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Поурочная разработка на тему "Presidents of the USA and Kazakhstan" 8 класс

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Grade: 8. Revealing work Date:

Theme: Presidents of the USA and Kazakhstan.

Speaking practice

Anticipated problems: Some words in English language are difficult.

Solution of the problem: Reading is very good practice to remember rules of reading some words.

Aims of the lesson: 1)to enrich students vocabulary(adjectives), and some new words.

2) to develop reading, speaking and writing skills

3) to teach students work with the text and find the main information in it. To be verbs and Present Simple and Past Simple(was\were.)

Using materials: students book, work book, blackboard, interactive board, flash cards.

A course of the lesson:

Repeat home task.

P1:politician leader from classical greek” polis”

.P2: is a person who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making.e.t.


2 min

Speaking and writing practice.

Asks students what they know about Presidents.

Remember ! give examples.


2 min



2. pinch-бір шымшым

3.contradictory-кері, қарама-қарсы



6. cauldron-қазан


8.spilt-төгу( өткен шақта)

9.slip-қолдан шығып кету


11. omen-белгі

12.horse mane- аттың жалы

13.trim-кесу, тегістеу

14. mourning-қайғылы

15. destiny-тағдыр

16. escape-кету

Write the translation of words in “achievements” repeat together and then give meaning.



Helpful tips!

Reading, listening,


The time


Phrases –Response(answer)

a. lovely day, isn’t?

b. is this your first trip in Kaz?

c. how was your flight?

Gives and explains the next


Play with cards, crosswords.

Fill in the gaps

P1:British Beliefs

You must not open an umbrella inside a house for it may bring bad luck to you. P2:Two women should not pour tea from the same tea pot unless they want to have a baby.

Ask to the questions

The” Game play”

20 min

Writing practice

Gives students: Brainstorming, speaking job.

Check right letter.

Keys:1 put right words.

Let’s sing together !

Grammar help!

Use a new words with present, past, and future

Look at interactive board!


Role play

Complete task

Explains and ask the task.

Control and correct students work if it’s necessary.

Ok, how many words do you know, from this theme, how do you understand them?

Listen , give opinions,

and then some questions

between us.


6 min

Home task :

Estimates students work at the lesson. gives home task, explains.: to learn new words

Listen to teacher, write home work.

Write essay from task.

1 min

Great job! The lesson is over, good by!

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