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Warm up:

Nowadays Zabaikalie attracts a lot of foreigners though the distance from Chita to Moscow is 6.704 km.

  • Do you want to know why?

  • Do you want to know anything about this place of Russia? Why? Why not?

  • Read Chekhov’s words and prove that he was right

In Zabaikalie I found all I wanted: the Caucasus,thePasla valleys, Zvenigorod district and the Don.In the afternoon you rode in the Caucasus, at night you were in the Don steppe, and in the morning I found myself in Poltava province. ( Anton Chekhov)

The text is called Zabaikalie. Check the things you think this text will talk about. Range according to the importance of each item for foreigner.

  • The variety of mineral springs and health resorts

  • Mineral resourses and the opportunities of investments

  • Beauty of nature

  • Tourism

  • To have a chance to visit the virgin lands


Zabaikalye was created as a new administrative territory in 1851.

It is located in southeastern Siberia’s Zabaikalye Region, the territory beyond Lake Baikal.It occupies the area of 451000 sq.km. or2,5 % of the territory of Russia.

Zabaykalye is bordered by BuryatRepubslic and Irkutsk region to the west, the Yakutiya- Sakha republic to the northeast and the Amur region to the west. The southern borders of the region are in Mongolia and China.

Zabaikalye is a link between Siberia and the Russian Far East.

The capital of the region is Chita.

The population of the region totals 1,3mln. People. Zabaikalye is inhabited by numerous folks: Russians, Ukrainians, Buryats, Evenks, Tatars, Germans.

Zabaikalye is composed of mountain ranges, conifer forests and ain ranges. The largest mountain chains are the Yablonovy, Cherskiy, Malchansky, Argunsky,andGazimuro- Ononskiy ranges. The highest mountains are situated in the north of region. Their height is about 2500 m.high.

The climate of the region is severe and sharply continental. Winter is very cold, summer is very hot.

The main rivers of the region are Shilka, Vitim, Onon. Also there aremany lakes in the region. There are 4 groups of lakes. They are glacial origin( the Lprindo, the Nichatka, the Leprindocan), the techtonic origin( the Arakhley, Ivan Lake, the Kenon), mineralized lakes(the Arey), and lakes occupying the ancient water baisns(the Zoon-Torey)The region has 300 mineral springs.

Many sanatoriums have been built at mineral springs. They are Darasun, Kuka, Molokovka, Shivanda, Yamarovka, yamkun,Urguchan.


  1. Read the text and find the key sentences

  2. Answer true/ false statements about the information



Zabaikalye was created as a new administrative territory in 1851.

It is situated in the north of Russia.

There are no high mountains in the region

The region has 300 mineral springs.

Many sanatoriums have been built at mineral springs.

  1. Ask the questions on the text. Start with 1)Are….? 2) What….? 3) ….or…?

  2. Find the Russian equivalents to the following expressions

  • Range

  • Steppe

  • Conifer forests

  • Glacial origin

  • Tectonic origin

  • Mineral spring

  • Sanatorium

  1. Group the words into the table





    Mineral springs

  2. Make a word web to summarize the information about Zabaykalye.


Groups of lakes





Imagine that English –speaking visitors are coming to your school. Answer their questions.


Compose a leaflet presenting your native place. Illustrate it with maps and pictures.

Unit 2.

Baley district.Geographical position. Flora and fauna.

Baley district is situated on the central part of Zabaikalie. The relief of district is mountainous. There are such mountainous ranges as Kukulbei, Ononskiy andBorschovochniy. The highest peak is 1442 m. Mountains are crossed by small rivers. The main river is Unda. The district is richin gold and clay deposits. There are such famous deposits as Baleyskoe, Zhetkovskoe and Kazakovskoe.

The climate is continental. The summer temperature is 30 degrees above zero. Winter is very cold. Sometimes the temperature can be 45 degrees below zero. Summer and spring are usually rainless.

The localnature consists of conifer forests and birch grove. Near the river we can see fields and meadows.

The most widespread plants are red and yellow lily(saranka), peonies( “maryinikoren’ya”), chamomile , white and red rhododendron ( bagulnik) and wild garlic(mangyir) .

There are such wild animals in our forests as wolves, foxes, wild goats, bears.

The birds of our district are sparrows, ducks , pecks, tomtits , ravens.

