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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Постановка спектакля на английском языке ''The Bremen Musicians"(8-10rk)
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Постановка спектакля на английском языке ''The Bremen Musicians"(8-10rk)


«The Bremen Musician»

Scene 1

1 guard: The second, I’m the first. Are you sleeping?

2 guard: I’m not sleeping! I’m guarding!

1: You are on guard that the walls shake from your snoring…?

2: I only dozer! What’s there to guard? The last war ended 100 years ago.

1: Ended, not ended, you must do your job!

Выходит третий и пугает

1 и 2: The war begins! To your arms!

Scene 2

Люди бегают

Trumpeter: Dear lady, could you tell me what’s the matter?

Lady: They say the enemy is approach. The war will start soon!

Trumpeter: What nonsense? The Grand concert starts your Kingdom

Пес запрыгивает…

Dog: Only one day! Only in your Kingdom. Show group of Trumpeter «The Bremen Musician»
will present to the public it’s the best programme.

Дует в горн

Dog: Bakers and milkmen, butchers and artisans the King and the courtiers!

Hurry to the Palace square where show-group will present to the public its best

Концерт на площади

Princess: What a lovely melody!

Trumpeter: I wrote it for my sweetheart

Princess: Why are you playing it now then?

Trumpeter: It seems to me I have found my beloved (принцесса убегает)

Trumpeter: Your Highness! Give me back my violin.

Princess: I won’t

Trumpeter: But I’ll take it anyway

Princess: Catch me first!

Принцесса бегает

The King: Help! What’s going on? Will not allow. My daughter never marry a wanders musician.

Guards! Get him out of the town and don’t let the Trumpeter and his musicians.

Стража прогоняет Трубадура

Scene 3 (в лесу)

Robber 1: Here we are the lucky ones.

Rob 2: How much food!

Rob 3: What a wonderful hat. I’ve dreamed about it since my childhood.

Ataman: The Goonies! It’s the little things. I want a big win!

Rob 1: I think I heard the King would be walking through our woods tomorrow.

Ataman: You heard or know exactly?

Rob1: Exactly…seemed… I guess

Песня Атаманши( миниатюра с привидениями)

Scene 4

Ass: We ate well!

Cock: We’ll sleep well! Through I have to get up at 5 in the morning.

Трубадур грустит

Dog: Trumpeter, you look sad!

Cat: He can’t forget the Princess!

Ass: Oh, I have an idea! Trumpeter needs help! We must do our best to help him meet with
the Princess

Cock: Brilliant! He needs to see her! But how?
Now we can’t get into the town!

Cat: I’ve get an idea! Let’s realize the plan created by the robbers.

Scene 5

Выходит король с охраной(нападение)

Trumpeter: What a wonderful day! So I want to do some heroic deer for the King and Princess.

King: Help me, please

Трубадур разгоняет разбойников

King: Sir, me to address you

Trumpeter: Oh, Your Majesty!

King: I dare to ask you a tricky question
Are you related to my kidnap?

Trumpeter: I? How could you think so! I’m an honest musician!

King: Are you not afraid to walk alone in the dark forest? I was with my guards, but the
robbers attacked us!

Trumpeter: We are travelling artists, we are not afraid of anyone. I’ve proved it already.

King: For my salvation, I give you half the Kingdom and Princess to been your wife

( с криками Hurray! Убегают)

Scene 6

Город грустный

Princess: How could you lose the King? How did you dare to return to the city without his Majesty?

Guard(3): Your Highness! Our gun has broken. We tried but it didn’t work. Have messy on us,
Your Highness!

Слышится музыка

King: Courtiers and subjects! I declare my will! I give Trumpeter my daughter to wife and half
Kingdom because he saved me from the robbers! I declare a dance at the Palace. When
everyone goes to bed, chop off the behead of Trumpeter!

Все пляшут

Scene 7

King: Where is the Princess? Where’s Trumpeter? They ran away! That rascal stole my little
Princess! Call me Royal detective

Courtiers: Call the Royal detective to the King!

Появляется сыщик

King: Are you really find her?

Detective: I’ll find her, catch and bring! But I want absolute authority!

Король поёт

Остальные: So-and-so ran away from the Palace
So-and-so left his father.

King: Do what you want, but take the Princess back home

Scene 8

Trumpeter: Where is the Princess?

Ass: It seems to me she was stolen

Trumpeter: Where were you looking at? What are we doing now?

Cock: I’m going to fly to the Kingdom and find the Princess

Cat: Don’t be upset Trumpeter! We’ll find the way out

Scene 9

King: My dear Princess! You don’t eat or drink. I worry about your health. What can I do
to make you happy again?

Princes : You have to get back Trumpeter

King: I won’t allow it! He is not a Prince, he is only wandering, musician!

Princess: But I love him! And I want that!

King: I forbid! If you want to marry a musician I’ll order a Prince-musician from abroad and we
will have a wedding!

Принцесса убегает

Scene 10. Трубадур возле дворца

Cock: I know how to return the Princess

Trumpeter: How?

Cock: Tomorrow foreign Prince would come and take the Princess out of the city.

Ass: We need to get them in the forest

Dog: Your would have proposed to storm the Palace

Cat: No.. We must think of something smarter!

Trumpeter: We’ll dress as the foreign Prince and kidnap the Princess tonight.

Возгласы: Foreign Prince arrived; foreign artists will be performing

(звучит музыка, песня «Весь мир у наших ног»)

Trumpeter: Oh , great King! I’m taking the Princess to my Kingdom! Declare us husband and wife!

Princess: But I don’t love you!

Trumpeter: I’m sure! You’ll love me!

Princess: Daddy, I agree!

King: If so, I pronounce you husband and wife with pleasure. This is my Royal word, so be it!

Все прыгают

King: How is that? I was deceived! How did it happen?

Ass: It happened because love always wins!

Песня «Весь мир у наших ног»

The world is at our feat,

We made a strong advance

We’re utterly upbeat

No rival stands a chance!

You’d better love us all the same,

Privet, bonjour , hello!

You know today’s your lucky day,

We’ll sing for you and go!

Brush off our tears!

Prick up your ears!

You can do a better job!

Let us hear a roaring mob!


Oh selfish, so selfish

She ran away for keeps!

Oh selfish, so selfish

She didn’t space her king!


Longest way for king tomorrow

Will be very , very hard

He has lots of money

And I love it very much

O la-la, O la-la

And I love it very much

O la-la, O la-la

Cards of queen be always beaten

Will be beaten all his group

This case will be covered over

Our card tell us the truth

O la-la, O la-la

Our card tell us the truth

O la-la, O la-la

«The Bremen Musicians»











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