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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Полезные фразы "Agreement and Disagreement".

Полезные фразы "Agreement and Disagreement".

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Agreement and Disagreement.

  1. Yes, it is / does / can, etc.

  2. Yes, he is / does / can, etc.

  3. Yes, they are / do / can, etc.

  4. No, it isn’t / doesn’t / can’t, etc.

  5. No, he isn’t / doesn’t / can’t, etc.

  6. No, they aren’t / don’t / can’t, etc.

  7. I (quite) agree (with you)

  8. I think so too

  9. So do I – in response to sentences beginning with I think /believe

  10. You’re (quite) right there

  11. Exactly (formal)

  12. Quite so (formal)

  13. I couldn’t agree more (emphatic)

  14. That’s just what I think

  15. I suppose so

  16. I suppose it is / he does / we shall

  17. I agree with you up to a point / in a sense / in a way

  18. I see what you mean, but

  19. That may be true, but (on the other hand)…

  20. (Oh) yes but.

  21. I don’t agree (with you) (there)

  22. I disagree (with you) (there)

  23. I am afraid I can’t agree (with you) (there) (milder, more tactful)

  24. I am afraid (I think) you are mistaken (there)

  25. Nothing of the kind

  26. Nonsense (very abrupt, possibly rude)

  27. Rubbish (very abrupt, possibly rude)

  28. (That’s) ridiculous. (very abrupt, possibly rude)

  29. Do you really think so?

  30. As a matter of fact…

Illustrative Dialogue.

1. – It’s a beautiful day.

- Yes, it is, isn’t it?

2. – Ann doesn’t look well.

- No, she doesn’t. I hope it’s nothing serious.

3. – Young children demand a lot of attention.

- They certainly do.

4. – John ought to apologize.

- I quite agree. He behaved very badly.

5. – The situation is very difficult.

- Quite so.

6. – Most people spend too much time watching television.

- I couldn’t agree more.

7. – They should leave him alone now. He’s been punished enough.

- that’s just what I think.

8. - Charles is a very clever fellow.

- Yes, he’s certainly clever, but he is too dogmatic for my liking.

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