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Постановка на английском "Рыжий пони" по Дж.Стейнбеку

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By John Steinbeck


  1. Jody – the boy

  2. Mr.Tiflin – his father

  3. Billy Buck – farm worker

  4. Author

  5. The pony

After supper Jody sat by the fireplace. He waited for his father to come.

(finally Carl Tiflin came in)

Carl: You’d better come to bed, Jody. I’m gonna need you in the morning.

Jody (talking to himself):What are we going to do in the morning? Kill a pig?

Carl: I’ve said, go to bed!!!

Triangle sounded in the morning. All family had breakfast/ after it Jody’s father took Jody with himself.

Carl: Jody! Are you ready?

Jody: Yes, dad!

Carl: We are going to the barn. Come here.

Jody sees pony

Carl: I bought him at the auction. He needs good currying. And if I ever hesr of you not feeding him or leaving his stall dirty I’ll sell him off in a minute!

Jody: Mine? Well, well… I guess he can bite all right.

Carl and Billy Buck laughed

Billy Buck: Sure! Look after him and break him all right. I will show you how.

Jody: I will call him Gabilan. It means “hawk”.

Jody never waited for the triangle to get him out of the bed after pony’s coming

Every morning, after Jody had brushed the pony, he let down the barrier of the stall and Gabilan thrust after him.

Winter came fast… wet weather continued.

Jody: Maybe, I’ll leave Gabilanin the corral when I go to school?

Billy Buck: Be good for him. No animal likes to be cooped up too long.

Jody:But if rain comes?

Billy Buck:A little rain don’t hurt a hors.

Jody: o’k. Will you watch him if you get back in time?

Billy Buck: Of course.

And so Jody left Gabilan standing out in the corral.

When school was out, he hurried home. But the rain started and Jody could see his pony standing miserably. His red coat was almost black.

Jody called Billy Buck.

Jody: You said it wouldn’t rain!

Billy Buck: A little rain never hurts an animal.

Jody: Look at his face. His eyes are half closed/ he ia awful sick, Billy!

Billy Buck: Just a little cold. Everything will be alright. You’d better go to bed, I’ll look after him.

Jody went to bed. The whole night Billy Buck was fighting for the Gabilan’s life but nobody knows what will be tomorrow…

Jody: Billy Buck! Billy Buck!!! Fa-a-ather! Where is my pony? My red pony…my Gabilan?

Jody didn’t find anyone in the barn. So he understood what had happened at night.

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