The fish of our district is crucian, gudgeon, minnow, grayling.

The population of district is 21000 people.

The occupation of people is agriculture and business. Many enterprises were liquidated because of the economic reforms of 1990s

Make a crossword “Flora and fauna”









  1. Береза

  2. Дикий чеснок

  3. Пескарь

  4. Карась

  5. Саранка

  6. Ворона

  7. Синица

  8. Утка

fill the table.







Make a short summary of the article

Unit3 .Baley District’s ecological situation

Read the text about the ecology of Baley District and find the main idea of the text.

The people of our region as well as the whole population of the country are worried about the local environmental problems. Baley and all the villages suffer from air pollution which affects badly human health and environment. The sources of air pollution are cars and buses, burning forests.

Transport is one of the main offenders in poisoning the environment.

In 1992 the Russian government disclosed ghastly facts about Baley.

Radioactive tailings were used as construction material in homes, hospitals, schools and other buildings. Baley people suffer greatly from it nowadays.

A lot of people have blood diseases and cancer. People who lives and works in such buildings feel bad very often.

Water pollution is very acute too. Rivers and lakes are filled with industrial and communal water. That’ why there is no big fish in our rivers.

And one more problem is rubbish. Many years we throw things away and don’t think about it.There is a great number dumps with thousand tons of rubbish

The district’s forests are called “lungs of the planet”

Burning forests is a great problem for a district. Big areas of forests are burnt.


Choose the right variant.\1. Text 1 doesn’t explain

  1. What measures to be taken to reduce the air pollution

  2. Serious health problems are caused by radioactive tailings.

  3. Big areas of forests are burnt

  1. Text is aimed to show:

  1. Water in Baley district is fresh and clean

  2. The problem of water pollution

  3. There is much fish in the rivers

  1. Which of the statements is true?

a.our forests are in danger

b. companies are take care of our forests

c. there are no national parks and reserves in Baley.


Presentsimplepassive (страдательныйзалогнастоящеговремениглагола)

Be + V 3 , чтобы сказать о предмете(явлении), над которым совершается действие. При переводе используются безличные и неопределенно-личные предложения. Airispolluted. Воздухзагрязнен.

In many schools in our district there are environmental group. What troubles them?



















Cut down


Put into water/ air/land


Say the results of people’ influence on the environment, using the model:

  1. People pollute the air.--- The air is polluted.

  2. Polluted air causes health problems.

  3. We see smoke coming out of chimneys.

  4. People breathe tons of harmful substances.

  5. Plants and automobiles add tons of poison to the atmosphere

  6. The Russian government disclosed ghastly facts about Baley .

  7. People throw tins and cans into river.

  8. Many companies are cutting down trees.


A pit in Novotroitsk with radioactive tailings.

Unit 4.My native village.

Read the composition. Try to make a gist according to the plan.


  1. The location of village

  2. The main facts from its history

  3. The main objects of village

  4. The problems of village.

My village Zhidka.

The village Zhidka is situated in the picturesque forest place on the banks of the river Unda. It is situated in 56 km from the district centre, town Baley. There is a small river Zhidkinka which flows into the river Unda.

The origin of the name of village is from the surname of the merchant Zhidkov who bought cows and sheep.

The village appeared in the 18th century. Kossaks were the main inhabitants. There was a beautiful church in the village which existed till 1976.

In 1886 the wooden building of school was built. In 2006 Zhidkinskaya school had the jubilee- 120 years old.

In 1961 the collective farm “Zhidkinskiy” was founded There were 3 villages. They are Zhidka, Kolobovo and Ust- Yagyo. 250 houses were built there. The collective farm was developed stock-breeding organization. There were a lot of cows, sheep, horses and pigs.

In 70s years the new building of school and kindergarten was built in Zhidka.

In 1992 the collective farm “Zhidkinskiy” stopped its being.

Nowadays there is no agricultural enterprises in our village. Many people are unemployed. There is no hospital, chemist’s and good shops in our village. But there is a school, where the highly qualified teachers work and all equipment is modern. Also there is a post office and a kindergarten. People can relax in the village club and in the library.

The nature in Zhidka is very beautiful, air is clean. ( KolobovaViktoriya, 8th form)C:\Users\user\Pictures\getImage016.jpeg

My village Zhidka.

