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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Рабочие программы / Поурочные планы на тему " Good dog"

Поурочные планы на тему " Good dog"

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Date_____________ Grade: 1 « А»

Plan of the lesson

Theme: Good dog


  1. Educational:to expand pupils knowledge about new theme,to revise new words of last lessons, to revise colours

  2. Practical: to develop pronunciation, listening, reading, writing, answering the questions

  3. Bringing up: to teach good behavior during the lesson

 The methods of the lesson: answer the question

The type of the lesson : new lesson

The inter-subject connection : Kazakh, Russian language

The procedure of the lesson:

І. Organization moment

А) greeting (I’ll greet with pupils)

B) marking absents

II. Presentation new lesson. Today we take new theme “Good dog”



Hello, football, look (at), on the floor, orange, red,yellow

III. Vocabulary.I’ll read the words and pupils will repeat after me.

Work with vocabulary notebook.

Bananas – банан

Cake – торт

Drink – сусын

Sandwich – сандвич

Sweet – тәтті

Lunch – түстік

IV. Listening. Pupils will listen and follow.

Ex 3 p 22-23

Pupils will listen be attentive.

V Speaking

Ex 2 p 22-23

Pupils will put the foods in the Jess’s, Nick,s, Kip’s bags

Jess’s bag: two bananas, two cakes, drink,sweet.

Nick’s bag: two bananas, two cakes, drink,sweet.

Kip’s bag: two bananas, two cakes, drink,sweet.

VI. Writing

Working with the Activity Book

- Introduce the children with the new letter  Dd , Ee, Ff (the capital and the small one)Pupils try to write this letter in the activity book. Next task is to recognize the letter and to circle it.

- Pupils have to write this new letter into their activity books (the capital and the small one)

   - Next task is to circle the new letter in the chain of letters.

Sing a song “ Foods ”

Bananas, bananas, bananas

Bananas,bananas, bananas

They my favourite

I like them


In my tummy,tummy,tummy

Children stand in a circle and then do the appropriate actions for each verse as they move around in a circle. Children sing the song either standing or seated in their places and mime the actions.


The lesson is over .Goodbye

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