. The natural resources in Great Britain?

  2. The symbol of the Halloween?

  3. The English poet of the 16 centure?

  4. The British national food?

The jury, please, score.

  1. Jury, please, the final score.

Let’s congratulate the winners.

The first price of the team...

The second price of the team...

  1. Thank you, for game. Thanks to our jury, for their work. Thank to our teacher for taking in our intellectual show.

Благодарим жюри за их работу, а также учителей за участие в нашем интеллектуальном шоу. Просим Вас дорогие учителя высказать своё мнение о нашем выступлении.

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