Read a dialogue “In the train” and act it.

  • Nice to meet you!

  • Nice to meet you too!

  • Where are you from?

  • I’m from Zhidka

  • Oh, I know this village very well. My parents lived there.

The collective farm was developed stock-breeding organization. There were a lot of cows, sheep, horses and pigs in 70s of the past century. And I want to know what’s the situation now?

  • Nowadays there is no agricultural enterprises in our village. Many people are unemployed. There is no hospital, chemist’s and good shops in our village.

  • How do you live there?!

  • In spite of the circumstances we like our village because there are a lot of good people

  • I’m glad to hear it.

How do you think why it’s very easy to communicate with unknown passengers when travelling?

Unit 4 .Baley is the heart of the district.

The sky is clear as a crystal

And mountains pierce this crystal sky.

I’m looking at the beauty of the nature.

I want to sing, to dance, to smile, to fly.

My soul is glad to see the flowers,

To see the falling of the golden leaves

To breathe the summer rain showers

To listen to the melody of winds.

My native town! You are my love for ages

I will remember you for all my life

And if I leave whenever or wherever,

I will be faithful as a honest wife…

( Baley, after Yelena Kibireva)

Read the introduction to the text and find the information about the origin of name of Baley/

  • The town got its name from the name of the guard who kept the gate of town

  • The evenk’s word Baley- light place

  • Uigurskbaley means water

Baley is the centre of Baley district. It is situated on the banks of Undariver. It is 355 km far from Chita, the regional centre. It was founded in 1938. In 2008 the town administration was united with district administration. And Baley lost the status of town.

The population of Baley is 11 thousand people.

The main industry is gold-mining. Nowadays there are 2 pits in Baley which belong to private companies.

There’re no state enterprises in Baley now. Also there are the ecological problems, because of the high concentration of radioactive tailings.

There are 5 parts in Baley. They are Centre, Otmakhovo, Novotroitsk, ZolotayaGorka and Ushkanka.

There is a building of administration,a building of Court, police station a House of Culture “Gornyak”, the secondary schools №5 and №15, primary school№3, the kindergartens “Alyonushka” and “Solnishko”, “Zolotinka”.

And there are a lot of places where people can have rest. There are a stadium, 2 parks, 3 cafes, a library. There are a lot of shops and trade centres in Baley. Children can attend sport school, House of Creativity, school of Art.

There are such educational institutions such as Baley Pedagogical College, Medical College and Professional School.

Otmakhovo is a destroyed district. There were a lot of good stone houses and a cinema. But the buildings were destroyed because of the failure of thermal power station. Now there are a few stone houses and cottages. There is a school №6 and a kindergarten.

Novotroitsk is a small part of town. There’s a tubercular clinic, a kindergarten, a club, a museum, a school 4.

ZolotayaGorka is the west end of Baley. The hospital complex and the school 14 are located there.

Ushkanka is like a small village. There are a lot of wooden houses. There is a kindergarten, 2 shops in Ushkanka. There was a school 2, but now it is shut.

Complete the word web according to your associations with Baley.

Find the answers to the following questions.

  1. What’s the date of the town’s foundation?

  2. What’s the main industry of Baley?

  3. What enterprises work there nowadays?

  4. What parts is the town divided?

Insert the missing letters in the words.

U_da, Ba_ey, Us_kan_a, Otma_ho_o, Novo_roits_, Gor__yak


Center NovotroitskUshkanka



Unit 5

Transport in Baley.

The transport communication in Baley is usually carried out by buses and taxi. There are 4 trip buses. They are Baley- Zhidka, Baley- Il’dikan, Baley- Giruynino,

Baley- Undino-Poseliey.

There are 2 ticket offices where people can buy bus tickets to Chita and to station Priiskovaya, where they can buy tickets for a train.

Also there is an airport. But it doesn’t function now.

Make a dialogue at the ticket office.

Try to explain the scheme of the transport in Baley for foreigner.

Remember the polite expressions:

  • Good afternoon!

  • Could you tell me the information about…?

  • How I can get to….?

  • What time will it take?

  • Thanks

  • Excuse me

  • Good bye!

Unit 6.

We say so!

Every region has the peculiarities of speech. They are called dialects. The main characteristics of speech in Baley district are short ending of verbs in present tence(letat, padat, delam…)rising intonation, free stress of words. Our dialect is called GuranskoeNarechie. Now you see some examples of Baley district dialect.

