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Пособие для учащихся " Прочитаешь-будешь знать, где артикли расставлять"



Прочитаешь, будешь знать,

где артикли расставлять!

Пособие для учащихся


1. С предметом или лицом - одним из класса себе подобных

( в значении « любой»). Если предмет или лицо не знакомы и употребляются впервые

A plane is faster than a train

A bike is slower than a train

A duck is bigger than a frog

A cat is weaker than a dog

It’s a cat. It’s a hat.

It’s a car. It’s a star

2.Если существительному предшествует описательное определение

This is my father-a busy man

He is writing with a pen

This is my brother-a clever boy

He is playing with a toy.

This is my sister-a pretty girl

She is dancing with her doll

This is my cat-a funny pet.

3.В восклицательных предложениях перед исчисляемыми существительными в единственном числе

It’s sunny today

What a lovely day!

It’s warm today.

We can walk and play.

It’s frosty today

What a terrible day!

It’s windy today

We can’t walk and play.


If all the seas were one sea,

What a great sea that would be!

And if all the trees were one tree

What a great tree would be!

4.C названиями веществ в значении «одна порция»

You can order a wine or a punch

Or a coffee for your lunch

With a tasty chocolate cake,

Eat a salad and a stake.

Delicious fish fingers, a burger with cheese,

A jacket potato - please have one of these!

A milkshake, a cola, an ice-cream, a pie,

An orange ice lolly- come on, have a try!

5. В выражениях с глаголами to have, to take, to give для обозначения кратковременного действия

Let’s have a walk in the park.

Let’s have a drink in the bar.

But if you have a cold

Then stay at home.

And let’s have a talk on the phone

At the restaurant where you meet

You can have a rest and eat.

Have a menu, call a waitress,

Who is pretty lake an actress.

6. С конструкцией There is...

There is a mouse in the house

There is a cat in the flat

There is a fox in the box

There is a bee in the tree.


7. C существительными, обозначающими определенное количество или временной промежуток ( в значении один)

The crocodile thinks his smile

Is even wider than a mile.

I spent a hundred on a hat

And fifty on a bag

I paid a hundred for new boots

And fifty on new shoes




Определенный артикль the употребляется с любыми существительными (исчисляемыми, неисчисляемыми, в единственном и множественном числе).

1. Со знакомым предметом или лицом, о котором мы говорим не в первый раз:

I know a doctor.- The doctor is nice.
I know 
a teacher.- The teacher is wise.
I know 
a girl.- The girl is pretty.
I know 
a boy.- The boy is witty.


I see a cat.- The cat is fat.
I see 
a pig.- The pig is big.
I see 
a ball.- The ball is small.
I see 
a star.- The star is far.

My picture

This is a bag. The bag is black.
This is 
a kite. The kite is white.
This is 
an orange. The orange is orange.
This is 
a bed. The bed is red.

2. С существительными, единственными в своем роде:

The sun is hot.
The sky is blue.
The moon is cold.
And I see you.


Lovely things to hear The sun, the moon,
Lovely things to see - 
The wind, the sky.
They all belong to you. Enjoy 
the world
They all belong to me: And have much fun!

Butterfly, butterfly,
Fly to 
the sky!
Balloon, balloon,
Fly to 
the moon!

3С названиями частей света:

Make a feast and go to the East
Eat your broth and go to 
the North.
Have a rest and go to 
the West.
Open your mouth and go to 
the South.

4. С превосходной степенью прилагательных:

This is the smartest cat.
This is the funniest hat.
This is
 the quickest dog.
This is
 the smallest frog.

Go to the East
Or go to the West
Your home
Is always 
the best!

5. С порядковыми числительными:

There are four dogs in the yard:
The first dog is tall,
The second dog is small,


The third dog is sad,
The fourth dog is glad.

6. В словосочетаниях с предлогом "of":

The tail of the cat is long.
The paw 
of the lion is srong.
The roof 
of the house is tall.
The nose 
of the mouse is small.

I'm a thin brave mouse. I'm the master of my house. 
I'm a fat proud cat. I'm 
the master of my flat. 
I'm a pretty witty bee. I'm 
the master of my tree. 
I'm a small clever frog.
I'm the master of my pond.

7. С существительными, которые конкретизируются придаточным предложением:

This is the rat that slept in the hat.
This is 
the cat that caught the rat.
This is 
the frog that jumped on the log.
This is 
the dog that found my sock.

8. Если перед существительным стоит прилагательное в превосходной степени

This is the smartest cat.

This is the funniest hat.

This is the quickest dog.

This is the smallest frog

She’s got the most reliable friend

She’s got the most playful cat

She’s got the most comfortable flat

She’s got the most beautiful hat


No article

1. C неисчисляемыми существительными артикль не употребляется

Art is long.
Life is short.
Time is money
You're sweeter than 

Betty Opposites

Betty is a funny girl.

 Coal is black,
She thinks 
Snow is white,.
The sun is gold, 
Metall is heavy,
The moon is 
cheese. Fluff is light.

Taster differ Wash your face

I like coffee, Your need soap
You like tea. And hot water.
I like you, Wash your face,
You like me. My dear daughter.

What is better? A pleasant

Honey is sweeter than sugar. Little drops of water,
Coffee is stronger than tea. Little grains of sand.
Juice is better than water. Make a mighty ocean
You can't be smarter than me.
And a pleasant land.

2. Перед именами и фамилиями людей, кличками животных, названиями улиц,

городов и поселков, названиями дней недели и месяцев артикли не ставятся.

Polly, Dolly, Kate and Molly Dolly always wriggles.
All are filled with pride and folly. Kate always fights.
Polly always giggles. Molly always bites.

There was a young lady from Spain 
Whose language was not so plain.
When they asked: "Do you like it?"
She answered: "I doubt it".
That evasive young lady from 

Naughty Tommy Days in the month.


I must jump on Monday. Thirty days has September,

I must run on 
Tuesday. April, June and November;
Wednesday is a holiday. February has twenty-eght alone.
I must think on 
Thursday All the rest have thirty-one,
What to do on 
Friday. But leap year coming once in four
Saturday I must play. Gives February one day more.
Sunday I must rest.
All day, all day!

3.С названиями стран и континентов

In Antarctica it’s snowing,

And in Africa it’s hot

In Japan the wind is blowing

And in Italy it’s not.

In Brazil the sun is shining,

And in Spain the sky is blue,

In Great Britain it is raining,

And in France it’s raining too

4. С названиями времен года

In winter children ski and sleigh,

In spring they have a First of may.

In summer children swim and play,

In autumn its October day

5.С существительными, используемыми в качестве обращения.

Oh, doctor, doctor oh, my head!

I’m ill I’m dying,

I’m almost dead!

Magic crystal, tell me true:

In the future what will I do ?


Teddy-dear, Teddy-bear, look around,

Teddy-dear, Teddy-bear, touch the ground,

Teddy-dear, Teddy-bear, switch off the light

Teddy-dear, Teddy-bear, say ‘Good night’

6.С названиями видов спорта, в сочетании с глаголом to play

Let’s do judo.

Let’s go to the gym.

Let’s play volleyball.

And let’s swim.

Let’s play tennis.

Let’s have fun.

Let’s play basketball

And let’s run.

Enjoy your learning articles

I wish you good luck!


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