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Поурочные планы на тему " A day in an English school"

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Директордың оқу- ісі

жөніндегі орынбасары

Тексерілді: ___________

The date


The lesson plan

Theme:A day in an English school


  • To introduce the words on the theme, to speak about English and Kazakh school ;

  • To train the pupils to discuss the school rules;

  • To develop the pupils’ reading, writing and speaking skills

Visual aids:CDs and player, vocabulary cards, the video materials, pictures, interactive board,

The methods of the lesson: question –answer, demonstration, presentation, discussion.

The type of the lesson : new lesson

The inter-subject connection : Kazakh, Russian language

The procedure of the lesson:

І. Introduction

А) greeting

B) marking absents

ІІ. Speech drill

a) What date is it today?

b) What season is it now?

P1: Spring

Very good.

Now listen to me and repeat after me.


Spring is here,

Summer is near,

Grass is green,

So nice and clean.

Winter, spring, summer, fall-

I like spring best of all.

Ok good of you!

III. Checking up the home task. `(5 minute)

Teachers activity : What was your home tasks for today?

Students activity: To learn by heart new words and Ex 2 p 55 with Pupil’s book and draw the picture about “School uniform ”

  • Now I’ll give you cards with English new words. You must translate into native language. Do you understand me! Ok! I’ll give you 5 minutes. Be attentive please!

Have you finished? Good of you!

-Phonetically drill

T: What poems about school do you know? Let’s tell them.


V. Presentation new lesson ( 15 minute )

Well, let’s start our work.

Open your copy books. Write down the day and the theme of the lesson.

Today we take new theme“A day in an English school.

  • Today we are going discuss England school and school rules.

The video about “England and Kazakhstan school.

VI. New vocabulary): (5 minute)

I’ll read the words and pupils will repeat after me.

Work with vocabulary notebook.

Listen to me and repeat after me! All together! Read one by one! Now open your vocabulary books and write down new words! I’ll give 5 minutes.


Assembly[ə’s e m b l i]- жиналыс

break time[breik taim ]- үзіліс

dining room [‘ d a I n I η r u : m ]- асхана

England[ 'iη g l ə n d ]-Англия

Hall [h : l ]- зал, күту орны

Teacher[' t i : tʃə (r) ]- мұғалім

library[ ‘ l a I b r ə r i]- кітапхана

pie [p a i ]-бәліш

playground [ pl e I g r a ʊ n d ]-ойын алаңы

skipping[ s k i p i η ]- секіртпемен секіру

uniform [ ' j u : n i, f : r m ]- форма


wear[ w e ə (r)]- кию, киіну


Comfortable [‘ km f t ə b (ə) l ]-тиімді, жайлы


Own[ ə ʊ n]-өзінікі, меншікті

-Have you finished?

Ok very good!

VII.Physical training ( 3 minutes)

Stand up!

  • Head shoulders ”

VIII. Reading ( 7 minute )

Ex.1 p 58.Work with a friend. Choose three photos each and read the texts.

Read one by one.

Good pronunciation!

XI. Work with interactive board (3 minute)


Write the correct number in front of each word.

Come to the blackboard please P1,2,3 and e.t.c


XI. Speaking

  • School rules:

  1. Do your homework on time

  2. Come to school in time

  3. Wear a uniform

  4. Keep your classroom tidy

  5. Stand up when a teacher comes into the room

  6. Sit quietly in the classroom

  7. Be active at the lessons

  8. Sit close to the table

  9. Never throw litter

  10. Read books

  11. Ask for help to choose the book

  12. Don’t run in the corridor

  13. Don’t listen to music

  14. Be late for the lessons

  15. Leave chewing gums under the table

  16. Put your feet on the chairs

  17. Write on the walls.

XII. Listening

Sing a song “In my bag”

All together stand up! Let’s begin our song

XII Writing

Ex 3 p 61 Сomplete the letter from Tim.




2. assembly

3. head teacher


6. football

7. snack

8. library

XI. Homework:

-To learn by heart new words

-Ex3 p 61 Write a letter to Tim. Write about your school day

XII  Concluding stage (2 minute )

  • Venn’s diagram

What is in common and different between the two school?

-Answer the questions


Не білдік бүгінгі сабақта?

- Marking

-The lesson is over .Goodbye!

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