  • Azhno- even

  • Aida- let’s go

  • aposlyA- then

  • abUtki- boots

  • atimAlka- dirty man

  • gAcha- trousers

  • shAra- tea

  • shulYA- soup

  • brAvo- well,nice,beautiful

  • bratan-cousin

  • bazlAt’- to cry loudly

  • pimka- a pin

  • Uros- crying

  • kavO?- what?

  • nEtuka- no

  • zudYIr- cleaning of house

  • popustIs’- Be calm

What dialectual expressions have you heard? Try to give the explanation to them

Unit 7

Villages of Baley District.


The village is located on the right bank of the river Unda. It was founded in 18th century by workers of Nerchinsk silver factory who organized settlement there. Then the Cossacks and farmers settled there. In 1932 the collective farm named in honour of Voroshilov K.E. was created there. The most widespread surnames are Baranovs, Gostevs and Dedentsovs.

Nowadays the population of village is about 538 people. There is a secondary school, a kindergarten, a library, a club, a first aid station.

Matusovskoe settlement includes such villages as Novoivanosk,Matusovo and Sarbaktuy.


The name of village originated from the name of the river Unda. The word “unda” means “main, foundation”. It was founded in 1902. There was a primary school, a church and a hospital.

When the collective farms were created, the “Undinskiy” farm was one of the best farms in the region.

Of course the changes and reformations led to the destruction of farm. Now there is a big, modern school, a college,where schoolchildren of district can get the additional education. The new club was built there in 2010. There are a lot of shops, a post office, a kindergarten. A businessman Saranchukopened a meat-packing factory in Unda.

Undino- Poselie.

It is located between two mountain ranges, Borchovochniy and Ononskiy. It was founded in 1736. The first in habitants there were families Kalinins and Filippovs. Later the prisoners and hunters lived there. In 19th century the main business in the village was hunting.

In 1952 the new collective farm was built there. The head of it was AndreyPetrovichDesyatnik. The farm was one of the richest in USSR. There was a cornmill, a piggery, a poultry farm.

Nowadays there is a secondary school, club, a canteen, 5 shops, a park,a stadium, a hospital and a kindergarten.


The village was founded in the 18th century and was named by a surname of the first settlers of village.The conditions for agriculture seemed to be attractive for people and soon the village Kolobovo became a developed agricultural complex.

The people of the village were the active participants of historical events. They took part in the Great Revolution and the First World War. In 1920 many people of Kolobovo were the participants of oppositional rebellion against the Soviet power.

Now there is no any enterprices in Kolobovo. In 990s the gold-mining company began to organize its activity. But because of lack of investments the works in the pit were stopped.

The primary school in Kolobovo was shut in 1993. Children from Kolobovo study at Zhidkinskayaschool.

There is a first aid station, a club, a post office, and a shop in Kolobovo. The main problem of people is absence of telephone connection.


This village was founded 220 years ago. People who lived on the island Stepanoff, after the flood found the higher place for living. There lived two brothers, farmers Doronya and OnoshaPodoinitsins. They had a big farm. Then they divided their farm and Onosha lived on the left bank of the river. There is a village Onohovo now. The first name of Podoinitsino was Doronino. But Doronya’s family was bigger, he had 10 children, and the surname Podoinitsin was widespread.

As all the villages of Baley district, Podointsino was developed agricultural complex.

Now there is a club, a new building of school, a kindergarten, 2 shops and a stadium.


The village was founded in the 19th century after the surname of prisoners, brothers Kazakovs. In 1838 the deposit of gold was opened in the village, and gold-miners worked there. That’s why it is called Promyisel.

In 1912 the mining factory was opened there. Also there was a prison, where GeorgiyIvanovichKotovskiy was under arrest.

In 1917 in the building of former prison there was a school.

Now KazakovskiyPromyisel has a geological enterprice and a gold-mining pit. There is a school, a kindergarten, a bank, a hospital, a post-office, a library and a club.

Small and disappeared villages.

There are also a lot of small villages in Baley district. They are :Loznikovo, Butorino, Onokhovo, Bochkarevo, Ust-Yagyo, Leskovo, BolshoeKazakovo, Grobovo, Zhuravlevo, Aliya, Zhetkovo, novoivanovsk, Kokuy, Sarbactuy.

