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Поурочные планы на тему " Adjectives "

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

I . Theme :Adjective

II. The aim of the lesson :

  1. Білімділік:Сын есімді қайталай отырып , оқушылардың алған теориялық білімдерін нығайту, тиянақтау.

  2. Дамытушылық: Сөздік қорларын байыту, ойлау , есте сақтау көру, есту және оқушылардың білім- іскерлік дағдыларын дамыту. Пәнге дген қызығушылықтарын арттыру .

  3. Тәрбиелік: Оқушыларды таза ,әдемі жаза білуге үйрете отырып әсемдікке, әдептілікке, ұқыптылыққа және шапшаңдықпен ұйымшылдыққа тәрбиелеу.

III. The form of the lesson :Untraditional

IV. Type of the lesson: Capitation

VI. Visual aids : Pictures, cards, the interactive board.

The procedure of the lesson:

I . Origination moment .

Greetings. Let us smile when we say “ Good morning !”

For a smile makes our face bright .

Let us smile when we say “ Good morning !”

For a smile starts the Lesson off right.

II. Speech drill

What date is it today?

What day is it today?

What season is it now?

What is the weather like today?

III. Phonetic drill.

Good ,better , the best

Never , never rest

Till your good is better

And your better the best.

IV. Brain- storm.

There is a very interesting crossword. If you translate the words , you will find the word that it will be the theme of our lesson. 1- ең тез , 2- керемет,3-джинсы, 4-таза ,5- қиын, 6- кір, 7- көбірек ,8- ауыр, 9-жақсырақ, 10- кішкентай

( Adjective )

Pupils today we are having a competition lesson. I’ll divided you into two teams.

The 1st team is “ Together ” The caption is …….

The 2nd team is “ Friendship ” The caption is …….

1st Competition: Find opposite words

Good- bad Easy- difficult

Clean –dirty old- young

Big- small hot- cold

Cheap –expensive interesting- boring

High – low short- long

Fast – slow dirty- clean

Old – new dry- wet

Toll- short light- dark

Safe –dangerous empty- full

2nd . Competition: Describe the picture

At this competition you must describe the picture in the superlative adjective .Look at the board. What animals do you see?

It is an elephant . It is the biggest animal.

It is the giraffe . It is the tallest animal.

It is the lion. It is the Strongest animal.

It is the tortoise . It is the slowest animal.

It is the plane. It is the fastest transport.

It is the train.It is the slowest transport .

3rd .Competition: Put the missing letters

E… sy, beat….. ful, danger… us, d… rty, mod..rn, impor… ant , wande.. ful, dif… icult,

w..rse, bet.. er, mo..e, la..ge, bo..ing, c.. eap, s..ort, … igh.

4th Competition: Letter line in this task you should find as many words you can. Now look and find .


5th Competition: Jumbled letters . Write the correct sentences.

  1. May/ the / best/ month/ of /is/ the /year /

  2. My /father/ than/ taller/ is /my /mother /

  3. The/ theater/ most /modern/ in /the/ town/ is /the/ building /

  4. The /good/ today /weather/ is /

  5. Which /is/ month /of /the /coldest /the /year ? /

  6. Who /taller /you/ friend/ or/ is /your ? /

6th Competition: Proverbs . Read these sayings . Give their Kazakh equivalents.

  1. Better late than never .

  2. Good health is better than wealth

  3. The longest day must have an end

  4. East or west home is best

  5. Two heads are better than one

  6. Everything is good in it’s season

7th Competition: Complite the chart. You must complete this advectives.

8th Competition: The captains’ s Competition:

Who is quicker ” you must find more words.

Beautiful dress ” “ Dangerous sport ”

V. Conclusion Our Competition is over. You all work very activity . thank you good- by .

VI. Home task .

VII.Giving marks.

Выберите курс повышения квалификации со скидкой 50%:

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