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Поурочный план английскому языку на тему '"Carol's kitchen"

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The theme:“Carol’s kitchen”

The aims of the lesson:

-to teach pupils to describe their own house and rooms, enrich their vocabulary

- to develop pupils ability in pair work and individual activity, to enlarge speaking and thinking abilities

- to bring up the filling of towards the family and to take care of their houses

The type: mixed lesson

Methods: question-answer, listening and work in pairs

The subject relation: Kazakh and Russian

Visual aids of the lesson: pictures of the rooms and furniture, cards, a


Grammar materials: There is/ there isn’t and There are/there aren’t

Procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment

-Good morning, pupils!

- Good morning, teacher!

-I’m glad to see you again. Who is on duty today?

-We are on duty today?

- Who is absent?

-All are present

-What date is it today?

-Today is the 30th of January

-What day is it today?

-Today is Wednesday

-What season is it now?

-It is winter

- What is the weather like for today?

-It’s cold.

II. Phonetic drill

Money, money, money

Must be funny

In the rich man’s world

Money, money, money

Always sunny

In the rich man’s world

Aha – ahaaa

All the things I could do

If I had a little money

It’s a rich man’s world

III. Checking up the home task:

-I’ll give some questions for pupil about rooms.

IV. Grammar material:

There is/ There are

Бұл грамматикалық құрылым бір нәрсенің бір жерде орналасқаны, тұрғаны, бар немесе жоқ екенін анықтау үшін қолданылады.

There is a big table in my room.

Менің бөлмемде үлкен үстел бар.

There are four rooms in my house.

Менің үйімде төрт бөлме бар.

There are interesting pictures on the wall.

Қабырғада қызықты суреттер ілулі тұр.

Сұрақтар инверсия принципі бойынша құрылады, бірақ қарсылықты мағына not демеулігін қосу арқылы жасалады.

Are there any people on the bus stop?

There isn’t any milk in the fridge.

V. New words:

  • dishwasher-ыдыс жуатын машина

  • sink-қол жуатын жер

  • Cups-шыны аяқ

  • Plates-тәрелке

  • Fridge-тоңазытқыш

  • Cooker-газ пеш

  • Washing machine-кір жуатын машина

  • Radio-радио

  • Clock-сағат

  • Cupboard-ыдыс салатын сөре

  • Kitchen-ас бөлмесі

VI. Diagram

Here is the diagram of the kitchen. You can see that there are the names of all the things which must be in the kitchen.

VII. Doing exercises.

Complete the words with the missing letter:

As_n_ a d_shw_sh_r

Af_i_ge a cl_ck

A C_oke_ a ki_c_en

VIII. New theme: “Carol’s kitchen”

Carol’s kitchen

It’s a modern kitchen. Its nice and clean. There’s a washing machine, a fridge and a cooker, but there isn’t a dishwasher. There are a lot of cupboards in the kitchen. There isn’t a carpet on the floor. There is a radio. There isn’t a clock in the kitchen. There aren’t plates and cups in the sink.

IX. Conclusion:

What is it?

  1. We cook on it. It is in the kitchen.

  2. We watch TV in it. There is a sofa in it

  3. We work in it

  4. We sit on it

  5. There is a telephone and a rug in it

  6. We sleep in it

  7. We wash the dishes in it

X. Home task:

Learn the poem and new words by heart.

XI. Marking

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