There are no schools and first aid station in these villages. The population is very small. People have to go to school or to consult a doctor in larger villages.

Some villages disappeared such as Dzhida, Kunikan, Lukino. The political and economical reforms led to the declean of agriculture and decrease of population.


Church in the village Ildikan.

Unit 8.

Health service in our district.

It’s a pleasure to look at a strong man and slim woman. It’s known that healthy people live longer and their career is more successful. To look well you must follow some simple rules. Don’t smoke and take drugs, don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat many chips and sweets, eat more vegetables and fruit.

If a person has problems with health, he can consult a doctor in Baley central district hospital. There is a policlinic where people can consult a surgeon, a therapeutics, a gynecologist, a pediatrician. All the analyses and laboratory investigations people can do in the laboratory. Also people can do the ultrasound and X-ray investigation.

If a person wants to consult a dentist he may go to the dentist clinic.

Also there is a sanatorium Urguchan which is situated in Baley district. People who suffer from respiratory system diseases take rehabilitation and treatment there.


The new building of Baley central district hospital

Unit 9.

Famous people of Baley district

The pride of any country is its people. Russia has always been proud of its sportsmen, musicians, actors, writers and scientists. Baley district can also boast of many people who brought fame to science, culture and sport.

The name of a surgeon Vladimir Shipitsin is known not only in the region. He was one of the best doctors in USSR. He invented non-traditional ways of operations.

There were also many good doctors in our districts such as YurySherstnyov( surgeon),DmitriyBochkarnikov( dentist) and others.

The famous painter of district is NataliyaBaranova. She worked at House of culture and at pedagogical college. Now she is a teacher of Art school.

There are such talented musicians asLyubovKropacheva, YuliyaKukuruza, LyubovSavitskaya, Tatiana Gagarkina, Sergey Andreev, Oksana Vovchko, Olga Geraskina, Vladimir Tikhonkikh.

The poets and writers of our district are Tatiana Piskunova, VasiliyBondarenko, NadezhdaBalagurova.

NikolayIosiphovichRyibakov.(material for the conference)

Nikolai IosiphovichRyibakov spent his childhood in the villages’ Zhidka and Kolobovo . Nikolai IosiphovichRyibakov Is the painter with the great international reputation. He is the strong Siberian person with his unusual, mild and refined talent of a painter-colorist The combination of the spiritual strength and artistic intuition is the consequence of tensed inner life and self upbringing. The life way of NikolaiIosiphovichRyibakov Is connected with Siberia from the very beginning.

In the beginning of his creative activity . Nikolai IosiphovichRyibakov Concentrated his interests on the most familiar to him areas of mountainous Siberia. And it makes complete and unique culture where his collective, labor and full of legends life played the great role.

The early works of NikolaiIosiphovichRyibakov depicted the Siberian people’s life, big and firm houses, frosty Siberian sun.

was born in 1947 in the village Kolobovo. He studied at Zhidkinskaya secondary school. His parents were peasants. The artist finished Красноярск art school in 1972. Then he moved to Moscow. In 1979 he became a grant holder of the Artist union of USSR. Nikolai IosiphovichRyibakov is one of the best artists of our countryHis exhibitions were held in Кrasnoyarsk and Moscow. Later the exhibitions were held in Finland, Italy, France and England. Nikolai IosiphovichRyibakov has a great number of prizes for different festivals and exhibitions.

Autumn in mountains”. There are two colors the orange sunset and ultramarine cool shadow. These opposite colors show us the beauty of each side. The combination of colors create unity, symphony, founded on the dialectical principle of the unity and fight of oppositions.

Тянь-Шань” trip. The artist creates the visual image of the difficult and dangerous mountain road. He uses warm color scheme. It helps us to feel danger and beauty of mountains.

Experience” shows the mountains of treasure. It’s hidden under the surface.

The moonlight” We see the image of space and illusive world. The Moon is above mountains and gives them light.

Winter”. The main figure of the picture is snow which hides mad and makes the ground clean. But to hide something is not to make it clean.

The Lake” the compositional concentration is in the centre of picture. It shows us the image of darkness predominating in the world of light.

Talented person is talented in everything. Nikolai IosiphovichRyibakov is also a poet. His poems you can read on his book and on site Stihi.ru . Now we want you to listen to the poem “Sad poems” translated into English by Elena Kibireva.

We write the poems which are sad

We play the words again and again

But we, of course, understand

That we are not the real friends.

We write the poems which are sad

And notice trouble hidden in the smiles

Create the lines, not so bad

They’re near and far for hundred miles.

We write the poems which are sad

And read them often for the strangers

The poems we can forget

But soul wounds stay for ages.

Try to make a description of N.I.Ryibakov’s pictures.

Speak about any famous person of our district.

Unit 10

Holidays in our district.

People of Baley district are engaged in all kinds of leisure activities. These activities take such forms as meetings, discos, festivals and theatre actions.

One of the most popular holidays is a Town Day. It is usually held in August. The program is diverse and big. Singer and dancers of district take part in the program. Children may watch a theatre actions. Sport fans can watch sport competitions as football and tennis. Usually the holiday is finished with disco and a firework.

The next popular holiday is Shrovetide. Grown-ups and children enjoy taking part in different plays and games. Pancakes are cooked in the Town park. Traditionally at the end of the festival crowds of people gather around a straw dummy called “Shrovetide” and burn it. Burning “Shrovetide” is a symbol of the coming spring.

Of course the most popular holiday is a New Year. There is a festival on the town square, a disco and a firework.

Speak about your favourite holiday

Tell about your family traditions on holidays.

Draw a picture of a holiday you like and write 5-10 sentences about it.

Unit 11

Young people’s life/Subcultures( practical lesson)

how the biggest group of people is called

who is a teenager in your opinion?

What groups of people does society have?

Can you give the examples of any groups?

of course you understand that teenager in a group is another thing. A teenager wants to express his or her individuality, he wants sometimes to show off in front of his friends and sometimes he behaves himself wrong. There are a lot of groupings or subcultures.

A subculture

Often young people do something not because they want to do it. They do things, because everybody around does it or because they think it’s impolite to refuse. Imagine yourself in one of the situation described on cards. How would you react? Which phrases would you use in the same situations? Choose from the boxes. Think about Language.

  1. You are having a conversation with your friend. How could you explain that you are unwilling to do the following depending on the situation? What may be the reasons?

You unwilling: to go to a dance club

  1. You are having a conversation with your friend. How could you explain that you are unwilling to do the following depending on the situation? What may be the reasons?

You unwilling: to visit the club for teenagers

  1. You are having a conversation with your friend. How could you explain that you are unwilling to do the following depending on the situation? What may be the reasons?

You unwilling: To take the drug

  1. You are having a conversation with your friend. How could you explain that you are unwilling to do the following depending on the situation? What may be the reasons?

You unwilling: To colour your hair purple

5. You are having a conversation with your friend. How could you explain that you are unwilling to do the following depending on the situation? What may be the reasons?

You unwilling to tell about youth group in your country.

1. What subcultures existed in the times when your parents were teens? Ask your parents. Take notes.

2. Tell your foreign friend what opportunities a teenager in our country has to express him/herself. You have to talk for 2 minutes.

Unit 12.

Cultural life in our district.

The cultural life of our district is not rich in events. But there is a House of Culture “Gornyak” and 2 libraries in Baley. Also there are clubs and libraries in Zhidka, Unda, Kolobovo, Ildikan, Undino-poselie, Matusovo and Kazakovo. Sometimes circus actors come to our district and make performance there.

The House of Culture “Gornyak” was built in 1935 as a worker’s club. There was a big and beautiful park with attractions near it and the café “Crystral”. There was a fountain near the club.

Now the park is very dirty and all the attractions are destroyed. The club.was reconstructed in 2011. The park will be reconstructed too, as the local authorities say and write.

All the cultural events of district are described in the local newspaper “Baleyskaya nov”. The editor of the newspaper is Larissa Troegubova. She works and connects with the director of the club and librarians.

F:\фотьки для проекта\getImage003.jpeg

Make a gist from the article

В сентябре 2012 года в Балей приехали знаменитые забайкальские поэты и писатели. Малый зал дома культуры «Горняк» хотя и не был полным, но многие люди пришли на эту встречу. В зале сидели и дети, и молодежь. Редактор художественного журнала «Слово Забайкалья» Олег Попов поведал о том, журнал за 5 лет существования опубликовал более 6 тысяч произведений. Данное издание знают и выписывают за пределами Забайкалья. Поэт Николай Ярославцев читал детские стихи.Писательница Алла Озорнина- мастер детского детектива, представила свои новые произведения. Уроженец Балея Владимир Попов, писатель и драматург, представил свои книги о Балее. Балейские самодеятельные поэты Надежда Балагурова и Татьяна Пискунова исполнили авторские песни. Встреча прошла замечательно! Хочется, чтобы такие встречи проходили почаще и дарили нам искры творчества, добра и любви к людям!

Анна Куртова

( газета «Балейская Новь» №89, 20 октября 2012г)

Unit 13.

Only the educated are free.

A little learning is a dangerous thing”. Do you agree with this saying? Why?Why not?

Zabaikalie has a highly developed system of educational establishments including institutions of higher education, professional technical schools, colleges and secondary schools. The total number of schools in Baley and Baley district is 16. There are 6 schools in Baley, one of them is primary. It was built in 2011.

Besides schools, people can get secondary education at technical schools and colleges. There is a Pedagogical College, a Medical College and a professional technical school. At colleges people can acquire knowledge of senior school subjects and at the same time special knowledge for the future occupation. The activities of the school day afford different opportunities for the students to participate in sport, drama, art and music club. Stadiums and gyms provide good sport facilities.

At the Pedagogical College it is possible to get the professions of primary school’s teacher, Russian’s teacher, teacher of physical training, teacher of English. It is a modern 3 stored building. The classrooms are light and tidy there. There is modern equipment for organization of studying. All the teachers have the highest qualification category. The Head of college is YusovaValentinaIvanovna.

At the Medical school there are 2 professions: attendant and nurse. It is located on Lenin Street. It is an old 2 stored building with well-equipped classrooms and cabinets. Sometimes doctors teach students at the hospital. The head of this establishment is Bauer Sergey Alekseevich.

At theprofessional technical school boys and girls can get a profession of driver, a worker, a salesperson, a cook.

All of these establishments havehostels for students from other districts and far villages

Ask your partners:

.how many educational establishments are there in Baley

.what the professional schools do you know

.what specialties the Pedagogical College offers.

What of the following activities do you like or dislike?

  • Going in for sport

  • Listening to music

  • Visiting theatre

  • Dancing at the disco

  • Travelling

  • Doing homework

  • Watching films

  • Going to the cinema

How many new words can you make?




  • pedagogic






    • al

Make up phrases with the following nouns:

Studies, establishment,faculty,school, university, college, complex,center

Find names of educational establishments.

i n s t I t u t e b f a

c a r c m l o p g n s c

o I c o l l e g e a

l w h c f o a i m e d

F:\Новая папка\getImage009.jpegF:\Новая папка\getImage020.jpeg

Baley medical school Pedagogical college

Unit 14.

Good appetite!.

Traditions and customs of people have been forming during hundreds of years..they depend on different things: regional tastes, way of life, climate. As for the art of cooking it was developed as the result of long evolution.

Severe climate of Zabaikalie determines our regional cuisine. A lot of calories and vitamins are needed to ensure optimal vital function of people. Besides people’s activity influences our meals.

There are many different meals in Baley district which are popular there. They are schi, blini, pozy, borsch, shangi, khvorost, pelmeni. The favorite drink is hot tea with milk and kvass.

Some recipes.

A cake with bird-berry.

Mix 1 glass of ground bird –berry, 1 glass of flour, 1 glass of sugar,1/2 tea spoon of soda.

Stir it Put 2 eggs and 1 glass of cream and beat it. Stir and add 1 spoon of oil make paste and cook like a sponge cake. Cream: 1 glass of sugar and 1 glass of cream


Mix sour milk, yeast, flour, salt, sugar. In some hours when dough will be ready make big scones, spread sour-cream and cook. You may use potato, cheese, jam as a filling of scones.

Write a menu for the café in Baley.

Write a recipe of the favourite dish in your family.

F:\Новая папка\getImage026.jpegF:\Новая папка\getImage028.jpegF:\Новая папка\getImage032.jpeg

Blini pozy khvorost


Unit 15.

Shopping in Baley.

There many shops and trade centers in Baley. We can buy there different things: food, clothes, shoes, toys, books, disks, digital and electric equipment, devices for cars, furniture. All the shops are private. There are such trade centers as 999, Vesna, Lyubasha, Matafonov’s trade center, Region 75, Oasis. Also there is a central market where people can buy agricultural production: milk, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits. There is a shop of whole sale prices. It is situated in Kamenka, small suburb of Baley.

You know we buy different things in different shops. Match two columns.

T-shirt, coat, jeans, sweater

Book shop

Musical disk, record, game CD

Grocery shop

Shoes, boots, sandals

Clothes shop

Sugar, bread, meat, fish

Shoe shop

Newspaper, postcard, book

Video shop

work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

1. What kind of shops do you like going to?

2. What shops do you dislike?

3. What things do you enjoy buying?

4. How often do you go shopping?

5. Who do you usually go shopping with?


What sort of shopper is you partner?Why?

- a real shopaholic

- a serious shopper

- not interested in shopping

The press conference.

You are going to have a press conference with foreign journalists. The goal of it is to represent the Baley district and attract foreigners to it./

The class is divided in to 2 groups, guests and hosts.

  1. Preparation.

Take a role cards:



Public relation officer

Journalist of TV



Managers of enterprises

Correspondent of a news paper

Mayor of city

Deputy of duma


School teacher

Head of ecology committee




Look at the mind map which will help you to make up questions to hosts.

Interview the hosts







Famous people


Young people’s subcultures


F:\Новая папка\getImage025.jpeg


You are going to write essay. In groups design a project to present the place you live in.

Follow the instruction shown below.

  1. Divide into groups and first decide on the subject of your writing and on the sections that your project will contain.

  2. Make a mind map of project

  3. Deside who will be responsible for the every part of project.

  • Searching photos

  • Searching for the authentic materials

  • Checking up the content

  • Printing your project

  1. Display your work in the class and represent it.


Mineral resourses- Минеральныересурсы

Range- хребет

Steppe- степь

Conifer forests- хвойныелеса

Glacialorigin- ледниковоепроисхождение

Tectonicorigin- тектоническое происхождение

Mineralspringминеральные источники

Sanatorium- санаторий

environmentalproblems- проблемы окружающей среды

pollution- загрязнение

waste- мусор

ghasty- ужасный

radioactivetailings- радиоактивные вещества

origin- происхождение



thermal power station- теплоэлектростанция.

geological enterprise – геологическоепредприятие

gold-mining pit- карьер

peculiarities of speech.- особенностиречи

are engaged in – занятывчем-либо

all kinds of- всевиды

leisure activities.- досуговаядеятельность


localauthorities- местныевласти

educationalestablishments- образовательные учреждения

Список литературы.

  1. Энциклопедия Забайкалья. Том 2.

  2. Город Балей. Альманах. Иркутск, 2008

  3. Школа 5. Годы истории. Чита, 2010

  4. Газета «Балейская новь», № 89, ноябрь2012

  5. Газета «Балейский рабочий», №16,июль 1991

Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение

Жидкинская основная общеобразовательная школа

Село ЖидкаБалейского района Забайкальского края

Учебное пособие для факультативного курса

по предмету « английский язык»

My home motherland


Кибирева Елена Николаевна

учитель английского языка

МБОУ Жидкинской ООШ


Краткое описание документа:

Содержание инновационного проекта «myhomeMotherland» полностью соответствует целям и задачам основной образовательной программы основного общего образования МБОУ Жидкинской ООШ с.ЖидкаБалейского района Создание единой системы урочной и внеурочной работы по предмету – основная задача учебно-воспитательного процесса школы. Базисный учебный план ФГОС предусматривает обязательное изучение иностранного языка со 5 по 9 класс в основной школе при 3-х часах в неделю. В МБОУ Жидкинской ООШ обучение английскому языку в основной школе ведется по программе В.П.Кузовлева «English». Данный инновационный проект напрямую связан с урочной деятельностью и осуществляется на основе главного учебно-методического комплекта . Отбор тематики и проблематики общения на факультативных занятиях осуществлен с учетом материала программы обязательного изучения иностранного языка и ориентирован на интересы и потребности школьников с учетом их возрастных особенностей. Проект позволяет интегрировать знания, полученные в процессе обучения английскому языку, с воспитанием личности и развитием творческого потенциала школьников.



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